A Christmas Tea Party Like None Other

A blessed Sunday to you, dear friends.
Today's post is slightly different than my usual Sunday posts
where I share the beloved hymns.

I hope you enjoy today's tea party tale. . .

This past Thursday my little one and I had the joy and honor 
of attending a tea party hosted by my lovely mother.

We walked into her home to find Christmas carols playing softly in the background,
a fire crackling and popping in the fire place,
the scent of tasty soup wafting in the air,
the delight of twinkling lights on the Christmas tree.
and a warm embrace was enjoyed as the hostess so graciously welcomed us.

Oh, and let me not forget the hostess' helper, Donatella.
She was there to greet us at the door with a sweet smile and pretty red bow.

The table was set for a king and queen
which is exactly how my son and I were treated. . .
my thoughtful mother would have it no other way.

Beautiful glassware
and delicate china greeted our eyes.

On our plates we found sweet little charms.
I was given a little tea pot. 

And my son was blessed with a cute little elephant.

There was food, food, and more food!
And oh, was it ever tasty!

tea sandwiches,
cream puffs,
caramel grapes,
shortbread cookies,
and scones
completed our meal.

Gifts were enjoyed by all. . .

and there was fellowship that was sweeter than Christmas candy.

And to top this already amazing tea party off,
my precious mother offered to wash my little one's feet and my own.
Yes, you read that correctly. . .

Before we sat down to eat my mom pulled us aside 
and tears began to stream down her beautiful face
as she poured her heart out about her sincere desire to minister unto others 
just as Jesus, our beloved Savior, served and ministered to people.

If I then, your Lord and Master, 
have washed your feet; 
ye also ought to wash one another's feet.
- John 13:14 -

I was in awe of her love for the Lord, 
her love for her grandson, 
and her love for her daughter.
I couldn't help but bow my head and heart in gratitude towards the Lord
for blessing me with such a dear mother. . .
a mother that puts herself last {always} 
and puts others first {every time}.
I have no words do describe her love and selflessness. . .
She is so saturated in God and His Word
that her love for others knows no bounds.
She is a beautiful woman {inside and out}
and her light truly does shine before men.

Let your light so shine before men, 
that they may see your good works, 
and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
- Matthew 5:16 -

So you see, sweet friends, why this Christmas tea party was like none other.
It was a tea party that I shall not soon forget.

In a cave, a lowly stable,
Christ our Lord was born;
From the heavens white robed angels
Sang that holy morn.

Let us, like the lowly shepherds,
Seek the Lord this night,
That we may, by lives of service,
Bring to all true light.

Noel, noel!
Noel, noel!
Rang throughout the sky;
Noel, noel!
Noel, noel!
Praise to God on high!
- Harold B. Franklin -

Have a most beautiful and joyous Lord's Day!


Bernideen said...

You and your Mother are such Godly women and so inspiring! You are blessed and she is blessed. Merry Christmas!

Also, she has a darling kitchen and her Afternoon Tea Tray was wonderful.

The Bear's Blog said...

In the many years of blogging I have NEVER read such a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your tea party and special time with your Mom.

Thank you for speaking so boldly about our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Unknown said...

Beautiful, beautiful, oh so beautiful story. Thank you for sharing! Love your mom and her sweet way of showering blessings down upon others. <3

magnoliasntea said...

Oh my, what a gorgeous table your mother set for you and your son. Love all the chintz and Old Country Roses china. Completely gracious! Love it.
Have a lovely Lord's Day!

Karen@Southern Gal Meets Midwest said...

You have truly been blessed with such a sweet and loving mother Stephanie! Thank you for sharing the lovely tea party with us...it definitely brightened my morning. Have a great week my friend :)

Elizabethd said...

Your lovely mother is such a blessing to you, Stephanie. It did make me wish that I could share the same with my darling mother, whom I miss still.

hobbyloes said...

O Stephanie, what a blessed and special tea party with your dear mother.
This you will surely remember for a long time.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

So precious! Your Mom is truly an angel sent from our Lord and Savior!

Kate said...

I found your post so heartwarming but I am at a loss for words.

sarah said...

So beautiful. I love how your family are with each other. What a blessing.

