Tea Cozy Tutorial and Last Chance To Sign Up For The Tea Cup and Mug Exchange

A very cheery hello to you, my lovelies!
Today I have an oh-so-fun tea cozy tutorial
that you can whip up in less than an hour.

Now, shall we do a little sewing. . .

Here is what you will need:

two fat quarters

Yep, that's it!
Of course you'll need a sewing machine, scissors, thread, measuring tools and so on,
but you already knew that :)

Let's get started, my friends.
Choose your two contrasting fat quarters.

Fold the fabric in half and use a large plate to trace the top part.
The plate gives a nice round top.
Then you will simply draw straight lines down the side.

This is what my handmade template looks like :)
It is 12-inches wide and 9 1/2-inches long
which is perfect for a 4-6 cup tea pot.
You can adjust your measurements to the size of your tea pot.

Cut out two pieces for the outer fabric
and when you cut out the two pieces for the lining
you want to make it 1/2-inch longer!
 This is so you can have a bit of the lining peeking out at the bottom.
In the picture below you will see my lining is 1/2-inch longer.

Pin the two lining pieces right sides together.

Sew along the sides and top with a 1/4-inch seam allowance
Do not sew the bottom and
make sure you leave a small opening on the side.

Cut out two pieces of batting that are the same size as the outer fabric.
Place the outer fabric pieces right sides together
and place the batting on the back sides of the fabric.
Pin into place and sew along the sides and top
just like you did for the lining
only you do not need to leave an opening.

Oh, I forgot to mention,
before you sew the outer pieces together 
you can tuck a small folded piece of lace in between the pieces 
with the fold facing inward.
This is for a little tab at the top.
You can also make a tab out of fabric.

Okey dokey, back to the cozy. . .
turn the lining right side out
and place inside the cozy like so.

Pin into place.

Head over to your sewing machine 
and stitch all around the bottom edge.

Pull the lining out and this is what you should have.
Remember that opening?
Well, use it to pull the cozy right side out.

Use a blunt but pointy object to push everything out.

Sew up the closing
and push the lining inside.
You should have just a teeny tiny bit of lining peeking out.
Simply iron into place.

For the flowers
I cut out matching strips of fabric 
that were 2-inches wide x 12-14-inches long.
I folded them in half. . .

And sewed a gathering stitch along the raw edge.
I then attached the two ends together to create a flower.

And that's it!

When your day is topsy turvy
and as busy as can be,
there's nothing quite as calming
as a nice pot of tea.

Keep your pot of tea nice and warm, my friends,
with your very own handmade tea cozy.

Have a most splendid day, dear friends!
If you're not into sewing or simply don't have time
than head on over to my shop
where this sweet little cozy is available along with a few others.

Today is the LAST DAY to sign up for the
Won't you join the fun, sweet friends?
To read more about this delightful event click here.

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Thanks for visiting!
Love and hugs to you!


Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

You make sewing look so easy Stephanie and the pattern of this tea cozy is very pretty. I've never used a cozy, opting for a warmer with a tea light to keep my pot hot. I must say having a cozy over top would be quite elegant.
Looking forward to the teacup exchange commencing!

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

I love everything you make and sew Stephanie. You tea cozy is beautiful! Have fun sewing. :)

Melanie said...

I've bookmarked this post and tutorial. So cute! Maybe when I get settled, I'll do it. I have lots of fabric and batting to choose from.
I'll have to pass on the tea cup exchanged again because of the move. Some day, I'll join you! Have a blessed day.

Kris said...

This exhange is going to be so much fun!! Thank you for the tea cozy tutorial, it is lovely!! And I love all the goodies you make!!

Vee said...

I am always on the lookout for good tutorials and this is a great one. Thanks so much.

Debbie said...

your tutorials are always the best!! and those butterfly pins, too cute for words!!!

Kate said...

Such pretty fabric for your tea cozy.

Linda Walker said...

Dear Stephanie,
I just made a similar cozy for a gift. They make such sweet gifts I think! I like to make the gathered ones too but when you need a last minute gift, this is the perfect way to go! Your choice of fabrics and embellishments are so pretty!.... as are all of your beautiful items!!!

So looking forward to the swap! xo

Creations By Cindy said...

