A Pocket Full Of Love

All love that has not friendship for its base,
is like a mansion built upon the sand. 
- Ella Wheeler Wilcox -

Hello, my lovely friends!
I trust you are well 
and having a splendid week.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner
{where oh where has January gone?!}
I thought I would share this fun and easy penny pocket tutorial.
This little pocket is perfect for filling with goodies 
for a special loved one or friend for Valentine's Day
or simply make one to give as a "happy happy"
to bless or cheer someone.

What you will need:

two 10-inch squares of fabric
one 5-inch square of fabric
lace or ribbon for the handle
one strip of fabric that is 1 1/2-inches wide
and 10-inches long {this is for the fabric flower}
pink roses or other embellishments

Cut the 10-inch squares in half.

Take the 5-inch square. . .

And fold in half.

Fold in half again.

Top stitch along the two edges.
This isn't necessary,
but I like the look of the stitching.

Pin the folded 5-inch square to the center of the front side fabric.
Pin the handle halfway underneath the triangle.
My handle was about 14-inches long.

Place the lining fabric right side down onto the front side fabric
and pin into place.
Using a 1/4-inch seam allowance
sew along the edge that you just pinned together.

Open it up and press with a hot iron.

Tuck the handle up underneath the triangle.

Now fold the square along the seam. . .

Pin into place and sew with a 1/4-inch seam allowance
along the two raw edges.

Make sure you leave a small opening in the lining 
so that you can pull everything through.

Pull the penny pocket through the opening
and with a blunt but pointy object 
{like a chopstick, the end of a crochet hook, etc}
gently push the two ends out so that they are nice and pointy.
Sew up the opening
and push the lining inside the main fabric.
Press with a hot iron.

To make the fabric flower
take the 1 1/2-inch x 10-inch piece of fabric
and fold in half.
Sew a gathering stitch along the raw edge
and pull gently to gather.

Attach the two ends to create a flower.

And finally. . .
add some beads to the bottom of the penny pocket
by simply stringing some beads onto some thread.

Take the needle to the backside of the pocket like so. . .
Pull the thread all the way through so that the beads are touching the fabric
and knot it off.

As you can see,
I applied the flower to the triangle
and also added a silk rose to the center.
You will see some pearls behind the flower.

To finish it off
I attached a paper tag to the pocket with a small clothespin.

And here's the finished product. . .

You are probably wondering what I tucked inside
so let me show you.
In the pocket you will find:

3 tea bags
2 chocolates
1 fabric heart ornament

The ornament is made out of soft minky swirl fabric.
Oh, it's so sweet and soft!

You could hang one of these penny pockets on someones door
as a delightful surprise on Valentine's Day.

Also, I should tell you that you can make two penny pockets 
out of the two 10-inch squares.
You will simply need one more 5-inch square.

And if you're not into sewing
or simply don't have time
than no problemo!
I have some of these charming penny pockets listed in my Etsy shop
and they have already been filled with goodies.

You can check them out by clicking here.

And just to let you know
I made some Scripture tote bags
and have just listed them in my shop.
They can also be used as lunch totes, yarn totes, etc.

Thank you for visiting, sweet friends.
Your visits bring me great joy!
Love and hugs to you!


Net - "It's a Wonderful Movie" said...

Your penny pockets are precious, Stephanie! I love it... so old fashioned and charming! I always love the pretty colors of fabric you use! How sweet you are to share this tutorial with all of us!

Happy "almost" Valentines Day!!!
God's Blessings!!! Net

Elizabethd said...

You have such lovely ideas, Stephanie. Thank you!

Kate said...

Such a charming idea, Stephanie! Thank you for the great tutorial.

Anna said...

Adorable !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the tutorial !

Cranberry Morning said...

How pretty these are, Stephanie!!!

Curtains in My Tree said...

That is so cute and just right for a gift, so just bring it over to my door and hang it up LOL I would ever get one made for myself.
You are so talented.


