Tea Parties, Kittens, and Birthdays, Oh My!

I will always have this piece of my heart 
that smiles
whenever I think about you.

The quote above is so true, my friends,
and as I thought of you while I was away 
I couldn't help but smile.
All of you are so very dear and precious!

I trust you are well. . .

I had a lovely two week break
and while it was rather busy with activities
 it was still refreshing.
My husband, son, and I intended to go away for a few days,
but we had to postpone our trip due to the birth of kittens.
More on that later. . .

First of all, 
I'm sure you are eagerly waiting to find out who the blessed winner is
of my birthday giveaway.
Well, that lovely winner is. . .
you know what?
I think I'll announce the winner at the end of the post {{smiles}}

I want to share with you that I had the sweet opportunity of meeting up with Deborah
from The Beautiful Matters for the second time.
I met her last year and was thrilled to meet up again - I felt quite spoiled!
We met at The Dusty Rose Tea Room in Georgetown
and oh, what a wonderful time we had!

Lovely Deborah gave me the royal treatment
and surprised me with the High Tea.
The food was delicious, the tea extra sweet, and the fellowship simply delightful.

Once again I was amazed at how beautiful {inside and out}
Deborah is and how very gracious she is.
While talking to the owner of the tea room Deborah so perfectly mentioned the Lord
and was able to witness in a gentle and sweet manner. . .
I was greatly moved and inspired.

Deborah being the wonderful and kind lady that she is
blessed me with some beautiful gifts.
A tea cup was gifted to me along with the sweet Spring clipboard
and the Scripture coloring cards.

If you don't know Deborah
I would encourage you to visit her blog
as you will be encouraged and inspired by her posts.
And did I mention how incredibly sweet she is!

Now. . .the very next day
{we met on Friday so on Saturday}
Hanny had kittens!
My oh my, what two very exciting days!
So a little bit about sweet Hanny. . .
she is/was our neighbor's cat.
Hanny loves the outdoors and spends all her time outside.
This past winter she started hanging around our home
and on a cold blustery day during winter she was found sitting outside our door.
It was about -18 degrees outside and I couldn't leave her in the cold
so I opened the door and in she ran.
For several days she simply slept by the warmth of our fire.
Well, after that first invitation to come inside
she came back to our home every day and always spent the night.
I told my dear neighbor
{thankfully she is a precious friend 
and someone I have known since I was a teen}
what was going on and she shared with me that something happened to Hanny
causing her to not go around their home.
My neighbor had tried to coax her in,
but the event that took place in Hanny's life scared her away
and there was nothing my neighbor could do.
So. . .my sweet neighbor said we could have Hanny
since she felt so at home in our house.
While we weren't looking for another cat
and we certainly weren't trying to interfere with Hanny
she chose us and I must say she is a precious gift.
Anyway. . .
Hanny had kittens 11 days ago
and she decided to have them in our home.
I was thrilled, elated, over the moon!
I have never had the joy of seeing kittens born
so this was a new and wonderful experience.
Hanny had three sweet balls of fur 
and all three are healthy and extra cute.
I apologize if there are too many photos,
but I simply couldn't pick just a few to share with you.

This first photo is from the March 25th,
the day they were born.

These next two photos are from the day after they were born.

I just love how Hanny puts her arms around her kittens.
Too precious!

Next is a photo from the third day.
It's amazing how quickly they grow and change.

And now here is a photo on their 1 week birthday.
Just look at that face!
My heart melts when I see these cuties.

Finally, these next few photos were taken just yesterday.

All three have opened their eyes.

And they are starting to move around more
though they are quite shaky.

The one that looks like mama was the firstborn 
and seems to be the most active.
She is awake more often than the others
and is always trying to walk around and carry on.
When you pet her she responds immediately to the touch
and will try to make her way to your hand.

This little one is Chub Chub since he is the biggest.
He was the second one born and can be a tad bit of a cry baby - HA!
He is incredibly sweet though
and often I will find his front paw by his mouth while he is sleeping.
It looks like he is sucking his thumb.

And finally,
the sweetheart pictured below is affectionately called 
"Little Melly" or "Mellow Yellow"
because she is so mellow.
She was the last born and sleeps the most.
She never cries and she lets her brother and sister crawl all over her.
She likes to be snuggled up 
and will rest on my shoulder with her head tucked under my chin.

I hope you enjoyed "meeting" the newest members of our family.

