A Dainty Tea Party Hat

Welcome, my friends,
and thank you for visiting today!
As promised, the winners for the hymn print
and tea cup cards will be announced at the end of this post.
Many, many thanks to all of you who entered the giveaway
and supported both of Joy's beautiful Etsy shops.

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of attending a tea party
hosted by my very own mother.
My sister lives two hours away
and she drove up for the special occasion
so the three of us could enjoy tea, food, and fellowship.

For the tea party I was sent an invitation
and on that invitation I was encouraged to dress up.
Hats and gloves were a delightful option.
I searched high and low for a delicate pair of gloves at the antique shops,
but alas, I could not find any in good enough condition to wear.
So I moved onto the hats. . .
and couldn't find a single one.
My son was with me when I tried on the vintage hats
and I must say that he and I had a good laugh 
over several of the styles atop my head. . .
they simply didn't work.
So. . .
I made my own delicate tea hat
using a headband.
I thought I would show you how I put this sweet thing together.

My lovely friends, you will need:

headband, plastic or metal
black spiky rosettes 
lace, tulle, buttons, etc
hot glue gun and glue

Cut a circle out of a piece of felt.
The circle can be any size you want
as this is the base for the "hat" so if you want a bigger hat
make your circle bigger and the same for a smaller hat,
just cut out a smaller circle.
My circle is about 4 or 5-inches in size.

Cut two slits in the felt like so. . .

The slit is for the headband to go through.
Now cut out a smaller circle from the felt.

Place the headband through the slit
and figure out where you would like your hat base to rest.
Mine is slightly to the side.
Glue the smaller circle over the slit.

On the inside of the felt circle
you will want to add another piece of felt
to hold everything in place.
I cut out a heart for the finishing touch.

The spike rose trim {from Hobby Lobby} comes on a spool 
so you will need to cut and trim each rose.
Then hot glue the desired amount of roses onto the large circle of felt.

Next up I used tulle netting since it's stiffer than just plain tulle
and created a fan which I hot glued onto my hat.

After that I simply used my imagination
and created some flowers with lace
and added a vintage brooch for some nice "bling."
You can decorate your hat however you like.

I also glued some black lace onto the bottom side
of the large circle of felt.
When I was done with my hat
I thought it needed a little something extra
so on went the lace.

And that's it, my friends.
A sweet little hat that's perfect for any tea party.

You are never fully dressed
without a smile. . . and a hat.

On the day of the tea party
I donned my "princess" dress and heels
and placed my hat atop my wavy hair.
My sweet gentleman son took the photos {{smiles}}

When I arrived at the tea party
I was greeted with tea and cupcake loveliness.
My dear mom always outdoes herself
and this special tea time was no exception.

My sister cannot have gluten
so my mom and her sensitive self made some delicious alternatives .
She made chicken salad {my favorite}
and spread it on top of apple slices.
It was so good, my friends!
Like, really, really good!
There were cucumber slices filled with a cream cheese mixture
and celery sticks with a chicken filling.
Jello parfaits graced the table 
along with oh-so-yummy cupcakes and scones.

We had a beautiful and memorable time together.

And before I announce the blessed winners
I thought I would share some pictures of our fur babies.
And when I say "ours" I mean just that. . .
we have decided to keep all three sweethearts.
They are now 7 1/2 weeks old
and as cute as ever!

I love how Melly is about to slide of the sofa,
but sweet ol' mama is hanging onto her.

Like mama
like daughter.

And finally, the winners!
Again, thanks to all who entered the giveaways.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading the many comments
about favorite hymns, favorite tea flavors, and fond tea party memories.
Thank you for sharing.
I wish I could give ALL of you something.

The winner of the hymn print is:
Her comment:
"Oh, I can still see my Grandmother and my Dad (playing the piano) 
and Grandma enjoying her favorite hymn, 
His Eye is on the Sparrow. 
Wonderful memories."