Sandy said...

This is certainly a glorious post - so heart warming. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Your are so fortunate to have such a loving and talented Mother. Her home is so beautiful and the Christmas Tea Table looks like something out of a magazine.
Okay Sugar - I think for Christmas you should consider sharing some of those recipes with us!!!!
Much love to you Stephanie!!
Sandy Claus
Oh, I forgot to tell you how much I love her Christmas Tree!!

Deborah Montgomery said...

Oh Stephanie, what a lovely and special time you must have had! Everything was so beautiful and painstakingly prepared. Most people do all the fancy stuff for friends and guests, and sometimes family doesn't always get that extra-special treatment. But your mom went out of her way, as if you both were royalty!! (Which I know in her eyes you are!) And then, to top it all off, she gave honor to Jesus and to you and your son. Not just a fancy Christmas tea, but one that glorified the Giver of all good gifts. This is such a wonderful example for us all, to imitate your mom as she imitates Christ.
Thank you for sharing this so special and intimate time with us. Love, Deborah

My thrift store addiction said...

Oh Stephanie, what a beautiful tea party and tribute to your sweet mother! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, Friend ;) Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family! Hugs, Cecilia

tealady said...
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kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

I have to tell you that your dear, sweet, wonderful mom shared with me about her tea that she was planning. When she told me, I had tears streaming down my face, just knowing what a beautiful blessing this was to be for you and Elijah, and your sister, and some of her friends. She is such a godly woman, as you are, too, and I'm proud and honored to know both of you. What a special tea to enjoy and remember for always. I'm so glad that you posted about this today, for all of us to take a peek and to enjoy the beauty of God's grace through you and your mom. Love to you and your mom, my sweet friend.

krishna said...

Beautiful tablescape, and all the yummy food.. You did and incredible job...

Billie Jo said...

I have no words to express the beauty of this post.
The love your mother has for you and your son, the love you have for her in return...
The tea party!
I am in awe!

Marilyn Mathis said...

There are no words to describe how beautiful and heart warming this post is. Your mother is such a genteel Christian lady, so beautiful inside and out and so kind and generous with her encouragement. I am so glad that she has passed this on to her daughter, Stephanie. You too are a beautiful, loving Christian lady. There are so few around anymore. Hugs.

Debby Ray said...

I have tears in my eyes as I read about this lovely example of Christ's love demonstrated by your precious mother. I have been waiting to read about this tea party. You see, Your sweet mom let me in on the little surprise she had in store for you and your little one. She read about the foot washing I had been a part of years ago on my blog the other day and it prompted her to share her plans of your time together with me. I can think of no other way for her to show her love and devotion to you both. Your mom is such a blessing (as you are) to so many of us. To have been a fly on the wall...what a time that must have been! Thank you for sharing this precious time with us! Hugs to you sweet Stephanie. ♥♥♥

Anne Payne said...

As I was reading your post, I thought it was so sweet of your Momma to do this for you and your son, and when you said she wanted to wash your feet as Jesus had done to his disciples, and then she started to cry, well....so did I! Debbie is truly one of the godliest women I know! I am blessed by both of you precious saints. Much love to you two!!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet friend, what a joy it was to read this post! Your mother put on a beautiful party for you all and I was greatly blessed to read about your time together. You and your mother, both, are such beautiful, godly women that I am grateful to look up to. Your examples are such blessings in my life and it is a pleasure to learn from both of you, even if just through blogging. I know how blessed you and your son were by her beautiful servant's heart and act. That was such a touching piece to read!!!

I'm thankful that my sister and I have a close and special relationship with our mom....we're more than mother and daughters, we're best friends. And that's something that I'm incredibly grateful for, especially when some ladies don't get along with their mothers. And I know you are the same way ♥

Thank you for sharing this beautiful, inspiring, and encouraging post today, Stephanie! I hope you are having a lovely December so far and that your week ahead is greatly blessed!

With much love and joy,

Christine said...

I love EVERYTHING about this post!!
Your mother is a lovely lady.

Linda Shukri said...

Beautiful, Stephanie, just beautiful! :-)

Linda S.