Well, my friends, it's time to announce the winner
for the birthday giveaway.
I was greatly touched by so many of the comments
and I was honored that you would share your memories with me on my blog.
Thank you for sharing.
Also, I was quite humbled by your kind and beautiful birthday wishes.
Thank you from the very bottom of my heart!
I truly wish I could give each one of you a gift.

The winner is. . .
Carol Vandevanter

Here is her special birthday memory:

My favorite birthday memory is a Sweet Sixteen "sugar cube" corsage 
made by my grandmother. 
Because this is a traditional family gift 
I couldn't wait until it was my turn to wear my "sweet corsage."

And before I end this very lengthy post
I wanted to let you know that today is the last day 
to enjoy 15% off your order at Rose Petal Blessings.
I added some new items to the shop
which I will share in just a moment.
To receive 15% off simply use the coupon code
And always, free shipping in the USA.

Love and hugs to you, friends!


Denise :) said...

Awwww, it sounds like you had a really lovely, lovely time at the tea room -- how fun! Those kittens are just precious! So sweet! Congrats to your winner! :)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Sounds like a lovely meet up with a blogging friend. I love a good tea! Those kittens are so cute. I'm glad Hanny found a safe home. Hugs!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

It's so nice that you and Deborah could meet up again and I know what a lovely woman she is. We have great discussions in the comments from her blog posts, she is a blessing to have as a blogging sister.
Such excitement to become a furbaby grandma, adorable little kitties and I like how each earned their name. Is your son going to want to keep one for his own?
Congrats to Carol as winner of the BD giveaway, I'm trying to visualize a sugar cube corsage.
Happy Spring.

Lady Linda said...

Dearest Stephanie, what a lovely time you have had with friends, birthday and the KITTENS! Oh, I just love cats and haven't had one for so long. Good thing I don't live closer as I might want to beg you for one of those babies. We had a stray cat adopt us when the girls were little. She roamed the neighborhood and spent time with several neighbors until she got older. My girls would have a fit when they would see other kids taking our kitty into their homes! So funny.
Congrats to Carol! She must be so excited.

Cranberry Morning said...

First of all, Stephanie, it was so fun to read (here and on Deborah's blog) about the two of you meeting and having tea! And secondly, you can never show us too many pictures of those adorable kittens. We just came from that experience last September/October when a cat showed up here and had...THREE LITTLE KITTENS! It is an amazing thing to watch a mama cat and the instincts that God placed within her to take such good care of her little kittens. Isn't it just the sweetest thing! I got very little done during the time they were quite little, because I couldn't get enough watching them. :-)

Creations By Cindy said...

What a wonderful time with a blogging sister. So very special. I love the gifts too. How precious. And new babies? WOW! What cuties. Congratulations to the winner. What a sweet birthday memory. I hope you are having a wonderful day Dear Stephanie. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Hello Stephanie, how nice and wonderful that you were able to meet up with Deborah again. It looks like you both had a great time.
Wow how nice to have Hannah and her kitten born in your home. Congrats and good luck with the cats.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

It's lovely to meet a blogging friend isn't it. And baby kittens - how exciting! I grew up on a farm and we constantly had little kittens around and I spent hours playing (and snuggling) with them. Now I live in an apartment and there will be no more kittens (DH is allergic). Glad your birth day was special!

Regina said...

Welcome back dear Stephanie! Oh Hanny''s kittens are so cute! Hanny looks just like our kittens. We have kittens that are the same breed as your cat family. Well you enjoy your fur babies.
Congratulations Carol on winning your treasure. I'm sure you will enjoy your items.

Cynthia said...

The kittens are so sweet! How very special to have their birth take place in your home. What a fun weekend it was for you, also to be meeting with Deborah.

Deborah Montgomery said...

Those kittens are so adorable!! What a wonderfully fun time for your family to be able to enjoy newborn kittens. I've heard the more they are handled, the more sociable and friendly they will be, so I'm sure these will grow up to be very friendly! Kittens are delightful, but when they grow into nice friendly lap cats that's the best!
Thank you for your kind words, dear Stephanie. It was such a blessing to have tea together again. And I'm in awe that you already have that material sewn up into goodies for your etsy shop!! Everything looks so pretty.
Congratulations to your winner, too. And welcome back to blogland. Looking forward to the teacup exchange reveals.
xo Deborah

Kris said...

