It's My Party and I'll....Have A Giveaway If I Want To

Happy, happy day to you, friends!

In honor of my upcoming birthday along with my son's
{yes, we share the same birthday}
I am hosting a giveaway.
I love birthdays and I love giving gifts
so what better way to celebrate than with a giveaway!
You, dear readers and friends, are ever so special to me
and I greatly appreciate the time you take to visit
and comment on the posts I share.
You bless and encourage me with your love and kindness
and now I want to do the same for you.

This lovely little giveaway consists of a few of my favorite things
that I hope one of you blessed winners will enjoy.
Let's take a peek at the goodies up for grabs, shall we. . .

As you know, I love tea cups
so I am giving away this pretty Royal Albert tea cup
that is just perfect for the spring with its soft colors.
The matching bracelet is also part of the giveaway.

You will find three tea towels included
along with matching napkins
and a cute spoon holder.

Of course tea is a must to go along with the tea cup
Here we have organic Raspberry Earl, Egyptian Mint, 
Ambrosia Plum, and Italian Chamomile.

This darling little box is part of the givaway 
and it can be used for holding your tea
or whatever your heart desires.
And speaking of hearts,
the soft blue heart is also included.

Next up are these incredibly sweet tea cup molds with matching saucers.
You can make cupcakes, brownies, and other tasty treats in these molds.
And of course you'll need a wooden spoon 
for mixing up whatever you put into the molds.

And last, but certainly not least. . .
a fabric zippered pouch made with lots of love.

All of this loveliness could be yours!
To enter the giveaway all you have to do is:

Please be a follower of 
The Enchanting Rose blog

Leave a comment
sharing a special birthday memory.

That's it!
And yes, this giveaway is open to everyone around the world.

And since you will be sharing birthday memories 
I will share a special one as well. . .
as I mentioned my son was born on my birthday and oh, what a sweet gift!
Believe it or not my mom and I shared the same due date
which was March 27th and we were both 6 days late.
We also had the same doctor.
Dr. Petrie was my doctor when I was born 
and he was also there for my son's birth.
And come to find out while I was in labor the nurse 
was also the same nurse that I had when I was born - what are the odds!
And finally, my son was born in the very same hospital that I was born in.
I find it rather unique and only of the Lord.
The night before my birthday my parents took my husband and I out for supper.
It was a joyous occasion as we sat around the table and enjoyed our time together.
The very next morning, April 2, 2008 
{my 22nd birthday}
I awoke to contractions.
I smiled to myself. . .it was time.
I walked out to the living room to tell my husband the contractions were closer together
and he smiled along with me.
He was incredibly calm through it all.
I told him I wanted to shower before leaving so I did
and then we headed to the hospital.
We stopped at Wendy's on the way and grabbed breakfast.
Yes, I ate too - HA!
Everything went smoothly, no problems at all,
and  about 7 hours later my son was born
and placed on my chest.
Oh, it was love at first sight!
He was a precious baby and one that didn't fuss much,
but rather smiled constantly.
He slept a lot and began sleeping through the night at 6 weeks old.
What a miracle. . .what a gift!

I am going to take a teeny tiny blogging break so for the next two weeks 
I will be around, but I won't be posting any new content.

I will announce the winner on Wednesday, April 5th.
So in two weeks time I shall be back with the name of the lovely recipient.

will remain open so feel free to stop by any time.
I try to add new items weekly. . .
key word is try!
And since my birthday is just around the corner
how about I offer a coupon for 15% off your order.
Simply enter
when you checkout.
Free shipping is included for all USA residents.
This offer is good until Wednesday, April 5th.

Love and hugs to you, friends!


Curtains in My Tree said...

Wow what a wonderful assortments of goodies for your Birthday Give a Way

Whoever wins should be thrilled with this stash of goodies

Enjoy your break

Joni Moody said...

Live your blog! My favorite birthday memory is one I only remember because I've been told about forever :-) At the time, I'm sure it was much more impressive to my parents than to me....but on my 6th birthday the date was 6-6-66, and I was 6! LOL

Joni Moody said...

LOVE, not live! :-)

BlessedBrenda said...

One of my favorite Birthday memories happened on Oct 4, 1974. My niece was born on my birthday & I was in the delivery room. The doctor let me tell my brother he had a new baby girl. He & his wife had two little boys. It was such a sweet experience.

Sherry said...

I hope you have a wonderful birthday. My birthday is very soon also. What a sweet idea to share a gift with others on your birthday. I remember the birthday on April 4th about 10 years ago when my husband surprised me with a upholstered chair I had seen at a shop. I had no idea he had ordered it.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You are always so sweet to all of us. One of my best birthdays was when we first moved to Florida. I walked on the beach...barefoot and marveled at the beauty surrounded me. Now that might not sound that surprising...but remember, my birthday is in January! Sweet hugs, Diane

sinnamon crunch said...

One of my best birthday memories is the birthday dinner my mother-in-law hosted for my family. It was wonderful with Irish linen tablecloth, special dishes and a made from scratch cake. Thanks for the chance to win. Kathy Carol

Snap said...

How delightful! Happy Birthday to you and your son. While I don't really remember, I do have photographs of my first birthday party. I think I was the only child present. My Mother had her ladies over to celebrate my birthday. They all brought presents for me. I look quite happy in the photo. Her ladies group was called The Cat Club. Amazingly they stayed in touch for years and years until they all went on to the stars. Toss my name into the hat! Hugs -----

Mrs.T said...

Oh, Stephanie, what a lovely, thoughtful birthday giveaway! Everything looks so pretty and springlike. I would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity. I follow your blog by email.

As for a birthday memory -- well, as kids we were allowed to choose whatever we liked for our birthday supper. My birthday was in January, but I could pick what I liked so I would choose hot dogs or hamburgers, potato salad, corn fritters, and iced tea! A taste of summer in midwinter! Often I had eclairs from the bakery as a special birthday treat rather than cake. What is so sweet is that up until a few years ago my elderly dad still bought (or had someone buy) eclairs for my birthday. Now he no longer remembers, but that is okay!

Ang Smith said...

Aw, happy birthday to you and your son. That's so cool that you share a birthday! :) My last birthday was very special. All the kids and Eric made me a "birthday cake" out of cardboard, with 12 "pieces of cake" to open up with surprises in each one. I got so many fun, handmade things. It was really, very special. :)

Jo from PA said...

Happy Birthday dear friend and to your son!
This is a lovely giveaway!

My favorite birthday memory was when I turned 30! My husband and than our two sons were at a cabin with his sister and husband for the weekend. We came home to find that my husband got my parents to get a cake and meet us at the house when we arrived.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

A Happy Birthday to you! What a sweet giveaway. I think a favorite Birthday memory is when I turned 50! A big pool party at a friends house, lots of friends and family in attendance. It made turning 50 just extra special! Oh and of course I'm a follower of your blog. Hugs!

Kelly-Anne said...

Dearest, dearest Stephanie...
OH! You are too sweet! I can hardly believe the beauty which met my eye in this sweet giveaway post of yours, dear friend! Oh my...what delightful goodies you are so generously offering!
I would simply love to enter your giveaway, please...how kind of you to bless another on your special birthday! And I didn't realise you and your son share a birthday...how fun! {{smiles}}

A favourite birthday memory...probably my tenth birthday would go down as a favourite...it was spent with my sister, mother and a dear friend. We went out to eat as a treat and then saw Charlotte's Web in the cinema...it was also the birthday on which I received ever so many gorgeous scrapbooking/cardmaking supplies which got me started on my creative journey! It was a lovely birthday in a great many ways...but then, every birthday is special! {{smiles}}

I hope yours is ever so blessed...you are a wonderful blessing in this world of blogging and it is an absolute honour to count you as a friend!
Thank you for your love...your kindness and your friendship! May the Lord shower you with His richest blessings this year, dear Stephanie! Enjoy the blogging break...hugs and more hugs to you! Thank you again...

hobbyloes said...

