Drink Tea. Read Books. Be Happy

Fog on her glasses 
From the still steaming tea 
A book in her hand 
As she casually reads. 
She's deaf to the world: 
The book's all she can hear. 
She's completely lost now, 
Or perhaps she is found 
In this strange paper world 
That's far from the ground.
- Unknown -

Sweet friends, boil some water,
add your favorite tea to a well-loved tea pot,
pull your favorite tea cup from the shelf,
grab a soft blanket,
and settle down for a little bit of quiet time
with a book that is sure to put a smile on your face.

Tea Shop Folly
Carrie Francett Pagels

Almost destitute, Lilly has run out of hope
when she inherits her great-aunts home-
but it's not the Tea Shop that a handsome young gentleman thinks it is.
Lilly's inherited house is crammed full of tea cups.
Theo, a Soo Locks engineer, visits frequently
in the hopes he will find the perfect antique tea cup for his mother
and is charmed by the lovely 'Shoppe owner.'
Lilly can't turn the bachelor away when he persistently pursues her aunt's collection,
which she's trying to pack up and remove from her house.
Is the man only interested in the tea cups, or in her?
When Theo begins referring people to Lilly,
and the genuine Tea Shoppe owner sets the police on Lilly
for her lack of a business license, sparks fly!

"What he needed was a good strong cup of English tea -
like his grandmother used to make,
God rest her soul."
{ Tea Shop Folly - pg. 9 }

"Lilly pressed a hand to her chest.
Was a man - this man - actually bringing her flowers?
She gestured to the chair on the other side of the small table,
covered by that day's assortment of tea cups."
{ Tea Shop Folly - pg. 37 }

Tea Shop Folly
is a tea cup courtship novella.
There are only 95 pages in this sweet little book
which makes it perfect for enjoying one afternoon.
As the days turn to autumn coolness 
you can curl up by the fire with Tea Shop Folly
and lose yourself in a world of delightful tea cups and tender romance.
If you have read a novella than you know 
that often there are little bits and pieces left out of the story,
but this leaves room for the readers imagination to dive into whimsical oceans
and walk down charming pathways.

Carrie offers her readers a beautiful romance that is clean and fresh,
delightful characters that have integrity,
and a touch of history that is fascinating.

The lovely Carrie gave me a copy of Tea Shop Folly to read and review.
Please know that all thoughts are my own 
and I was not required to give a positive review.

You can find this book on amazon.com
in both paperback and ebook form.

"Lilly pressed a tea cup into Theo's hand,
and the warmth of her fingers sent a thrill through him.
Her eyes widened slightly,
as they stood on the landing outside his mother's room."
{ Tea Shop Folly - pg. 76 }

The secret to a well balanced life
is a cup of tea in one hand 
and a book in the other.
- Unknown -

I love nothing more than a rainy day
with a blanket,
a cup of tea,
and a good book.
- Unknown -

Have a splendid and extra beautiful weekend,
sweet friends!

* * * * * * * * * *

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{{{ hugs }}}


Sara - Villa Emilia said...

Thank you for the wonderful post, dear Stephanie!
The little book sounds really charming. I wonder if there are coffee cup courtship novellas as well... :)
Have a lovely weekend and a blessed Sunday! xx

Ana Love Craft said...

Hello dear Stephanie! Such a lovely post! I Tea and books are some of my favorite things too!
Have a fabulous weekend!
Hugs and love from Portugal,
Ana Love Craft

camp and cottage living said...

This sounds like the perfect way to pass the time, Stephanie!
There's nothing like a good cup of tea and a good book. English breakfast is my favourite too.

Vee said...

Ahhhh...you make it sound so lovely! Can't imagine a man being interested in tea cups. Maybe I have just never known one. LOL!

Sylvia said...

I don't read often Stephanie, but after reading your post I may have to find this book. It sounds like one I would enjoy. Thanks for sharing it.

Sarah said...

Such a lovely post! Thank you for sharing this review. It sounds like a delightful story. : )

Tamago said...

That book sounds lovely. I always enjoy books with a bit of history!
It's getting quite chilly in the morning. Warm cup of tea and soft blanket sound good :-) I love your flower shaped tea pot. It's one of the cutest tea pots I've seen!

Maggie Ann said...

I loved your rose teapot! A charming post....=)

Terra said...

What a charming sounding book, tea cups and romance.

Anonymous said...