Kelly-Anne said...

OH! Sweet friend, these penny pockets are just too gorgeous for words...how pretty they are too and would make excellent gifts indeed! Oh, how I love all that your creative hands make...so inspiring to come by for a visit! What I especially like is how you tuck all sorts of goodies into your creations...the darling gift I received from you was just the same...so special to find such lovely things in every nook and cranny! I have to try one of these...for a fun project! {{smiles}}
And your Etsy shoppe is filled with the most gorgeous goodies! Such a happy place! {{smiles}}
Hugs and love!

J said...

These are "sew sweet!" I look at them as a great project for a grandma to make with a grandchild....(boys, too! everybody needs to know how to sew!). The finished pockets are perfect to deliver to family members or use as "random acts of kindness" for those in need of a lift - with an encouraging scripture verse tucked inside!
Thank you!

Sandra said...

Stephanie you have such a creative spirit. The heart pocket will make a wonderful gift or maybe just a special ornament to hang in ones own home. So nice of you to share how to make one ourselves. Love all the pretty fabrics you have chosen.

Debbie said...

ooooh stephanie, so beautiful!! you have such talent and do lovely work!! i love the fabrics you select and how you put them together!!!

Linda said...

Do you know sweet friend, I still have your homemade bookmarks that you had sent a few years ago...your a precious soul, sweet friend. Thanks for many smiles you bring.

Marcia said...

Pretty penny pockets, Stephanie. You are so talented. Sewing is not my "cup of tea" but I'd sure love to make those tags to hang from them. :)
Love the quote. Love and friendship is one and the same.
Have a lovely, lovely.

Creations By Cindy said...

How precious . Love it .hugs and blessings , Cindy

Tamago said...

Wow, your penny pockets are so pretty! What a delicate work. You always create such sweet gifts, Stephanie. Perfect for Valentine's Day! But yes...where has January gone? :-)

Esther Asbury said...

What lovely little pockets --so fun for gift giving!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

As always, an amazing tutorial, Stephanie! You truly inspire one to get the sewing machine whirring! I like how you tied the beads onto the point of the heart, that is darling! Such a cute idea too, to hang on someone's door for Valentine's Day! I have a friend with a birthday soon, maybe I shall try one of these for her :) Hugs to you today dear friend!

Debbie Harris said...

Gorgeous!! Though I really do not sew, as you know :-) I just love reading through your tutorials and looking at the photo's you attach with the very simple instructions, even for someone like myself.
Fun fun fun!
I like your idea of hanging one on someone's door. Oh I do love surprises!
Hey...maybe I need to purchase one and hand it on my own door. ;)

Have a fabulous day, my dear!

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

So pretty and such a nice little something for someone sweet. I always admire your handiwork.

Christine said...

Oh this is just so darling! A lovely, lovely gift idea for any one we love!
Thank you so much, sweet Stephanie for sharing this tutorial - which is excellent!
Wishing you a very special week ahead!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Now how cute is that darling sewing project?!! What a wonderful gift that would be for a lovely surprise and filled with goodies. Thank you for the great tutorial, sweet friend...you're the best! Love and blessings!

Anonymous said...

How cute are these? I love this idea, dear Stephanie! They are so simple, yet add such beauty...perfect for Valentine's Day {{smiles}} I may have to whip out some of these as they look like the perfect afternoon project. Thank you so much for the detailed tutorial....yours are always the best and so easy to follow and understand.

Hope you're having a great week so far....enjoy the remainder of it!

Many blessings to you,

Vee said...

You always come up with the cutest things. I had just a bit of a pang for the sewing room... =D

Debby Ray said...

These are just adorable! You should win the award for the BEST tutorials! :) HUGS!♥

Marilyn Mathis said...

You make the neatest little gifting items. They are so pretty. Thanks for sharing them and the tutorials with us. Hugs.

Cheryl said...