Your give away is so lovely and special, love the sweet teacup and the bracelet the most.
Tomorrow 23th, is the birthday of my mother, it is the second birthday without my father, they were married for 66 years.
Wish you and your son a very Happy Birthday!!!

magnoliasntea said...

A HUGE happy birthday to you, dear Stephanie! And how sweet of you to think of others for part of your birthday celebration. I hope it's your best year ever.
Happy, happy day to you!

Sherry D. said...

Please enjoy your birthday! I hope it's wonderful!

My sweetest birthday memory was a few years ago when my loving daughter, I think she was 25 at the time, took me out for the day..... She surprised me and we went to the Melting Pot for dinner and then, she surprised me further with Chocolate Covered Strawberries..... and then to a movie..... She'd been saving up for awhile and planning it just for me... It had been a particularly difficult beginning of the day that year too....

Janae from PA said...

Happy Birthday!

My favorite memory was when my mom and I celebrated our birthdays(we are only 3 days apart)by going to a local Tea Room. It was the start of us getting into the whole teatime experience.

Prunella Pepperpot said...

Your giveaways are delightful dear Stephanie. I hope you and your son have a wonderful birthday filled with your very own sweet special memories. With hugs from us :)x

Regina said...

What beautiful items Stephanie and Happy birthday! I've had so many memories of my birthday, I can
t narrow it down. I was born at 8 in the morning on New Years Eve so I always say, everyone is celebrating my birthday! I guess I will narrow it down to the time my assistant preschool teacher asked to take me out to dinner for my birthday. When we arrive at the restaurant all the teachers at the preschool were waiting for me! I was so surprised and happy!

Olivia said...

Happy upcoming birthday :)How special that you share it with your son! My favorite memories surrounding my birthday have been that I either celebrate it on Thanksgiving or around that holiday. I also, must always have some sort of dessert involving pecan...pecan pie wins most of the time :)

annie said...

Happy birthday to come, dear lady, and your son!
What a sweet giveaway!
You have a tender giving spirit!
Happy Spring!

Daniela said...

Happy coming Birthday to you and your sweetest son, darling Stephanie !
Tge most loving memories of my birthday belong to my childhood when every year I used to organize a treasure hunt in the staircase of the condominium where I lived in Genoa involving classmates, friends and neighbors ( they were more than 40 ): I enjoyed myself so much watching such a crowd going up and down the stairs ... and it lasted quite a lot, for me always too little ... I put the little sheets of paper with the indications behind the pots of the plants or under the the floor mats on the threshold of the flats !

Sending blessings to you, cherished friend
and thank you for such a wonderful, stunning giveaway !


Jill said...

What a lovely giveaway Stephanie! I would like to be entered for a chance also. I'm already a follower as you know ;-) Love your blog! Favorite birthday memory.... hard to choose just one.... but I'd have to say it was my first birthday as a new mom... My birthday is August 26th and my daughter was born May 29th, just a few months prior but the odds were always against me being a mom due to health issues. Was told I'd never have children... heartbreaking... but through prayer and a lot of faith it happened, not just once but twice. I remember how much joy I felt on my birthday knowing my birthday wish since I was little was always to be a mom. That year it came true and I will never forget the joy I felt then and every day :-)
Enjoy your blogging break and I hope you have a wonderful birthday!! I'm scheduled for surgery March 27th so may not be back to reading blogs as quick as I'd like to be :-)


Frances Lamparter said...

Happy Birthday to you and your son! Your giveaway is so very lovely and so very generous. I have shared my birthday with my father every year growing up. We are two days apart, his before mine. So my birthday was always an after thought. My favorite birthday memory is the tea party I gave for my friends when I turned fifty. I gave everyone a teacup and tea.

Gram said...

Amazing to have your son born on your birthday. Our grand daughter came on my husband's birthday. Our son told his sister, "I will never be able to top that." I have been collecting Royal Albert Lily of the Valley china with the pink rose for several years. It's not easy to come by. When I find it on eBay, it usually comes from either Canada or Australia. Shipping from Canada is not bad, but from Australia, it's usually more than the cost of the item.

Kaitlyn Smith said...

Happy birthday you two!! What sweet memory -- my mother and grandmother both share a birthday as well, and always have fun!

A favourite birthday memory...a couple years ago my parents took me to a book store in a different state. I'm a book lover so it was perfect. Mom and I spent about six hours going through books while my father patiently waited =)

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Stephanie, you are already such a giving person and here you are having a giveaway to celebrate your birthday! How can I say no to such an assortment of wonderful kitchen and tea items, please enter my name.
We have two daughters and like you, before I left for the hospital each time I had to shower and shave my legs which is hard to do between labour pains - a gal always wants to look her best. lol
That is sweet that your son was born on your birthday, our first daughter was born on hubby's nana's BD and she said it was the best present she ever had. That was the day she became a great grandmother.
My most memorable birthday was a surprise 3 day cruise for my 40th. My husband had never done anything like it before and when I was told to pack for warm weather and would find out our destination enroute, it was so exciting. Unfortunately I was pretty sea sick and missed dinner the first night. By the second night I was dressed to the nines but discreetly carrying a paper bag just in case. We still laugh about that cruise!

OhioLori said...

First off..Happy Birthday Blessings to You & your Son!! (my day is the 24th..we are close enough in dates to be celebrating together! giggle...) Thank you for chance to win such a lovely Treasure Trove of Wonderfulness!! (& I am a Tea "Addict" here.. lol)

My favorite Birthday was when our 2 Daughters made a cake for me..like a Merry-go-round!! Decorated & candles galore!!! Was such a fun surprise!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie,
My birth day memory is of when I turned 11. My daddy and my 3 other sisters took me ice skating and then we went home and had a good supper and cake with our other family members from my dad's side. The cake was a horse cake and it was just a really special memory for one of my birthday's. I love ice skating to so it was nice they took me there.
Thank you for hosting this and entering me into it. I hope you have a good birth day when it comes.

Ashley said...

Dear Stephanie,

Happy Birthday! What day is your birthday on?
That is such a lovely giveaway. I love everything and would love to win. Thank you for entering me in your sweet giveaway. :) (I follow the blog)
A favorite big day memory.....I don't remember exactly how old I was, maybe 11 or 12. We did Abeka videos for school (they come from Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, Fl.) and I had started writing the 2nd grade teacher when I was in 2nd grade because I loved her so much. Well for my birthday, we were in Tallahassee for homeschool day at the Capitol. They surprised me by having me meet the 2nd grade teacher. It was so much fun and such a special memory. :)

Hope your birthday is wonderful!
Much love,

Debby Ray said...

What a lovely giveaway, Stephanie...as if you don't already give so much of yourself to us all! My last birthday (September of 2016) has got to be one of the best birthdays I've ever had. You may remember me sharing my post about my sister from OH (who is now 65)) flew for the first time in her life to come see me in NC. We spent a few fabulous days at the beach, just the two of us! Oh it was such a blessing and a birthday I will always remember with such fondness. What a sweet story about the birth of your son on your own birthday! I hope you and your little guy have the best birthdays and also enjoy your blog break! Hugs to you, Stephanie!♥♥♥

krishna said...