Wow, high tea!! How very special!! Sounds like you had a wonderful time!! The kitties are just too, too darling!! And a big congraultations to Carol!! I love all the goodies she are getting!! And a happy belated birthday, Stephanie dear!!

Vee said...

Awwww...Hanny's story reminds me of James Herriot's "The Christmas Day Kitten." You are all going to enjoy watching those kittens grow.

I enjoyed reading about your time with Deborah and I enjoyed reading about her time with you!

faith76 said...

Those kttens are so cute and well done to the new mummy cat xxx Thank you for sharing xx Congratulations to your birthday winner too :)

Loni said...

Such a sweet Mama cat she is! Happy Birthday! 🙂

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie, I dropped my laptop and will be shipping it off for repair later today but I want to say "hi" and tell you how much I enjoyed these sweet kittens. Bless you for taking in the neighbor's cat and these sweet kittens. I also enjoyed the photos from your visit with Deborah. God bless you. Hope you are enjoying spring. xo

Linda Shukri said...

Love the post! Love the kittens!! Hanny looks just like our kitty, Honey, who we had many years ago. She had kittens also, but alas, they all died. We adopted Honey as a stray. She appeared at our door while my husband and I were on vacation for 2 weeks. Our housesitters thought she belonged to us! So that's how she came to be ours. And we had her for many years.

Esther Asbury said...

Sounds like you've been busy with fun stuff! Love the pics of the kitties, baby animals are so cute!

Klik said...

So sweeeet kittens :)
Thanks for giveaway and my congrats to the winner!

NanaDiana said...

You know- I don't follow Deborah's blog and I think I need to go visit her. She looks like a beautiful lady..and her hair is about the color of my own..wish mine would look like that cut short!

Those kittens are beyond adorable. It is sad/sweet that she is now YOUR kitty. I am glad your neighbor is okay with that.

Congrats to the winner, Stephanie. You are a sweetie with your give-aways. Have a blessed afternoon/evening. xo Diana

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Stephanie, How wonderful for you to meet up with precious Deborah once again. She is such a joy and I adore her too. She blessed you with a lovely tea cup gift and what a beautiful high tea you two enjoyed. Love the photo of you both, just as pretty as can be. It's such a joy to meet blog friends. I know it was a special time.

Congrats on your newest family members. The kitties are adorable and Hanny is such a sweet mother kitty. I love how she puts her paws around her babies too. Such sweet love.

Congrats to Carol on being the winner of your birthday giveaway. Loved her birthday story.
Love the pretties from your shop too.
Wishing you a wonderful week and looking forward to the teacup mug reveal posts.

Blessings to you my friend. xo

Linda said...

Congrats to the winner, smiles.

Thank you for the smiles yo always bring, friend. Have a beautiful day, Stephanie.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

What a treat to go to high tea with a sweet friend. I haven't been to a tea in awhile and your pictures remind me that it is long overdue! The kittens are just adorable. Will you keep them? Congratulations to Carol for winning your lovely giveaway.

sarah said...

How lovely to meet up with a kindred spirit, and over such a beautiful table laden with deliciousness too :-)

Oh, but kittens! They are adorable! Really I think a kitten is like a warm kiss for the world.

donna said...

What a special friend Deborah is and what beautiful gifts she gave you. Happy Birthday sweet friend.
Aww your kittens are so sweet. Thank you for sharing all the pictures, I really enjoyed getting to see you sweet little babies.

Henny Penny said...

Such a beautiful post. There could never be too many pictures of newborn kittens. Hanny's three are adorable! I'm wondering if you will be able to part with any of them. Hanny sure looks a lot like our Dumperoo. Congratulations to Carol, the winner! Enjoy the kittens. They really do grow up so fast. Love, Henny

Blue Jeans And Teacups said...

Stephanie, what a FUN post this was. Ohhhh those kittens!!! My cats will turn 9 in May. They are sisters. The kitten pics their owner sent me, along with the ones I took in their early days are so precious to me. The more you (and E) handle those kittens in their early days, the better house cats they will become. Do you think your neighbor would like a couple of them? That would be a sweet turn of events. Boy oh boy, what a wonderful time!!! Your tea was lovely. And re: Carol Vandevanter, I have to ask what in the world a Sugar Cube corsage is? I look forward to more kitty pics!!! Hugs to you sweet friend. PS: I like your hair.

Debby Ray said...