WOW, my eyes got a little teary... your Mom certainly is a woman of God. I am almost speechless. An example to follow.
Merry Christmas.

doodles n daydreams said...

This is a beautiful post Stephanie, I'm thinking this tea party is one your son won't soon forget either.
Have a wonderful Advent season.


Jazzmin said...

Oh what a delightful tea party! I felt like I was sitting there at the table and hearing that music, too, as I looked at the magical photographs you captured of your mother's lovely preparations and decor.
I was overcome by inspiration and joy as I read this precious post. What a true inspiration in the Lord your dear mother is- ladies like her and you are such a blessing and example to other ladies seeking the Lord, in your attitudes and heart for serving and bringing joy to others. I can just imagine what delight in your hearts you and your son feel everytime you are in your mother's presence, and especially at such a lovely tea party with her in fellowship and love. And I just love the charms she left! I also just love your mother's tree decorated so sweetly with little sweaters. How wonderful.

Might I say how beautiful you both look, and I am swooning over your dress- how perfectly lovely it is and how lovely you look in it.

Thinking of you and hoping your Lord's day has been full of joy!
Love and many hugs,

Vee said...

You are blessed with a beautiful mother whose heart is for The Lord. She also loves you and your son, her grandson a whole bunch. Beautiful home, beautiful table, beautiful heart.

Ginny said...

Oh my, that was the most beautiful Christmas Tea!! I had tears running down my face, when your mother wanted to wash your feet. What a humble act of love! Everything looked so yummy! I love soup at a tea party! You ladies are such an inspiration to all of us. God has blessed you both with an amazing closeness. I don't know where your mother gets the time to create such an amazing tea. You and your little one are truly blessed!

Lea said...

Well, that brought me to tears. What a beautiful memory your Mom created that you will always hold dear to your heart. The food looked absolutely delicious and all made with hands of love. You are well on your way to a wonderful Christmas for sure!

quakerhillfarm said...

Oh Dearest Stephanie, this brought tears to my eyes. What a picture of a servant's dear heart. Our Lord Jesus has truly blessed you with a sweet mother. I am sure you will treasure this day always and as the years go by will be an even sweeter memory. Love to you and your mother this most blessed of seasons!

Mimi said...

You and your darling Mother are a tribute to all that is good and Godly. Bless you both, and all you do to bring the true meaning of Gods Word to the lives of others. A precious post. Love to you both and your families. Mimi xxx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning beautiful ladies! What a feast, and when made with such detail, the love is so evident. Wishing all of you more joy as we take each day of this glorious month to honor Christ at our tables! Much love to you dearest ones!

Little Birdie Blessings said...

What a lovely and dear mother you have Stephanie. It's obvious to those of us who read your blogs, where your loveliness comes from. What a gift she gave you and your son. One that will always be treasured. A beautiful home, two beautiful ladies who obviously love the Lord wholeheartedly. Thank you both for the encouragement your pour into others. Love Abby

mamasmercantile said...

That was a post to top all posts Stephanie which filled my heart. I adored every element, so uplifting.

Kelly-Anne said...

Dearest Stephanie,

Oh...what a precious, precious memory! Oh, how dear you will hold this special Christmas tea and time spent with your special mom... My heart was so touched to read of the amazing way she showed love, kindness and devotion to you and your son! What a precious mom you have! I have to agree with Lea...this post brought tears to my eyes!
Thank you for sharing something so special with us... Much dear love to you this Christmas!

Tamago said...

Oh wow, what an amazing tea party! It looks like a dreamland!
Your mom is so sweet and beautiful, just like you are. Everything looks prepared with care and love. That little elephant is so cute :-)
Glad you had a wonderful time with your family!

Cheryl said...

Dear, precious friend! I am sitting here in tears, literally, while reading this and sharing it with our own dear son. I was SO moved and touched by your dear mother's kindness, humility, and Christlike spirit. From a very personal place, I can vouch for how precious she is. She has reached out and blessed me more than once, and she truly IS an ambassador of Jesus' love and compassion and grace. I can only imagine how dear your time together was...you, your dear mother, and your precious son. Dear friend, YOU are so much like your dear mother, and the 2 of you and your relationship is a shining example of the love of Jesus. I love you both dearly and SO appreciate both of you and all you do for so many of us. May God just richly and abundantly pour out His most precious blessings upon all of you this Christmas season!