Oh Stephanie!! what a sweet story.. it is really unique, and it is a sweet memory to cherish everyday...big hug..

I don't have that much memory of birthday celebrations when I grew up. It was always a low key affair in our family.

I born in February, and I married in November. Just after marriage I came to the USA. So, during the first birthday after our marriage still we were very newly wed couple. That birthday happened to fall on a Friday. After coming back home from office on Thursday, Mr. Man was watching TV late. I was telling him to go to bed, as he had to wake up early on Friday for office. But he was not listening to me at all. Next morning he was not ready to wake up. I was literally tried to push him down from the bed. That very moment he showed me to Disneyland tickets. Yess!! he bought Disneyland tickets, he took a day off from office!!! I was extremely surprised.. that was so sweet.. We enjoyed a lot on my first birthday after marriage...

Brenda said...

Happy birthday! What a lovely assortment of goodies. Whoever the winner is is going to be really blessed.

Kim said...

My 30th birthday is one I will never forget! My wonderful husband planned a surprise party! We left for a ride in an open top Jeep! Upon Returning...I walked in all wind blown to "SURPRISE!" Best surprise ever!!

Elizabeth said...

Happy day to you, dear Stephanie! What beautiful items you are giving away...such gorgeous, Springtime treasures {{smiles}} I would be just delighted to have my name popped in the hat! (And of course, I follow your lovely blog.)

As for a favorite birthday memory....hmmmm....that would have to the special traditions that we have. Every year on our birthdays, we "secretly" decorate the house the night before once the birthday person goes to bed. There are signs, streamers and surprises everywhere! Then, we always either go out for a special meal or cook a meal the birthday person picked....the choice of going out or staying in is up to the birthday person. Finally, there is always, always a homemade cake! My favorite memory isn't one particular birthday, but all the special traditions that take place every year. It is always a special, treasured day, and one that we always remember!

Thank you for sharing such loveliness with us...may your weekend be beautifully blessed! Enjoy your blogging break....take some time to enjoy yourself ♥

Much love and many hugs,

Chas Greener said...

Happy Birthday to both you Stephanie and your son!

It has been an honor to get to know you both through your blog and in person :) I hope you have a wonderful break (well deserved with this wonderful and big tea exchange you put together for all of us to enjoy!)

Birthday Memory... probably my 40th where I celebrated a decade a day with family and friends. The first decade we went rollerskating, second decade we watched a movie, third decade we stopped at a few different restaurants to enjoy good food, company, and conversation, and the last decade was enjoying a day with my husband and kids.

Creations By Cindy said...

Stephanie, what a precious and gracious giveaway. You are always so sweet to others. Well, I must go ahead and say Happy Birthday to you and your son. I love your birthday story. And yes dear Stephanie, only our Lord could have done that for you...your story. I've had many sweet and special birthdays. Now that my daughters are grown and I have grands, they seem to always make it special in some way or another. I must say though that this past birthday-Feb. 18th, was extra special to me this year. The Lord gave me another chance to serve Him after suffering from a mini-stroke which winded up being considered a mid-line stroke as my Doctor called it. More than a TIA but not full blown. Actually several miracles happened with that and through that. God is good and so was my birthday. Hugs and blessings, Cindy P.S. Enjoy your time off dear lady.

Karenann Sharrott said...

Thank you so much for such a thoughtful and lovely giveaway! My favorite birthday memory is of this past year when my family and I went down to Walt Disney World for my birthday. On the actual day of my birthday we went to the Crystal Palace for breakfast. It was so special and wonderful!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

So many beautiful things! I am already a follower and one of my favorite birthdays was when the kids decorated my birthday cake for me when they were little. Nancy

Anonymous said...

During my childhood, I had three birthday parties. The party for my 8th birthday was the most memorable. I had invited my entire class, about 20 children, to accompany me home after school to celebrate my birthday. My birthday is March 2nd and in Kansas you never know what the weather will be like. About noon, it started snowing and continue the rest of the day. By 4 PM when school was dismissed, all of us trekked the block and a half to my house. It shouldn't have taken very long. But, when 20 children are making their way through 5 inches of snow having snowball fights all the way, it can be pretty exciting. We arrived at my house all covered in snow. My mother who wasn't terribly tolerant of messy children, managed to keep her composure and invited all of us in to a warm toasty living room. She had newspapers spread by the front door to catch the dripping shoes. I don't remember much about the party itself, but the walk home from school was the real party.
Happy Birthday Stephanie!
Pamela from Kansas

Sandy said...

Are you kidding me!!!!! Stephanie you know how much I love your shop and what you make. This is a fabulous give a way to celebrate two birthdays at once!! What a miracle story you share about you and your Mother. As you said, what are the odds!
My best birthday story is not about me but about the birth of my daughter's first daughter. I was in the room with her and helped with the delivery. I cut the umbilical cord and gave Nicole her first bath at the birthing center. I held Nicole to my chest so much as my daughter, having a natural child birth, was really in a state of shock. It is something I will never forget and a real privilege to participate in this special occasion with my daughter.
Thank you Stephanie for this very special give a way!
Sandy xx

Anonymous said...

During my childhood, birthdays were celebrated at my grandparents' place. They had a small house on a small lake in Michigan. There was always a barbeque, swimming, fishing, and a Barbie cake made by my late mother. I subscribe via email. Thanks for the beautiful giveaway.

Karen said...

My favorite birthday memory wasn't for me but for my mother. On her 70th birthday, my brother, sister and I surprised my mother with a surprise birthday where over 120 showed up to celebrate her special day. The look on her face and the joy it brought to her heart, as well as ours, as we delighted in her happiness, was best birthday memory ever. It was priceless. 😊

gabriele segletes said...

My best birthday was the first year I got married to my husband! He was the best gift I could have gotten.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie, i follow your blog on email, love it and your teacup exchanges too....a favorite birthday, well when our daughter was about 8 or 9 she was taking violin lessons and doing quite well. The day of my birthday she and daddy came out into the living room and stood there a bit and with violin in hand she proceeded to play "Happy Birthday". She had her teacher write it out for her and she memorized it to play for me on my day....a fond memory for sure.

June Chapko said...

Happy Birthday, Stephanie! What a sweet thing for you to do.
I was born on my paternal grandmother's birthday, December 21st. We didn't live close enough to visit much, but when we did, it was always special. I admired her strength and tenacity. She was 99 when she died.

Susan P said...

Happy Birthday! What a special memory. We never have really celebrated my birthday much so it is hard to think of a specific memory. I love it when my kids try to make me breakfast in bed - that is the cutest to me.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

What a beautiful story of the birth of your son. I do believe our Lord orchestrated the whole thing! What a lovely giveaway you are offering. My birthday memory would be from my last one, at my 60th celebration. All the ladies and I played a few games and one of them was they had to write their advice on turning 60. Well, most of them were not 60 yet and there were my two granddaughters and daughters there. But my 11 year old granddaughter was creative and wrote all the reasons why she loves me on the index card. I was so taken by her tender words and I will never forget it.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I am so forgetful that I didn't wish you or your son a very Happy Birthday! Blessings and love to you both. Enjoy your time off from blogging!

Paiges Pages said...

I'm a follower! :) I would love this soooo much!!!!
On my 13th birthday, my sister took me hiking, and when we got back, my best friend was there!! They all jumped out and surprised me! It was the best day ever!!!!!

Elizabethd said...

May you have a very happy birthday Stephanie!

Klik said...

Have a good time and wonderful bithday! So nice story, I belive God loves you :)

Klik said...