Oh how fun it must have been to meet up with Deborah again! She is such a sweetie and I cherish my own moments as we met together last month...and she certainly gifted you well! And what a basket of blessing you have with your new family of kitties! They are absolutely adorable and this is such a precious story this is about Hanny and her babies! I haven't had cats since I was a little girl but you have almost convinced me that I need one...or two...
well...hmmm...maybe not. Not because I don't want one but I am thinking Oscar and Tasha may use he or she for a play toy! Nope...not a good idea. I will just have to enjoy yours :)

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Okay don't tar and feather me but . . . I am not a cat person. I'm a dog person. That being said . . . OH they are SO cute! I think part of the reason is I'm highly allergic to cats so I can't even enjoy a soft pet of their coats! They are just TOOOOO adorable though. And my goodness that tea looked amazing. And that tea cup-- well THAT is beautiful! I love the colors and the little 'wave' to the edge of the saucer. What a delightful visit. I'll definitely have to hop on over to her blog!

Red Rose Alley said...

Stephanie, this tea room looks so charming, and so many Yummy desserts! How wonderful that Hanny had kittens, and how special to experience that in your home. I hope you had a nice two-week break. I always talk about taking one, but isn't it hard to be away from our blog family? This is such a cute picture of you and Deborah.

Happy April days to you, dear one.

love, ~Sheri

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

How wonderful for you and Deborah to meet up again, sweet Stephanie. I know what a lovely lady Deborah is, having had the privilege of meeting her last Spring. Didn't she gift you with such a pretty teacup?
Hanny's little kittens are just adorable. How wonderful that she chose your home for her new residence. It was meant to be! I'm sure your son is loving having the little kitties around. Thank you for showing us their sweet pictures.
Congratulations to the winner of your birthday giveaway! You are so kind and generous. xxoo

Vicky Hunt said...

What fun to meet up with a blog friend and to be gifted with such pretties! Hanny is so sweet and her babies are just precious. I just adore baby animals. Baby kittens are especially snuggly. It's been a while since I had a kitten. I am so happy you were able to take her in and care for her and those sweet babies. Such a blessing! Congratulations to Carol for winning! I hope your week has been lovely so far and will continue to be.

Hugs, Vicky

Debbie said...

i have missed you sweet stephanie, i smiled when i saw your name this morning!! the kittens are adorable, and how wonderful to meet a blogging friend, sounds like a really nice visit!!!

and congrats to your lucky giveaway winner, how "sweet" her memory is!!!

Anne Payne said...

I'm in love with the kittens! How sweet they are. We have had a couple of cats that had kitties and I always want to keep them all! But you know, no can do on that one. My husband says I'm not going to be a 'cat lady'. ;)

Glad you had a sweet visit with Deborah! The tea house sounds like a marvelous place to visit.

xoxo my friend!!!

Rose L said...

Did you know Hanny was pregnant when she adopted you? If the neighbors have a dog, maybe she was afraid to have her babies there. I hope she will be fixed so she will not have more kittens. They are adorable! I am a cat lover but only allowed 2 pets where I live so keeps me from being a crazy cat lady! LOL

Elizabethd said...

Oh what perfectly lovely kittens! Mother cat is so loving.

Lorrie said...

It sounds like you had a good break, with a few special things in it. Meeting a blogging friend is a special treat, and the kittens are adorable!

Visits With Mary said...

The babies are so precious!! How wonderful that you were able to visit with such a dear blogging friend!!

Marcia said...

Dearest Stephanie, what a lovely post as usual. A celebration of life from beginning to end. How nice to be able to get together with a blogging friend, and to share such a special tea. The kittens and momma are precious.
Thank you for stopping by earlier, dear friend.
Love and blessings.

Margie said...

I always enjoy reading about blogger meet-ups, especially ones that take place in a pretty tearoom! When Deborah visited Michele (The Finch Test) earlier this year, Deborah used a Tea Time colouring book that I sent to Michele (you paired us together for the teacup swap in 2015). My cold dark heart melted a little when I saw the photos of your cute kitties!

Billie Jo said...

Hello Dearest Stephanie!
Such a beautiful post, beginning with a beautiful picture of you with your blog friend. : )
And those kittens?????
You always bring happiness, my friend.

tealady said...

Things never go just as we plan, but what a wonderful surprise baby kittens.
I haven't been to a tea room in years but I enjoy when others share their tea outings. Over the years I have had many teas with many of you, I sit enjoy my tea and sometimes a little sweet treat and read so many blogs.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, oh my! I am in love with your kittens! So snuggly! Love all your pictures! xo

Debbie Harris said...