Oh, how beautiful!! You never cease to amaze me with your precious creations. Truly God has gifted you abundantly, and you are so faithful to share that gift with all of us. We are so blessed to have you in our lives! I haven't visited your sweet, little shop, so will be heading over there soon, Lord willing. :)

Margie said...

Another charming craft, Stephanie! I'm also loving the llama tote bag...it reminds me of my trip to Peru. Now I'm off to visit your Etsy store.

NanaDiana said...

You are so sweet to share your tutorials and ideas here, Stephanie. Some people 'guard' their projects so carefully-but you have such a giving heart. Those are just darling!!! I love your choice of fabrics, too.
Blessings to you- xo Diana

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial...you are a good teacher! And I love that sweet flamingo tote! I've been in your shop tonight...ooohing and aaahhhing over everything! It looks like Spring! Hugs!

Ashley said...

oh my!
this is just LOVELY!
so much detailed work...it's amazing!

blessings to you!


They are so sweet, your pockets and lovely for gifts.

krishna said...

So sweet pocket..and your tutorial is great..

Tamara said...

These are sooo pretty, Stephanie..Bright and cheerful and absolutely darling! You are such a talented seamstress and your colors are gorgeous.. I can never say enough about your lovely, handmade offerings! And your tags are so charming, too. Thank you for sharing your tutorial and ideas. Wishing you a wonderful week..Dear friend. I would have checked in sooner but our internet in our motel has been down til today..

Hugs and blessings <3

mamasmercantile said...

What a delight, a real joy to see these little pockets of love. Such a wonderful idea, thank you for sharing.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dearest Stephanie! It's truly in the little things that I take joy in, the daily gift of friendships, the little tokens of affection made with the hands and heart.

Sandy said...

Penny Pockets not only sound fantastic they look it too. Such s Southern romantic feel to them - quite British too. Thank you for the tutorial! I know just how pretty your makes are!
Sandy xx

Daniela said...

What a pleasant moment you always present me as a gift, darling Stephanie, with your works of art you've truly delighted me, blessed be !

Hope you're having the best of weeks,
I'm sending hugs and ever much love to you,
with utmost gratitude

Xx Dany

Chris Lally said...

Oh, my gosh! So pretty! Love the surprises in the pocket!!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, such dainty pockets! You surprised me with how much fits inside! ♥

Sylvia said...

This is so pretty Stephanie, and looks easy to make, even for me since I gave up sewing years ago. My friend, Jane and I are giving a Tea for some friend that we worked with some years ago, for Valentine. This will be good to give as gifts filled with Valentine candy and gifts.

Amy at love made my home said...

What a lovely valentine! I hope you receive some lovely valentines!

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

What a sweet project, Stephanie. Your fabric is beautiful and so feminine! ♥

Conniecrafter said...

Your penny pockets are so sweet, just love the fabrics you use, they are so pretty. It is so sweet of you to share the tutorial on how to make them also :) Your tags that go along with them are so special too!!
Hope you enjoy a great weekend ahead with your sweet family!

Sara - Villa Emilia said...

Well, this looks a little bit complicated to me... but the tutorial is great. At least I could make some sweet heart ornaments. :)
The penny pockets are really beautiful and you always find the prettiest fabrics for your items. Thank you for sharing.
Have a happy weekend and a blessed Sunday! xx

Kim said...

What a delight to scroll ever so slowly down the page and drink in all the scrumptiousness that each photo reveals. Just divine, sweet Stephanie! Oh and thank you for the tutorial, lovely lady.

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Hello Stephanie and Happy New Year!
I love your sewing skills and once again you are so talented.
Enjoy the weekend.
Hugs, Julie

janice15 said...

These are to cute Stephanie, thanks for sharing them... Happy New Year dearest, with love Janice

Lowcarb team member said...

January is certainly flying by and Valentines gifts are on our minds ...
These look so lovely, and your tutorial is wonderful.

Enjoy your weekend

All the best Jan

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