Concerning bithday memory: my doughter was born in a very specific day, the weather changed several times during a day. And since tiday, 20 years, every her bithday the weather changes several time a day. When she was 10 it was a solar eclipse at the moment, when everybody, all her gests, were at the table.
In some days we are waiting to celebrate her birthday... what the weather will be, who knows.... :)

Sam Newton said...

To our dear sweet Stephanie… wishing you and your son a wonderful birthday. How very special to share that day together and the memories you two have together! And then you are blessing someone with all those awesome items… it is truly something you would do with the kind heart I have seen in you.

My birthday shocker was when I turned 50. My son and I worked in this well-known restaurant. I was the Hostess and my oldest was 20 and the Expediter. My boss said there was a big party coming in the banquet room and I needed to come into work. When I got there my son was working and my boss kept me busy in the front area where I worked.
All of a sudden he said, “why don’t you go check on the banquet room.” When I opened the door everyone yelled “SURPRISE!” My son had done it!!! He said he could surprise me and boy did he! The room was all decorated, all our friends were there including my husband and our 10 year old son! The surprise that my friends could keep quiet!

Stephanie, enjoy your birthday and enjoy your quiet time off line. You deserve it!
Love, blessings, and hugs,

linny said...

I hope you have a wonderful birthday(I'm sure you will) That's certainly a lovely package for somebody to win. I remember my 16th birthday particularly, I was having a party in the afternoon & during the day we had a heavy fall of snow. Living in Australia that was a very unusual occurrence. Thanks for the chance to win your great giveaway. lyn.robyn.smith@gmail.com

The Victorian Girl said...

What a lovely giveaway! One of my favorite birthday memories was just last year actually, when I turned 65. I had been going through chemo and radiation for breast cancer and on my birthday, it was the first time I went anywhere without my wig. My husband and I went to the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Dallas for afternoon tea and afterwards to my favorite antique mall. kellam.susan@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Every year when our birthday came(I am a twin) our father would get up early in the morning and go to the flower shop and purchase gladioli flowers. When we woke up the flowers would be in a vase and placed on the table.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and your son.

Cheryl said...

Stephanie, I love your blog and am so happy that I recently discovered it. Have a wonderful birthday on the 2nd. You deserve it for all the happiness and peace you offer to your readers. My favorite birthday was the year my four little goddaughters all were present and I was able to take them to a photographer to get a photo of all together with me. That year three of them were 5 and the oldest one was 7. I live in Michigan and while two also lived in Michigan the other two lived in Montana and Hawaii so it was special to have all 4 together. Many years have passed now and three of those girls have babies of their own but I still have that photo hanging and they bless me today as well.

Celestina Marie said...

Dear Stephanie, what a beautiful giveaway. Your sweet generosity just shines through. I loved your story and what a gift to have your son share your birthday born on the same day.
My best memories are growing up and celebrating my birthday with my dad as we were both born in February just 4 days apart. I truly miss him every year.
Wishing you and your son a very happy birthday filled with blessings. Enjoy your break the next two weeks too.
Love and joys always, xo

Cheryl said...

Oh, how wonderful, sweet friend!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! May God bless you with many more! I am sure having your precious boy on your birthday was the sweetest gift you could have ever been given. And, how neat, that the doctor and even the nurse were the same as when you were born! That is just so neat. Thank you for entering my name in your lovely giveaway, and enjoy your time away. :)

Mary Ann said...

Happy birthday to you and your son. I really don't have very many birthday memories coming to my mind. I did have my a party on my 40th birthday! It was a total surprise!

fallenstar80 said...

How wonderful! Happy birthday! I spent my 17th birthday in Bath, England. Such a wonderful memory!

Dawn said...

I had both my children in a little Italian hospital in La Maddalena Sardinia, the same nurse delivered both my children 14 months apart. I'm a quickie so the dr didn't make it. I have very fond memories of that little island hospital.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, you are so sweet! Happy Birthday to be! (and your son too)! A birthday memory - Because my birthday is in December, my mother would decorate a little Christmas tree just for me and leave it on my dresser while I slept. When I woke up on my birthday, there was the tree! ♥

Anonymous said...

Once I reached my teen years my family would order the corsage that was a theme for the year of my twin and I's age. It was exciting to see what each year had. Naturally everyone knew sugar cubes were for sweet sixteen. Unfortunately,I do not think those corsages are in business anymore. We still have kept some of the corsages.

Ashley~ said...

I love your birthday memory friend! I too think it is only of the Lord for all the coincidence between your birth and your little guys!
My birthday memory is my 16th birthday. My mom pulled off the best surprise party with family and friends before we moved to Harrison.
Love you!

Kelly @ Homespuns 'n Hayfields said...

Happy upcoming birthday to you and Elijah. I forgot all the similarities between you and your mom - amazing! Someone will be receiving some beautiful gifts. Love Aunt Kelly.

Vee said...

Happy birthday, dear Stephanie! So like you to be giving a gift for your birthday. I know that your son was your best ever birthday present. (I can't believe that you got away with eating! ☺️) Oh I am purposely not following the rules so please do not toss my name into the cap. It belongs to one of your regulars!

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Happy happy happy birthday dear Stephanie (and to your 'baby'!) - what a fun story about his arrival! The years really do just fly, don't they? I'm glad you are taking some time off -- you work so hard on this blog and bless so many with it! So have a wonderful two weeks of 'non-posting'. Thanks again for the tea cup exchange -- what fun it was to participate again. I think it's JUST as fun to PREPARE the package to send as it is to RECEIVE the package you get! Happy Spring!

Ann said...

Happy Birthday! My birthday memories are the gifts my mother would give me on my birthday. In my youth, she gave me a lovely Tea Set, another time she gave me a wonderful sewing basket - I still have both.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

What a dear, sweet story of your birth and then your son's birth, at the same hospital, same doctor and nurse!! I loved that you went to Wendy's to grab something to eat on the way to the hospital. You were fortified for giving birth!
How thoughtful of you to have such a wonderful giveaway to celebrate your birthday. I'd have to say that for my 60th birthday, my dear, late Beloved surprised me by flying my mom here to Texas to be able to celebrate with me. What a sweet memory! Isn't it so nice that God gave us a memory to remember all of our good times?
Enjoy your two weeks away from posting. Love,hugs, and blessings are sent to you.

Gwendolyn Jordan said...

My 10 year old daughter gave me a American Girl doll for US to play with together

Chris Lally said...

Happy birthday to you and your son! That is quite a birthday memory!
My favorite birthday memory is my marriage to my wonderful husband on my birthday. He is the best present I have ever received!


I have to tell you that you are a very Sweet blogger and very generous too! I wish you a Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and to your son! I share my birthday with a nephew. My Mom makes me a cake for my birthday and it's so good! It's a toffee chocolate, whip cream, angel food base cake! YUM!
Thank you for having this awesome birthday giveaway! Enjoy your time and your Birthday! XO

Mary E. Stephens said...

One great thing about my birthday is that I share the day with you and your son! :-) Of course, I was born quite a few years before either of you. :-)

My sister and I also share some commonality in our birth stories that are interesting considering that we were born 12 and a half years apart. I was born in the last snowstorm of the year (April 2). My sister was born in the first snow storm of her year (Nov. 4). We were also both born on Thursdays. My mom had us in the same hospital with the same nurse in attendance - a personal friend of hers. We also had the same pediatrician. The curiosity of this all was that my family had lived in a number of other places during the 12 1/2 years in between our births - including Ethiopia and Kenya. :-) She is my only sister, so it was special to me that we shared some interesting points about our births. Mostly, though, I just thanked the Lord for a sister after having two brothers. ;-)

Libby Smith said...