Seeing those precious kittens today in person was such a delight! I could take each one of them home with me but as you know, our home is full right now.
Hasn't is such a gracious mama to get babies,I love the way she puts her arm around them, such love.
Congratulations to the blessed winner of your very generous give-away.
Your new items in your shop are darling.
I love the photo of you and Deborah. She is a dear lady.

Love you~~

Debbie Harris said...

Oops! I wanted to say "Hanny" is a gracious mama.

Daniela said...

I've just read your e-mail and, please, Dearest One, you haven't to thank me, I'm floating on air after reading that you've found this thin, little package !
I used a small piece of wrapping paper which for its colour could be confused with the packaging cardboard sheets, I'm so, so overjoyed with this news !



As for this stunning post of yours, I'm so amazed at all the wonders you lived during this unforgettable day, the party and the kittens, oh, how I love them, thank you for sharing all your joy, precious Stephanie !

Wishing you a most lovely remainder of your week
With all my love


Kelly-Anne said...

Oh, dear Stephanie...
What a beautiful post filled with the sweetest things...friendship, tea, kittens...
I am thrilled to hear you had a blessed birthday...I was thinking of you all day! {{smiles}} I have a little something for you which I hope to pop in the mail within the next day or two..it will be a bit late, of course, but I hope it will bless you nonetheless!
Oh, Hanny is so precious...and her little kittens are purely adorable! How wonderful it must be to have kittens in your home...they are too cute! {{smiles}}
I am so glad you were able to meet up with your lovely blogging friend...oh, it sounds like you had a blessed time of fellowship! And what beautiful gifts she graced you with! Oh, Stephanie...it is always a joy to come by! Big congratulations to the sweet winner of your giveaway! With love and hugs always!

Anna said...

Great photos of friendship, creations and love !!!!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

The kittens are adorable! I can't get enough pictures of them, they are so cute... All my cats are old and male, so I enjoy other's kittens!

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

A full and lovely post. I have to admit, I came for the kittens. How precious they are. Thank you for including so many wonderfull photos of them.
Have a wonderful rest of your week.
Love and hugs,

Little Wandering Wren said...

What a gorgeous story, Stephanie it is one thing to open your doors to your neighbour's cat, quick another to end up with four - Oh my what a week. You are amazing!!! Maybe your neighbour will have one of the kittens!! They are so cute. I love meeting other Bloggers, how lovely to do so, and be treated to an afternoon tea. You deserve it.
Bye for now
Wren x

September Violets said...

Gosh, those baby kittens are SO cute! I'll bet your son liked the three of the as his birthday present too ;) So glad your weekend was extra special with meeting Deborah and with your new additions. Hanny looks like a good mama cat.

krishna said...

What a beautiful post from top to bottom.. once again A very happy birthday to you.. and the kittens are so so adorable.. XOXO

Debby in KS said...

Oh, I do love kittens, but I'm a firm spay/neuter person. We lost our beloved cat just about 2 yrs. ago. She was 23! Had her since she was a baby so it was pretty sad. As a pet lover, I would gently urge you to have Hanny and her babies fixed as soon as possible. Every pet deserves a wonderful home and there just aren't enough. Thus, my best friend has 15 cats in her home, all of which her lousy neighbors have left behind...some pregnant. They were the lucky ones and my friend gave up a vacation fund to make sure they all were neutered and had their shots. She has tried to find homes for them and looked into rescues, but hasn't had any luck. The rescues are full and she won't give the cats/kittens to anyone that she doesn't know for sure would be a good owner. I would gladly take a couple, but she's 1500 miles away! I hope I'm not frowned on for being honest, but I adore pets and have only their best interests at heart.

Your tea looked heavenly. There's nothing like a tea to perk up the spirits. It's one of my favorite things.

Lea said...

Oh, this is just too much..........a wonderful time with a sweet blogging friend and then there's the kittens. Oh, my goodness, what's not to love about such furry sweetness. Your posts always bring a smile to my face. Hugs!

Lowcarb team member said...

I am so pleased you enjoyed your blogging break.
So good for you to be able to meet up with Deborah again.

So good to see all your photo's of Hanny and the kittens, so sweet.