Awe, thanks for the wonderful tutorial. You always give good clear directions too. The problem is my BRAIN at times. LOL! I am so excited about the swap again! YAY! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Stephanie, your talents are amazing. Love this darling tea cozy. Your tutorial is excellent. I don't think this will last very long in your shop.
I just visited Rose Petal Blessings and everything is gorgeous. You have been busy my friend. Your designs are so spring inspring!! Looking forward to the exchange!
Wishing you a wonderful week. Blessings always xoxo

Kat White said...

So cute. I have made these quite a few times. Mine is different, but this one is quick and easy. I love quick and easy and the yo-yo's are darling. I just made a tone of yo-yo's for a craft I am working on. Thanks for sharing this quick and easy pattern. Hugs

Esther Asbury said...

Looks like your sewing machine has been busy creating LOTS of lovely things of late! I know how much time and effort goes into making a photo tutorial - so I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your tea cozy instructions today! So beautiful!

hobbyloes said...

Beautiful fabrik and you've made it so lovely.
Love the teapot with the roses.

Debby Ray said...

Loving the blues! What a adorable little cozy...and I have a blue set of dishes which is almost identical...soooo pretty! Thank you for sharing and looking forward to the exchange!

Debbie Harris said...

Reading your tutorials always inspire me, unfortunately, it ends there. Oh to have the talent and ability to do what you do. :-)
Your shop looks so gorgeous, beauty after beauty after beauty.
I'm anxiously awaiting for the exchange to begin!

Enjoy your day dear, it's a beautiful one~

Debbie Harris said...

Reading your tutorials always inspire me, unfortunately, it ends there. Oh to have the talent and ability to do what you do. :-)
Your shop looks so gorgeous, beauty after beauty after beauty.
I'm anxiously awaiting for the exchange to begin!

Enjoy your day dear, it's a beautiful one~

Cranberry Morning said...

Such lovely items in your shop, Stephanie! And thanks for the tea cozy tutorial. I think I could manage that with your step by step help! xo

Sunny Blessings said...

Hello sweet friend, such beautiful sewing projects you made with beautiful (floral, yay!) fabrics! Thank you for generously sharing with us your tutorial. Thank you also for visiting my blog Sunny Blessings, good luck with your decluttering project! It will be such a happy thing when done! Wishing you a wonderful tea cup exchange and sending you hugs and sunny smiles, xx Wen

krishna said...

Love all the things you have created.. you are an amazing crafter.. XO..

SpicingUpIdaho said...

Do you ever sleep? That's my question for the day :) How do you get it all done? I marvel at your energies, talents, and all that you do! You are one amazing gal, and I'm so thankful our paths have crossed, because you inspire me! Thanks for this excellent tutorial. I love simple projects that are easy and have quick results and this certainly fits that bill! Thanks for the tutorial on your flowers. They add the perfect touch to all your handmade creations. Hugs to you today dear friend!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so lovely Stephanie :0) I have made several tea cozies and they are just so much fun :D mari

Rue said...

You make so many adorable things, sweet Stephanie! Thank you for the tutorial.

You beautiful hearts graced my Christmas tree this year :)


Dianna said...

Dear Stephanie, I must say that I absolutely adore my tea cozy. Thank you so much!

Elizabeth said...

Dearest Stephanie,

What a stunningly gorgeous tea cosy you created! Thank you for the tutorial as well...I've been wanting to create a cosy for a long time now and I love the style of the one you made! So beautiful {{smiles}}

Such excitement surrounding this tea cup exchange...unfortunately, I am going to have to skip this one as we just got back from a big trip, but I do plan on joining in once again in the Autumn. Wishing everyone all the best and loads of fun with this exchange {{smiles}}

Wishing you a lovely March and hoping that Spring is a lovely season for you!

Much love,

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, thank you for the tea cozy tutorial. I love the little floral touches you added.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

The tea cozy is simply so darling, Stephanie, and what a perfect tutorial you gave. I love the lining peeking out and the pretty flowers on the front. You do such beautiful work! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Have a wonderful week, sweet angel friend. Love and hugs to you!

Lorrie said...

Your tea cozy fabric is so pretty! All the other items you've created are pretty and feminine - perfect for springtime gifts.

Chris Lally said...

Tutorials take much time and effort. Thank you, Stephanie, for such a wonderful one - simple directions accompanied by lovely photos. Doesn't get much better than that!

Margie said...

I always love your tea-related crafts, Stephanie. You always use the prettiest fabrics!

Lillie said...

Thank you for sharing your tea cozy tutorial. You made it look so easy.
Love the fabric.