A wonderful happy birthday to you & your son Stephanie, you are truly blessed to share your special day with your boy :-)
My birthday memory, although I only know from what I have been told, is that my cousin & I were born one day apart. My aunt, who is also my Godmother, celebrates her birthday the day after mine. She was so thrilled that her nieces were both born at the same time as her birthday, and often reminds me of how thankful she is that she has us in her life(unfortunately she was unable to have children of her own.) The Lord was looking on her that particular day.

Nikki said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie! What a sweet birthday gift to have a precious son that day. :) Birthdays are sooo special. My birthdays have become extra special now that I have children who always shower me with sweet homemade birthday cards and usually a cake too. Enjoy your blogging break. :)

Rebekah Neal said...

Oh, happiest of birthdays, Stephanie! What a special blessing to share the same birthday as your son! I pray that the Lord would richly bless you as you partake of His life--physical and spiritual. You have been such a rich blessing and encouragement in my life; I thank the Lord for you, dear friend.

A special birthday memory I have is of my sister baking me a beautiful chocolate cake--she enjoys baking and made this for me--it was so special. :-)

Much love and joy to you, dear Stephanie :-).

SpicingUpIdaho said...

Oh dear Stephanie, it is just like you to give give give, even on your birthday! What an amazing lady you are, and oh my, the incredible events that the Lord orchestrated to have your son to be born on your birthday, in the same hospital you were, with the same doctor and same nurse attending, my word, I wonder, shouldn't that be in the Guinness Book of Records or something? {smiles} Truly an incredible story of how the Lord orchestrated you and your son to celebrate your birthdays together! And what an amazing assortment of goodies you have put together, again so very generous of you! Love the teacup cupcake holders - those are darling!

I have so many amazing birthday memories, from the year that I turned 40, and a dear friend called friends and family of mine and asked them to send her a letter, picture or something that she could use to make a scrapbook for me. My friend worked very hard to decorate the scrapbook, and it was delivered to me on my birthday, and oh the tears, and the joy that I felt, the love from all those who loved me, sharing their love for me in that amazing scrapbook! It was so very special. How blessed I felt!

And then... I have birthday similarities in our family too. Both our children were born on the 17th of the month, exactly one month apart (March and April). Both my husband and I are born on the 10th of the month, exactly one month apart (September and October)... and this is the really amazing one - both our mothers share the same birthday - December 31. Like you, sometimes we wonder about the similarities, and then just know that only God could orchestrate such things!

This was an amazing post, and I loved being able to share my favorite birthday memories too! I hope and pray that your birthday is special in every possible way (you must blog about it you know lol!) Big big hugs sent to you today :)

Salinn said...

Have a very happy birthday!!!!

I have so many special birthday memories! It seems like every year there is something else so special, how could I begin to pick a favorite? The time I got to spend my birthday with friends at a fun museum and have a party? The time my mom, grandma and I went shopping? The time my grandpa was up? The time we were visiting friends out of state and they had a birthday party for me? The time my bestie was spending 10 days with me and my birthday fell during that time? Really, there are too many awesome memories!

Manu said...

Wow how many wonderful things!!!
Happy birthday to you and your son!!

Henny Penny said...

Stephanie, that is such a sweet and amazing story, even that you and your mom has the same due date and each being six days late! My due date was March 27th too and my sweet daughter Lynn was born on that day. It's crazy, but my favorite birthday was when I turned 13...back in the 50's and had a big birthday party. We lived in town. All my friends came including the cutest boys in my class. We played "spin the bottle" and I got to walk around the block with one of those cute boys. So very innocent, but so exciting. Got lots of presents too! The gifts you are giving away are beautiful. Glad you mentioned following your blog. I thought that I was, but was not. Thank you!

montse v said...

Happy birthday to you and to your son!!

I specially remember when I celebrated my birthday with my parents. Unfortunately both died a few years ago but I remember them with love and hapiness.

Have a very nice day!!

Tamago said...

Happy early birthday to you and your son! Wow, how special you share the same birthday! You couldn't ask for better gift :-) Enjoyed reading your birthday memories. Sounds like both you and your husband were very calm! I imagine I'd be in panic mode after contractions :-) I can't think of any special birthday memories myself but it makes me very happy to celebrate my kitties' birthdays!
It's a great giveaway, Stephanie. You are so generous and kind xo

Anna said...

Happy becoming Birthday to you and your son !!!
One of my best Birthday memory is when I turned 10 ! I received my first watch ! I fell so growing up then ;)
Beautiful giveaway !
The best of Luck for everyone of us !

Linda said...

What a delightful birthday package you are sending out to someone! I love the story of you and your son's birthday! How special! I guess my special birthday celebration was my 50th! It was a big party with lots of presents. My sisters planned it for me. It wasn't a surprise though. That was a number of years ago and now my age starts with a "6" unfortunately. My next birthday is tomorrow - March 24th! But I have an extra special birthday because I share it with hymn writer FANNY CROSBY!!! Isn't that awesome?? I'm thankful I am not blind, but I do share her love for hymnas and the harp even tho I don't play it. It is my dream instrument. I play the piano and organ.

Karen said...

All of those things are so pretty! How generous of you. Happy Birthday to you and your son. My favorite birthday memory is of Daddy stopping at a bakery in downtown Atlanta and buying me a 'real' birthday cake with icing roses and my name written on top. Since my birthday was near Christmas, we always had a homemade cake, but, being seven years old, I wanted a BIRTHDAY CAKE!!

Crista said...

Such a pretty package you've made! I would love to enter. My favorite birthday memory is making my father's birthday cakes. When I became an adult, it somehow became my job to bake my father's birthday cake. He told me that "nobody else" (meaning my mother!) would make the boiled icing he wanted. His birthday is in June, but he wants white boiled icing, coconut, and jelly beans on his cake. Yep, it's an Easter cake!

Jennifer said...

Praying you have a sweet birthday with your son! That's quite a wonderful birthday story.
For me one of my favourite birthday memories is when all my children were all little, they woke me up to tell me they had made breakfast (with Dad's help of course). They all crawled into bed with me and gave me hugs and kisses and told me they loved me. For this amazing moment I was so blessed that the Lord had given me life!

Gigi's Blog said...

It is so special to share a birthday with your child!
My special birthday memory would be going into labour on my birthday, with hopes and prayers that my baby would be born on my actual birthday. Alas, my only son after six daughters was born just an hour past midnight - but we still share the birthday month together. I am sure, as he grows, it will be fun to share birthday celebrations together.
Thank you for the chance of this giveaway. It is so generous! :)

Sharon C said...

What a lovely gift.My 5 year old granddaughter would want to borrow it.Grandma raised her right.😊I had to smile at your birthday story.My sister was born on my birthday, we are 13 years apart. My second and third child were born on the same day ,two years apart.The day before our anniversary. Twice I was in the hospital with a new baby on our anniversary. But my favorite birthday was last year. My 6 children, grandchildren and my nephew celebrated our bithday.We have never celebrated our bithday together since she was born on my birthday. To big of a age difference. A very blessed birthday to you.

Barbara Legener said...

I don't think we celebrated birthdays when I was growing up. I have 5 siblings. The only birthday party I remotely remember was when I was 7. I had a joint party with another little girl. All I remember was my mom taking a giant sheet cake out of our trunk. Funny, the things you remember. Please enter me in your giveaway. Enjoy your time away. Although I will miss reading your posts.