Congrats to the give-away-winner.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

All the best Jan

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Stephanie, I lovelovelove cats, so you couldn't possibly have too many photos to suit me! Hanny looks like a perfect mother. Congratulations to Carol on winning your giveaway. That tea looks so good -- nobody appreciates a really good afternoon tea more than I!

Conniecrafter said...

they are just adorable and such a fun gift for you to get for a birthday gift. We had a cat when we were first married that was a stray at our apartment complex, we weren't suppose to have animals but this cat just was always hanging around, she came in one day went to our closet and had two little kittens inside, it was so sweet, it is amazing how fast they grow that is for sure.
So neat you were able to meet up again with your dear friend, so special!

Laura Lane said...

Hello again,
Oh how we love kittens! My number one tip is to play with their paws a lot. They will be less likely to grow into scratchers.

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

So nice that you were able to meet up with sweet Deborah for tea! Everything looks so delicious and what thoughtful gifts, too. I'm sorry I missed your birthday, so I wish you a Happy Belated Birthday, dear Stephanie and hope it was lovely. Your little Hanny looks just like my Maggie, and oh, those kittens are just precious! Congratulations to the winner and hope your weekend is full of sweet blessings xo Karen

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Sweetest of friend, hello! I am so late..been terribly busy but what fun I'm having.

What a sweet photo of mummy kitty with her babies. SPRING IS HERE! And you, marvelous you. I hope you are well and getting ready for a sensational spring! HE IS RISEN!!!! YAHOOOO!

janice15 said...

I was coming to wish you Happy birthday after visiting your mom, something differed me so a little Late Happy Birthday sweet Stephanie. I hope that you had a joyful day. How sweet you got to visit again with your blogger griend again. I lovevthe gifts she gave the board wreath she gave is adorable. An Oh my your kitties are adorable. I love every photo.. I used to have cats and kittens years ago. And congratulations to the winner.. a lovely post thank you for sharing. God bless with love Janice

Carla from The River said...

A lovely post. I do love the joy you share with us.
Thank you for sharing the kittens.
xx oo

Your Rockies beat up on the Brewers for our opening week of baseball. ;-)

hobbyloes said...

What a lovely High tea party and I love the sweet little kittens, aren't they cute.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Such a fun filled post in so many ways! A high tea with a special friend, and beautiful moments shared along with special goodies to take home... a happy winner of such a lovely giveaway, birthday celebrations for you and Elijah, along with Ms. Hanny adopting you, and then presenting you with three kittens as a thank you, lol! My what an eventful two weeks you have had! It is so precious to watch the babies grow, and each with their unique personalities! Oh, it is so easy to get so attached to them! I love that beautiful wreath that you shared, it is gorgeous. Many hugs to you today dear friend!

Kelly @ Homespuns 'n Hayfields said...

It's so nice that you were able to get together with Deborah again. I went to the tourist information center in Georgetown a few years ago, what a wonderful shop. I wanted to spend more time in Georgetown but never had a chance, what a great town for the two of you to meet. I never saw the tea room. I love the kitties, they're adorable. Enjoy your weekend Stephanie!

Ida said...

Glad you had such a great birthday. That High Tea looks amazing. Wow, kittens, that is awesome and they are so cute.

Sandy said...

Congratulations! Your new babies are gorgeous - I admit, I am a cat lady and love kittens so much. Have you ever seen cuter little faces!!!
I have been out of town again and have to play some catch up!
Sandy xx

Linda Walker said...

Hello Stephanie, these sweet kitties are adorable! What an experience for your family!!! We raised a few litters of pups when I was a kid. We fell in love with each and every one of course. Bet you will too! How wonderful to meet up with Deborah! Looks like you both had the loveliest afternoon together. I've never been to a tea room before. Everything looks so pretty just as I would imagine. The giveaway was so generous and such beautiful items too!! Congrats to the lucky winner!!! :) enjoy the rest of the week, looking forward to the reveal. Xo

Linda Walker said...

Hello Stephanie, these sweet kitties are adorable! What an experience for your family!!! We raised a few litters of pups when I was a kid. We fell in love with each and every one of course. Bet you will too! How wonderful to meet up with Deborah! Looks like you both had the loveliest afternoon together. I've never been to a tea room before. Everything looks so pretty just as I would imagine. The giveaway was so generous and such beautiful items too!! Congrats to the lucky winner!!! :) enjoy the rest of the week, looking forward to the reveal. Xo

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