Kelly-Anne said...

Beautiful...just beautiful, dear Stephanie! Oh my...such gorgeous colours for this absolutely exquisite tea cosy! {{smiles}} Aren't tea cosies the most delightful things to make? I especially love the fabric flowers you made to adorn this cosy...I think I am going to make a few as they look so simple and I have been needing an easy to make flower! {{smiles}}
I am desperately sorry to be missing yet another teacup exchange! Oh my, I was so excited about the possibility of joining in... You see, I just bought a sewing machine and well...it rather depleted my savings account! Hee! Not that I am really complaining...it is just glorious having my own lovely sewing machine which goes like a charm! Next time, though, I hope to participate! I pray all goes well and that every lovely lady who participates will be amazingly blessed! Hugs to you, dear Stephanie!

Anna said...

Great tutorial !!!
Beautiful tea-cosy !!!!
Have a lovedy day !

Tamago said...

Your tea cozy is so pretty! And your tutorial looks very easy to follow. Someday I have to get myself a sawing machine :-)
I love your tea pot with flower, too. Have a wonderful day, Stephanie!

Kim said...

Sweet, sweet tea cozy. Love the fabric. Have a lovely day sipping tea, lovely Stephanie.

Kim said...

Sweet, sweet tea cozy. Gorgeous fabric. Have a lovely day sipping tea, lovely Stephanie.

Lisa G. in CT said...

Oh, yay! I was just thinking I need to figure out how to make a tea cozy. I had been wrapping my poor pot in a towel, and it isn't even a pretty towel. :-) Thank you for this!

Carol Stebner said...

This tutorial is great, and I was just thinking a few days ago that I would like to have a tea cozy. I don't drink tea very often, but when I do, I like the whole enchanting scene with tea from a sweet teapot covered with a an even sweeter tea cozy. I do hate to spoil the scene by having to heat up a cup of tea in the microwave because the pot has gone cold. Good timing, sweet lady!

Warm hugs,

Lowcarb team member said...

Such a lovely post.

These words I love
"When your day is topsy turvy
and as busy as can be,
there's nothing quite as calming
as a nice pot of tea."

All the best Jan

Mindy Whipple said...

Hello Ms. Stephanie - can you believe I am actually out and about "visiting"?! You are always so generous with your tutorials. I will keep this in mind as I have two tea loving friends (as I am too) so these would make nice gifts. Hope all is well with you friend.

September Violets said...

What a pretty tea cozy! You chose some beautiful fabrics ... although I would hate to cover up that amazing tea pot!! You're the best for sharing your creations through these tutorials Stephanie ;) Have a wonderful day!

Conniecrafter said...

Oh Stephanie that is so pretty, I just love those fabrics you chose and I will have to say I liked the flowers even more, they are so pretty!!
Wish you all the best during the tea cup exchange, I hope it all goes smoothly for you :) Have a fabulous weekend!

Vicky Hunt said...

Your tea cozy is so pretty! You give such great tutorials and take the prettiest pictures to show step by step as well. Looks like you have been busy making things for your shop. I am glad you are doing well with it. Hope you are doing well and have a lovely weekend.

Hugs, Vicky

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

The tea cozy is so pretty....and will make one soon. Its funny right now I am knitting a tea cozy...So sorry I missed the exchange party...send me a link next time our "trouble remodel" is behind us....

janice15 said...

Stephanie the tea cozy is wonderful.. hoping to make one soon. Thank you for the instructions. O and all the other things are just as wonder love the bible tote. With love Janice

Deborah Montgomery said...

Just lovely Stephanie! And I do love those little butterfly pins! It's the little beautiful touches like those that keep us smiling, isn't it? Like Judith, I usually use a tea light under my teapot. But whether a tea cosy or a tea light, tea must be hot!! And I'm afraid this would take me more than an hour :) But I do think even I could make this from your clear tutorial. Maybe someday . . .
I was just thinking the other day how many things I have about my house that have been made by you. Someone saw a pillow of yours sitting on a guest room bed and commented how pretty it was.
Blessings, xo Deborah

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh Stephanie, I am lovin' all this BLUE!! You are so talented, dear one. I have your tea cup coaster that you made me hanging on my china cabinet and it looks so nice for Spring. Whenever I look at it, I think of you. : )


Michele said...


Absolutely AWESOME tutorial!

Thanks so much- your cozies are amazing.

You are so talented, Stephanie!

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