Little Bits of Lovely said...

Oh what an absolutely exquisite giveaway! I love birthdays very dearly and remember quite fondly of how last year my sister and I had a darling little picnic after a lovely romp through our fields. Thank you so much for the chance to win and I hope you and your sons have blessed and wonderful birthdays!

Kaisievic said...

Happy Birthday, dear Stephanie, and to your dear son, too. What a lovely story, thank you for sharing it. Please count me in your wonderful giveaway. Now, I don't have such a great story as yours. But I will tell you about my last birthday - my husband had to go away on a conference for three days over my birthday and all of our grown up children were interstate or overseas, so I had three whole days and evenings to spend on my stitching - (interspersed with time spent with friends) - what bliss! Now, that is what I call a nice birthday present! hugs, Kaye

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

How incredible to give birth to your son on your birthday. What a gift indeed!!!
Let's see, a special birthday memory... well, this year my birthday wish, as always, was to spend it entirely with my family. But alas, it was on a Monday, and so my children were to be in school. To add insult to injury, my daughter was scheduled for badminton tryouts that evening. So a blizzard rolled in. And so it was as the day I was born in 1976. Everything came to a halt. The entire day, and the next, was spent with my family at home. As far as blizzards go, I'm not a big fan. But, that day, I couldn't be more thankful for what Mother Nature conjured.
Best of luck to everyone in the giveaway and what a gorgeous gift Stephanie!!!
Love, Andrea

Consider It All Joy said...

Hi Stephanie, It's been awhile since I've blogged by I'm attempting to get back into the groove. My favorite birthday memory was when I turned 50 and asked my husband and children to honor me with their presence on a 2 day trip to the Grand Canyon. I didn't want presents just their presence. Little did I know how little time we had left with Mark after that glorious two days! Happy Birthday Dear One, and to your son as well! God's Richest!! Cindy xoxo

Sarah A. said...

A favorite birthday memory.......hmm, there are many but one that stands out from my childhood days is that my father always took our birthdays off of work. He hardly took any vacation time during those years, but every birthdate for my two brothers and I he made sure that he was home with us all day. What a precious gift!!!
(And since I don't have a Google account, I can't officially "follow" you, but I am subscribed by email and I check your site pretty often. ;) ;) If it doesn't count, that's okay too.) Love you, Stephanie!

Anonymous said...

A favourite birthday memory was 2 years ago for my 50th birthday my 21 year old daughter (Chloe) planned a surprise party for me and invited about 30 close family and friends. She catered for the entire event by herself even down to the table decorations. She gave her father and brother the job of cleaning the shed and yard. She worked hard all day preparing a beautiful meal. The draw for this gorgeous giveaway happens to be on the 5th April which happens to be Chloes' 23rd birthday and if I were lucky enough to win I would pass the gift onto her as she loves all things tea related.
Happy Birthday Stephanie and your dear son. Sons have a special place in their mothers heart. Love Joanne Roberts

Lady Linda said...

Happy Birthday dear friend! What a lovely give away. Everything is so pretty and so sweet...just like you.
My birthday story is that my youngest daughter was born on my birthday too! She wasn't due but God had other plans. It is a joy to share the date with her.
Happy Birthday to you and to your son
Love, Linda

♡♥♬ Carolsue ♡♥♬ said...
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♡♥♬ Carolsue ♡♥♬ said...

I am a new GFC follower: Carol Ezovski
Happy birthday to you and your son! That is such a sweet story about your birthday memory. I guess my favorite birthday memory was the year my husband took me on a cruise. We had a wonderful time.
Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

Augusta said...

A very Happy Birthday Stephanie to you and to your son !!!

My best birthday memory is when my husband surprised me with a bunch of red roses, this birthday is so close to my heart as its my first birthday after our wedding :)

Carla from The River said...

Happy Birthday my friend and Happy Birthday to your son.

My birthday is 12/12 .... one of my best birthday memories 12/12/12! I was blessed by so many friends to share may special day. My one friend gave me a laundry basket full of dozen items as gifts. A twelve pack of soda, a dozen eggs, a dozen donuts .... it was fun.

Conniecrafter said...

Oh Stephanie, I so enjoyed hearing your sweet birthday memory and wow that is something you had the same doctor and nurse, I like how you even stopped for breakfast on the way :) Wow he was a good baby sleeping through the night like that wasn't he, so soon. Hope you have a relaxing time during your blog break!!

Brianna said...

My favorite birthday memory is from my 15th birthday a few years ago!! My family and I went to Albuquerque, New Mexico, for the Hot-air Balloon Fiesta. It was so much fun to see all of the hot-air balloons filling the sky and to just spend time with my family. It was also really neat, because my dad grew up in the area, so we got to see the places he used to live and hear many of his great memories. That is a birthday trip that I will never forget.

domenica.60 said...

What a lovely giveaway ... like every birthday in its own way , because Life is lovely .

Lisa G. in CT said...

Happy, happy birthday to you and your son! What a lovely giveaway...

My favorite,...er, well...most memorable was the year I turned 13. Our family happened to be taking a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to Walt Disney World. As we were eating lunch at a fancy outdoor table at Epcot center, the ENTIRE staff (about 20 people) started parading out of the restaurant, singing Happy Birthday and carrying a candle-laden cake. My father said it was the funniest thing he ever saw, watching the expression on my face change from smug "oh I can't wait to see some poor soul embarrassed on their birthday" to slowly dawning horror as I realized they were coming for ME!

Since we were dining outside, it wasn't just the patrons from our restaurant watching, but the outdoor diners of both restaurants next to ours. Hundreds of people!

I can laugh now, but was so embarrassed at the time, I couldn't even eat the cake.

(My dad said later he simply asked them to put a candle in a piece of cake foe dessert for me, but the restaurant apparently does up birthdays big at Walt Disney World...)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely give away. I have so many birthday memories. I guess I will share the one I had just a few days ago. To begin with, My teacup exchange package arrived full of lovely and springy gifts. I was blessed with birthday wishes from the lovely ladies, and sung to at our Bible study. Then a dear tea time friend and I went to see Beauty and the Beast after sharing lunch together. My loving husband took me out to dinner, and I heard from all my children throughout the day. Went to bed tired but content, and who can ask for more than that?
Jacqueline C

Sarah said...


What an amazing story of your son's birth! Thank you for sharing that special memory. : ) I hope you and your son have a beautiful birthday!!

Your birthday giveaway is wonderful! You are so very generous! My birthday is in January and I can't say I have any particular memory that is extra special, but I always did love my grandma's birthday visits growing up. She would retell of the blizzard the day I was born. Grandma had a rather comical way of telling the story too. : )


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Stephanie...this is just precious! :0) My birthday comes in mid-September, so I can not wait for the beginning of Autumn to arrive. I tend to enjoy my birthday by sitting in my garden with my spinning wheel, and just breathe in the lovely scents of the flowers, while I spin fiber into yarn. Total bliss! :D mari

Margie said...

Birth stories usually make me wince but your son's birth story made me smile.

What an amazing giveaway! I won one of your generous giveaways before so I will decline to participate in this one. The lucky winner will be thrilled to receive the wonderful goodies.

Sandra Ford said...

Happy Birthday to you and your son.
I am new to this blog and it is wonderful. My most cherished birthday memory was when I turned 13. I was finally a teenager and grown up and all!
So my mom and dad gave me a doll of all things! She was very special - she was a Holly Hobby doll and she was precious. My birthday is coming up on April 6th and I still have this precious doll that I just love. It just proves you are never too old for anything - including a doll.
Happy Birthday wishes to you again and thank you for this lovely blog.
Sandra Ford

Brenda said...