Lowcarb team member said...

What a lovely post, the photo's you've shared of all the Christmas treats and that lovely one of Donatella, with her pretty red bow.

So nice to to see you and your dear mother - what fabulous smiles.

A most special day that you will treasure for a long time to come ...

All the best Jan

Melanie said...

Oh, Stephanie, what a beautiful post and a what a beautiful Mom you have! This certainly was a memorable tea party. I'm so glad that you have those times together.

Margie said...

What a beautiful and holy tea time experience. Thank you for sharing, Stephanie.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

It is hard to write what my heart feels, through the tears. This experience with your mother is the epitome of what it means to truly give, not just in things, but from the heart, of ourselves, giving that reaches deep inside, and shares the best we have. What an incredible shining example to all of us, to search our hearts, as did the Little Drummer Boy, and give the best that we have to others. This is the truest meaning of Christmas, and dear Stephanie, such a powerful thing that you and your son together were so blessed by the love of your mother! Everything about the tea was far more delightful than any tea shop could offer, the sandwiches, pastries, desserts, oh my goodness, the work she put into it all! I was amazed at the menu! So much time and effort it took her. My hear, is full of thanks that I have been blessed to know you both and for the rich blessing both of you have brought into my life. May the blessings of the Lord continue to flow deeply in both of your lives, for the Lord surely is a mighty rewarder of those who give of themselves as unto the Lord! Many hugs to both of you today!

Debbie Harris said...

My dear Stephanie~It has taken me nearly two days to leave a comment on this absolutely beautiful post.
I really am speechless...
When I saw this post in my in-box yesterday morning I gasped, literally, gasped; then when I began to read your tender words graced with such beauty, I cried and cried. You really hit on my heart strings girl. I said to myself, "you beat all."
Thank you for sharing the beauty of God, for that's really what these Christmas Friendship Tea's are all about.

I love you so much!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

What a beautiful tea party and lovely menu. But the best of all is the foot washing. It is a treasured experience.

Conniecrafter said...

Stephanie, I see where you get your great hospitality from, your mother also sets a lovely table and not only that but she has been a wonderful example of what a godly woman should be and you have also followed in her wonderful example of that too. The words you used to describe your mother could be the same words to describe yourself. What wonderful women your sweet son has the example of what a woman should be, he has such wonderful examples in both you ladies of the kind of woman one day he will be looking for in his own wife.
Thanks for the reminder that how we behave and carry ourselves in our lives touches all those that we come into contact with. May we all show the love of Jesus to others in all we do and say :)

Oliva Ohlson said...

Stephanie I can't even express how much I love your post! Your mom is a lovely woman! I'm a little jealous, but in a good positive way!

Red Rose Alley said...

What a nice tea party your mother has made for you and your son. I think maybe that's where you get your generosity and thoughtfulness from, Stephanie. What a wonderful role model. The food looks delicious, and laid out so nicely. I've seen this tea collection while out shopping, and I've always thought it was beautiful. Donatella looks so sweet sitting there with her big red bow. And what a pretty picture of you and your mom. A wonderful day spent with the dear woman you love so much.


Olivia said...

How absolutely beauitful! Truly something you'll treasure for a long time...your mother sounds like an amazing woman! :) We usually have a Christmas tea for the ladies at our church and it's always such a sweet time of fellowship with one another.

Huckleberry stitches said...

Thank you for choosing to share such a lovely and personal moment. Your mother is truly a beautiful soul as are you.

Celestina Marie said...

Dear Stephanie, what a beautiful and touching post of faith, joy and a mother's love. You do have a lovely mother to treat you and your son in such a Godly way through scripture and washing your feet. This is a blessing and action that makes our Lord so happy.
Such an incredible tea party filled with wonderful food, treats and fellowship one with another. Your mother makes everything so very special in all that she does to honor and give glory to GOD.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful tea party. It is an inspiration you share and you are certainly your mother's daughter in every way. Love the pretty photo of you two dear ladies. Blessings always my friend, xo

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