How delightful :0) mari

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Hi Stephanie, I love drinking tea and reading a good book! This sounds like a fun book to read. Thanks for the recommendation! I will put it on my list of books to read. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Julie xo

mamasmercantile said...

Sounds delightful.

Christine said...

I love the sound of this recipe for cold nights Stephanie!
Have a lovely weekend!

Laura Lane said...

What a charming way to write a review! I have grown a little tired of the way I've been doing reviews. It's time to change things up a bit! Hope you get some reading and tea time today!

Sandi said...

"Drink Tea. Read Books. Be Happy"

Wise words!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That looks like a fun book for a relaxing afternoon. Off to look in your shop. I always find something tempting! Hugs!

Christine said...

I like the title of this post.
When I'm taking a break from my list of chores, I like to sit with a short, sweet book, like this one.
Enjoy your weekend, too!

Karen@Southern Gal Meets Midwest said...

Cold nights are coming...sounds like a perfect way to spend one :)

Lowcarb team member said...

Drink Tea. Read Books. Be Happy ... that is just perfect!
I enjoyed your review too, thank you.

Enjoy this last day of September, and all good wishes for the month of October

All the best Jan

Cynthia said...

This sounds like a very charming read. Oh, there's nothing I love better when the temperature cools down than to read by the fire with a cup of tea and some sweets!

Prunella Pepperpot said...

Sounds like a book I would enjoy. Loving all of your china!
Have a wonderful weekend :)x

Anonymous said...

Hi dear Stephanie, Beautiful photos and a great sounding book for these cooler days. God bless you and yours this weekend.

Linda said...

Love this post (well, to be truthful, I love all your posts)--thank you for the smiles. Have a beautiful weekend friend.

Cranberry Morning said...

That sounds like a sweet book! I have a hard time reading and drinking anything. I forget to take a sip. And actually, as much as I love England, I've made a real effort to develop a taste for tea, to no avail. I still like coffee better. But I've found that if I take English Breakfast or Earl Grey and add heavy whipping cream to it, it's quite tolerable. I either have to nip this in the bud or plan to buy a new wardrobe! xo

Susan said...

Tea lovers everywhere will love that book, Stephanie. Nice to get lost in a book with a cup of tea nearby to sip! Susan

Consider It All Joy said...

No blanket, fire or tea, however, that book out by the pool with a nice glass of lemonade would be perfect this time of year! I may actually go purchase this one! Have a delightful weekend, Cindy xo

Merlesworld said...

A cup of tea and a good book not a bad way to spend a afternoon.

hobbyloes said...

Nice post!! A cup of tea with a good book and a box of chocolate and I'm lost in the paper world too.

Summer said...

Your teacup is so cute, Stephanie. And I love the idea of a cold night with sweater and chocolate ♥


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Stephanie, all my sentiments EXACTLY! And have I ever needed a good cup of tea this week. Now the weekend is here and it's perfect for such a treat. Tea is truly a blessing, isn't it! This book looks so fun to read and escape to a more gentler place.

Kelly-Anne ♥ The Diary of a Country Girl said...

Oh this sounds like such a sweet story indeed! I love courtship stories...I was just thinking today of how beautiful each love story is...especially if the Lord is the author of it! {{Smiles}}. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, dear Stephanie...as always, it is a delight to visit with you and may I just say that this teacup is too gorgeous for words? What a stunning collection you have! Happy October...much love to you!

Debbie said...

i wish i were a reader, it sounds so fun and exciting, the way you describe it!! nice teacup girlfriend, i enjoy cold nights cuddled under a blanket with a fresh cup of tea or hot chocolate!!!

your images are really beautiful today, have a fun weekend!!!!

Debbie said...

and even though i don't read, i really liked the opening quote!!!!

Margie said...

What a cute story and I'm loving your gorgeous turquoise teacup! I agree that tea and books are the perfect combo. Happy First Day of October!

Anna said...

Totally agree.... I prefer a cup of coffee with milk or cream but love reading a good book at home !
Have a nice and cosy weekend !

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Lovely post that gather everything I love!

Lorrie said...

A cup of tea (your teacup is beautiful), a bit of light reading, and a cozy place in front of the fire is a perfect way to spend a few autumn hours. It was lovely just reading about the novella.

sarah said...

That sounds like a charming little story. And I love the final two quotes. Have a beautiful day. xx

Mrs. Chrissy T said...


This made me want to grab a cup of tea. I love this sweet fun post.


Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Makes me want to grab a cup of Tea and go up to my new sitting room and sit down with a good book!! LOL!
Thanks so muchf ro visiting!!
Hope all is well with you..

baili said...

lovely way to spread out your opinion .cup of hot tea and a desired book is relief for my soul

Red Rose Alley said...

That tea cup is a beauty! I must pass this book quote on to the girls, as they are book lovers. And you're sipping on my favorite tea, English Breakfast! The "English tea" quote is delightful. And that little rose tea pot is so cute.

Oh, your posts always make my heart sing, Stephanie.

love, ~Sheri

Jill said...

Absolutely love this post and all the quotes! The tea cup and saucer are just beautiful and the book sounds like a great afternoon read! Thank you for sharing, have a lovely week!!


Carrie Fancett Pagels said...

Wow, Stephanie, I am AMAZED and floored by your fantastic post!!! Absolutely stunning! I hope you don't mind if I comment back to the readers!!! And I'd be happy to offer a giveaway! The Tea Cup Courtship Collection is now out, too! Thanks so much!!!

Carrie Fancett Pagels said...

SARA -- YES, I believe they are called Mocha Marriages!!! That is from Forget Me Not Romances and you can find them on Amazon!

ANA -- I hope you get a chance to read my little romance! It goes well with tea in Portugal, too!

VEE -- Theo is searching for a special teacup for his mother. He's not interested in them for himself but he does enjoy tea!

KELLY-ANNE -- This is an inspirational historical romance, so yes the Lord is definitely in the story!

MARGIE -- I hope you get to read a copy of my story and glad you think it sounds cute!

SUSAN -- I would love for more tea lovers to read my book! Best wishes!

Anne Payne said...

Hey, Stephanie! Fabulous review and such a lovely post. Carrie writes excellent historical fiction, always with a beautiful faith theme too! So glad you are getting to know her writing. She and I have known each other for a long time :)

Have a great day!!! Love you!

Carrie Fancett Pagels said...

TARA -- Thanks! I think Tea Shop Folly has a mix of charm and quirkiness! And it is set in Michigan's Upper Peninsula!

SYLVIA -- this novella is fairly short, so you may find it a quick read even if you're not a big reader! Grab a cup of tea, order it online, and plan an afternoon of enjoying time spent with Lilly and Theo!

TAMAGO -- I hope you'll get a chance to read about Lilly's transformation from being destitute to having her hopes and dreams fulfilled by God! It's a good two cupper for reading!

JULIE -- I hope you'll get to read spunky Lilly's story! She has a soft spot in my heart! Theo does, too!

Carrie Fancett Pagels said...

LAURA LANE -- wasn't this an amazing way to review a book? Makes me want to do better with my reviews, too, but I could never come close to Stephanie's!

LAVENDER DREAMER -- Thanks for coming by! I hope you'll get to enjoy the Tea Shop Folly soon!

CHRISTINE and CYNTHIA -- If you enjoy inspirational stories with history and romance, I think you'll enjoy this story which is part of the Tea Cup Courtships Collection from Forget Me Not Romances! There are four other stories!

PRUNELLA PEPPERPOT -- There are five authors in our collection. All are historical romances. The collection is available in ebook only but my novella is available in paperback, as shown.

MILDRED -- Am hoping Stephanie will do a post for the Tea Cup Courtship collection. It's available in ebook only right now but is on sale this week! Also hoping to have a giveaway here on this beautiful blog!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

You reminded me that it has been too long since I've just sat, and drank a cup of tea with a good book in my hand! Ah well... winter's coming, and I know that is when I shall have more time to do so, lol! Oh but just reading through your post had me just thinking about which book it is I need to read. I have a shelf full of books waiting to be read! Hugs to you dear Stephanie, you take tea time and a book to a new level of pleasure, and I enjoyed your sharing the review of this little novella :)

Carrie Fancett Pagels said...

Thanks for swinging by, my friend ANNE!!! I pray you end up with a super cool teacup set on the exchange! Hugs

JILL -- I pray you'll be blessed by my story. It is part of the Tea Cup Courtship collection now out in Ebook for only 99 cents for a limited time! Less than a cup of tea at Starbucks!

DEBBIE-DABBLE -- I hope you'll pick up a copy of Tea Shop Folly or the Tea Cup Courtship collection and read Lilly and Theo's story!

SARAH & LORRIE -- I pray you'll both get a cuppa and sit down with my novella and be blessed by this Maggie Award finalist in romance novellas!

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