What a lovely story concerning all your birthdays. I too have many strange occurrences in my ancestry. Enjoy your break.

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

What a wonderful gift to giveaway and a precious story. How neat!
I am already a follower.

When I was a young girl we had a carport and my mom decorated it and invited all the neighborhood friends to come and join us for my birthday. It was so fun. The cake was yummy and we had hot dogs. I am not for sure why I remember this party so much but I do.

Alexandra MacVean said...

Ohhh I just discvored you from Wanda's blog. I LOVE LOVE teatime. What a fabulous giveaway! Ohhhhhhh, crossing my fingers. ;)

My favorite birthday memory was when I was a little girl, about 5 or 6, and my grandfather hand-carved me a large baby doll bed. I LOVED that and it was perfect for my baby doll who wore the most beautiful red dress with white lace. :)

Happy birthday to you and your son!....and I look forward to getting to know you more here on your lovely blog!


Vicky Hunt said...

What an amazing story Stephanie! And, such a sweet giveaway! You are so kind and generous. I love how everything coordinates...perfection! I forgot you share a birthday with your son. My sister shares a birthday with her youngest. :) I don't have a specific birthday story but I will say that my birthday is right around the last day of school each year...sometimes it is the last day, so summer break is always a welcome and appreciated gift. This year I will be leaving on my birthday for Washington DC and New York. I am a Safety patrol leader and will be chaperoning my nephew on the trip. We are looking forward to it! Hope you are enjoying your time away from blogging and doing things you love, like creating and spending time with your beautiful family. Have a blessed week and a wonderful birthday! Thanks for the chance to win such a sweet giveaway.

Hugs, Vicky

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Sharing your birthday with your son - that's amazing. I hope you both have a wonderful celebration. As for my favourite birthday memory - we didn't have a whole lot of money and I was an only child so birthdays weren't a huge thing. My present every year was usually a box of freshly picked raspberries - a treat that I looked forward to. I knew I wouldn't have to share because my parents didn't like them. I would have my best friend over for a sleepover too. To this day I hope for raspberries for my birthday.
ps - I follow you on Inoreader.

Lillie said...

Wishing you many wonderful surprises and a blessed Birthday Stephanie.
How wonderful and special to share the same birthdate with your son.

Birthday memories brings me back to 7 yrs old where I had a tea party with me in frilly white frocks made specially for me. I remember lots of kids came with their parents whom I can't even recalled anyone I remembered today. It was also the last birthday party I had. Memories left is a photo of me in that dress with my cake.

Enjoy your break!

Grace H. said...

Does signing up for email updates count? If so I'm in because I can't follow because my email account isn't a google account. If there is a different way to follow please let me know because this is an awesome blog! But for now I'm just signed up to get an email alert every time you post (:
Anyways, my birthday memory is when I turned 13. I had my birthday at home with my family. We didn't neccessarily do anything special, but it was still fun. About 2 weeks later me and my dad went to the store. When we were approaching the house Dad told me that a younger sibling had a surprise for me that he wanted me to see, so I unsuspectingly allowed him to tie a bandana over my eyes before we came in sight of our house. When he led me in and pulled the bandana down, I found out that it was a surprise party and the room was full! Dad had blindfolded me so that I wouldn't see all of the vehicles, and I've always been trusting and rather gullible, so I never suspected anything. It was a blast! I had always wanted a surprise birthday.
Thanks for hosting this giveaway! What a sweet idea!

janice15 said...

O my, such lovely wonderful things to win... i never had birthdays growing up.. but the first year I moved back home my children told each other it was my hirthday and came to my house for a visit that i didnt know about.. they brought me flowers and a cake and they all cooked a dinner for me.. it was the best ever ... have a wonderful day with love Janice

Lowcarb team member said...

A most wonderful post.

Happy Birthday Wishes to you both.

Have a wonderful blogging break

All the best Jan

Olivia Bell said...

Wow! What a lovely package, I love everything in it and can't wait to see who wins! I am following your blog (it's actually my parents account) and here is one of my funny birthday memories: Last year, it was a special birthday age, I went on a shopping spree at my favorite store (Dollar Tree), and before I knew it, I was low on money! Haha! A good lesson learned, I won't be doing that again. {{smiles}}

I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday, may God bless you this year and all your years to come! Enjoy your special day! {{smiles}}

Regine Karpel said...


Simple Living said...

I have just found your blog via Elizabeth at small moments, I shall enjoy reading your archives.
Would love to enter your fabulous giveaway.

Sofia Martinez said...

Anytime I can spend my birthday with people I love and care for is an awesome birthday! One of my favorites was this year. I just celebrated my birthday and usually I plan something like in the past I have done a tea party, chocolate making class, etc but this year it was just me and my fiance celebrating my birthday. It was just what I needed and felt so special. He took me to eat at Myron's Steakhouse and then we went to see a movie and then came home and just relaxed with our dog. It was great! :D

Denise :) said...

Stephanie, what a lovely giveaway! Your blog is filled with such pretty things - very refreshing! A very Happy (belated) Birthday to you and your son! :) My birthday is in October --the tenth, to be precise-- and I love that time of year! Now that we have grandchildren, my favorite birthdays have been those we've spent at Tate Farms -- a pumpkin' pickin' farm with all the fun attractions. We go there and spend the afternoon with all the family, and then do a simple pizza dinner with a cake (or petit fours) from Peggy Ann's Bakery! Sweet, sweet times!! :)

Simple Living said...

I would love to enter this fabulous giveaway.
One special birthday which stands out for me is when my husband and son had a go at baking, they made a beautiful afternoon tea, neither of them like baking like I do but they had a go as they know I enjoy a lovely tea, it meant so much to me.

Tricia said...

Happy birthday, Stephanie! What a special thing to share a birthday with your son. I hope you both have a wonderful, memory-making birthday this year.

One of my favorite birthday memories happened in the first few years after Norm & I were married. I can't remember the exact year, but I was in my early twenties. At that time, Norm and I were playing music on a paddlewheel boat for breakfast and supper cruises. Just before the morning cruise departed, some flowers were delivered for me. My mother-in-law took me to lunch that day, and during the meal I received another floral delivery--a long stemmed rose. That evening, before the supper cruise--you guessed it---another delivery. This time it was a Happy Birthday balloon attached to a mug that said "You are My Queen of Hearts". A day full of surprises. :)

Deborah Montgomery said...

What a lovely and generous giveaway Stephanie! Please don't enter me as I already have so many of your pretty things.
Happy, happy birthday to you and to your son. What a wonderful story of his birth, and all the special "coincidences." ;) xo Deborah

Deborah Brooks said...


I've had a few birthdays, but most recent BEST memory is when I turned 60, and my parents drove over 440 miles to celebrate with me! Unbelievable. God is so very, very good to us.

Happy birthday to you and your son, and may you always be close enough to attend his birthday parties!


Deborah Brooks

ktznjmr@aol.com said...

How sweet of you to be thinking of us on your birthday, especially when you have your son's birthday to prepare for.
My favorite birthday memory is a Sweet Sixteen "sugar cube" corsage made by my grandmother. Because this is a traditional family gift I couldn't wait until it was my turn to wear my "sweet corsage."

Tracy said...

Happy birthday to both of you. How lovely to share the day.
My favourite birthday memory?? I truly do not know.

Danielle Marie said...

I have had many special birthday memories but one that stands out to me is when I had a sleepover and invited a lot of my friends. We played lots of games and I just had a great time! :)

Sister in the Mid-west said...

Happy Birthday!

I loved reading the BIRTHday memory that you shared!

My 17th birthday was very memorable. My family celebrated my birthday on a quite week day evening. My closest loved ones were there and that was all I wanted. My Dad and siblings went out to a hay field to load hay bales before dinner. We ate cowboy beans for dinner, one of my favorites.

Daniela said...

I'm here again, Dearie !
I wanted you to know that I sent you an e-mail last March 25th and since I've not received a reply I'm wondering if you have it in your mail-box ... I know you're so very busy, I hope you had it and read it and haven't written anything to me yet because you haven't had the time !

Please, let me know, if you haven't received it I'm sending it again, it's so important to me, it's about TEA CUP EXCHANGE ;)!

Sending blessings on your weekend,
with sincere gratitude for the adorable lady and friend you are


sewyouquilt2 said...

in our family my Mom was born on Aug 12. My brother was also born on Aug 12 on her birthday. we lost my Mom at an early age due to cancer and she never saw any of her grandchildren. But her FIRST grandchild, MY BROTHERS daughter was also born on Aug 12th. 3 generations born the same day. how cool is that? My Mom must have had a say in Heaven. your giveaway is very generous and fun. dawnieq73@aol.com

Daniela said...

I'm so overjoyed to tell you that I've received your mail, Dearie, and I've just sent you my reply in the hope that this time you'll receive it !

Please have a look at your e-mail box when you have the time and let me know, just read it with all the time and calm you want, the thing is to be sure that you have it now !

I'm sending you both my best wishes for tomorrow, again and again !


XXX Dany

handmade by amalia said...

A very happy birthday to you both!

Karen said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to you Stephanie!! May God bless you with all good things today and always. Most of all, may God bless you with a closer sense of His Presence and Love.


Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

Happy Birthday to you. I just found your blog. Hope you have a great day. Big Birthday Hugs. Lynda Ruth


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Stephanie! May you be Blessed today and always. You are a woman of God and a blessing to me!

Elizabethd said...

Happy Birthday for today, dear Stephanie!

Celestina Marie said...


Do you like my singing??? haha
Wishing you the best day ever filled with many joys, love and happiness always.
God Bless you.
LOVE YOU, xoxo

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, precious Stephanie, I wish you and your dear son a precious birthday! I thank God for His bringing us together through blogging and for your heart for Him. I know you will have a wonderful day, and know that you are dearly loved! Much love and hugs always! xoxo

Polly said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie and to your son, I hope you have a wonderful day. It was lovely reading about his birth. Your giveaways are gorgeous.

Ida said...

Happy Birthday!!! - Hope your day has been super special.

September Violets said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie!! Your mom might have let it slip that today was the day ;) My birthdays are special every year because we book our fall camping trip in Algonquin Park on that weekend (or as close to my birthday as we can get it). We are surrounded by brilliant fall colour deep in the woods and eat birthday cake around the campfire ... couldn't be better!
Hugs to you on this special day,

Wendy xox

Simply Linda said...

I am always late---my visiting is getting behind...sigh...

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet friend...and HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your lovely son. wishes for many, many more.

I think, personally, speaking, although I just turned 50 (sigh)--I think all birthdays are special as the good Lord has given me another day.

Have a lovely week, friend.

Rose L said...

Under the title of your blog, the teacup and saucer you have in the photo on the right is exactly the same one I have!!! I was so surprised to see it! Just ha to share! Happy birthday!

Regina said...

Happy Birthday dear Stephanie!

Annesphamily said...

Hi Stephanie, what a perfectly beautiful birthday celebration you have shared. I love your giveaway. Always a smile or two when visiting you here.
My hubby and late father shared the same birthday July 23 along with my cousins Chuck and Kay. What a beautiful story you tell here.
Our youngest daughter was born at home through no fault of ours. She is 26 and this year and still loves to tell that story. All of our children were born in the middle of the night except Nick. He was the 4:05 P.M. baby sharing his Aug 20th day with my girlfriend Sharon and my dear friend Sherrie's sweet hubby Richard. Our middle Rebekah was late deciding if she wanted to make an entrance into this world at all. Today she is still undecided about lots of things except love and marriage as she recently became engaged. Our son Jeremy had the cord wrapped around his neck. He was always and still is a 100 percent all boy and liked to scare this momma even at his birth! Our oldest Noelle was a quick fast delivery for being the firstborn. I would not trade any of them for all the worlds wealth. When I turned 6-0 a few years ago the kids had a teacup birthday cake made for me and they had 60 friends and relatives send me cards and letters and notes. I keep me in a special treasure box as those are priceless memories so near and dear to me. I am a Dec 3 baby and mom always made sure I had a beautiful Springtime cake because I was so tired of Santa and Snowmen and pointsettias. Even today my hubby treats me to a unique cake. I hope your trip was fantastic and share with us too. Have a beautiful and blessed week. HUGS Anne

Laura Lane said...

Happy birthday my friend! I'm so happy for you. A springtime birthday is extra-special.

I remember one birthday I got to go to a lovely tea room in a tiny town with little more than a thrift shop, a convenience store and the tea room. It was awesome. It was a converted house, and each room was filled with things for sale in a different theme. It was fun to enjoy shopping the house after the luncheon with my girlfriends.

Cheryl said...

Happy, happy birthday, dear, sweet friend! To both you and your dear son! God bless you both with many, many more happy birthdays together. :)

Wandering Wren said...

Happy Belated Birthday Dear Stephanie - Hope you had a lovely time and blogging break! What a lot of lovely coincidences around your son's birth. I reckon this year's birthday will go down as one of the most memorable for me, having just moved overseas and not knowing anyone, it could have been a bit of a fizzer, but it turned out to be great, with lots of celebrations in different places!
Hope you had a nice blogging break.
Wren x

A Joyful Chaos said...

Happy Birthday!

One of my favorite birthday memories is from the year I turned ten. In the culture I grew up in turning ten is an important milestone for girls. Stepping from childhood to being a young lady. I got an all new wardrobe, got to start my first circle letter, and numerous gifts to commemorate this important birthday.

It was a wonderful day. A day I would have willingly pushed off later as I discovered being a young lady wasn't nearly as grand as one may have thought. I missed being a tomboy and all the freedom childhood offered. I never did learn to like hand sewing, and being prim and proper did not happen overnight. So while I loved that birthday, the days following to a lot of adjustment and getting used to.

Daniela said...

I sent you a reply to your mail which has blessed my heart but has letf me a doubt ... I hope you'll receive it and will able to answer me !

Trusting you've lived a joyous Birthday together with your little boy,
I'm sending blessings to you,
thanking you more and more for the wonderful heart you have !


Dianna said...

Hello Stephanie,

I am sorry that I am so late with this wish...but I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. And it is so like you to give things away to celebrate your birthday. :) Hugs to you, my sweet friend.

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, I didn't see this! Happy Happy Birthday to you, sweet Stephanie. What a thoughtful giveaway. That Egyptian mint looks interesting. You know, I drink green tea every day.

One of my most memorable birthdays was when I worked at a learning center, and the group of girls took me out for drinks that night. One of the girls told the lead singer of the band to play a song for me, and I was 40 years old. And when the
lead singer announced it he said, "this song is for Sheri on her 24th birthday!" And he played "Brown Eyed Girl." I just looked at them and shook my head and smiled, as I wasn't 24!. They were a fun group of girls, and that was a memorable birthday.

love, ~Sheri

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