The winner of the set of cards is:
June Chapko
Her comment:
My favorite morning tea is English Breakfast Tea. 
A fond memory of teatime was when my daughter and I 
picked her 7 year old daughter up from school on her birthday 
and took her to a local tea room. 
It was a memory maker. 
She is now a mommy with an almost 3 year old daughter!

Enjoy the remainder of your week, sweet friends.
I was away last week and I hope to catch up with you and your blogs soon.

Love and hugs!


Bernideen said...

What excellent instructions! The hat is darling and such a great family photo!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, I adore your tea party hat. Thank you for including the instructions. So simple and smart! Your tea party looks wonderful. What a blessing to have such a creative loving mother.

Vee said...

What a sweet photo of three beautiful ladies. I really like your "fascinator." You are beyond creative all the way to scary creative. Ha!

Kris said...

What a fun, fun day with your Mom and Sis!! Two beautiful daughters and a fabulous looking Mom!! I would love to meet her one day!! The kitties are darling and congratulations to the winners!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a gorgeous tea party and such a sweet photo of the three of you. I can't imagine doing something like this in my family...but I'm happy for you! Sweet hugs and congrats to your winner!

cucki said...

Wow I love your hat so much..it is so pretty
Beautiful party
You are amazing
Love you x

Sarah said...

The tea your mom prepared looked delightful! You looked so lovely in your pretty blue dress!! Just perfect for attending an afternoon tea. : )

Gail @Purple Hues and Me said...

What fun to attend a tea party with Mom and sister! And the menu looks scrumptious! You look adorable in your handcrafted hat! Pretty as a model!

Simply Linda said...

I am so happy for the winners, smiles. Congratulations. I just love your hat, Stephanie. Waving to your mom and sister, smiles.

Chas Greener said...

You're hat is so cute, and I love the picture of your family! Looks like such a fun tea party :)

Creations By Cindy said...

Oh my! What a precious tea hat dear friend. You gals are lovely. I love a good tea party and how special this must have been for you all. So glad you shared. Melted my old heart this morning. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Patti said...

Oh, what a lovely hat! I think a tea party is even more delightful when wearing a hat.

Chicken salad is my fave too. Can't have a tea party without it.

Great photo of you two gals with your mom.


Sarah R. said...

Hello pretty lady! What a wonderful fun idea for a little hat. So easy, and it looks so perfect! And I like the idea of putting it all on a headband, no need to look for a way to fasten the silly thing to one's head! ;) I too have a hard time finding a vintage hat that I like. I happen to own two, but they are both winter/felt/dark ones. And gloves are exceedingly difficult, I think...unless one has child-sized hands! Ladies must have worn out the more standard- and large-sized gloves and therefore they don't show up in the antique or thrift stores very often. Anyway, your dress and sweater are sooo pretty, dainty and just right for spring! And what a festive spread your dear mama set out for you girls. I can tell you had a truly sweet time together! Praise the Lord. PS. Even I have to admit that them kittens are waaay too cute. :) And congratulations to the winners of Joy's special items!

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Oh my goodness -- you look like you stepped out of a fashion magazine from the 50's!! How beautiful is that dress and little sweater? Is that a vintage dress?? So so pretty! Your idea and instructions for the hat are wonderful -- I hope sometime I get the chance to dress up like that for a tea party because I will definitely make one! I do have some vintage hats (one was my mom's!) but most do not look good on me haha! What a beautiful fun time you all must have had!

Mary Hutchins said...

Oh how I love your sweet little hat! It looked so pretty setting atop your head! The tea party looks delightful, so nice for you to have such great fellowship with your family.

Debbie Harris said...

Look at you all beautiful in your sweet tea hat. :-)
You always make your tutorials look so simple and that simple tutorial turned out to be quite gorgeous.
A lovely Tea is was in deed! In my head I'm planning my next party. ;)
Congratulations to those blessed winners!! Joy certainly has some gorgeous items in her Shoppe and she has become one of my favorites.
How very generous of her to share with others and for you to share her with us.
Aww...Those darling kittens are precious, precious, precious! Of course you guys have beautifully socialized them and that makes for a great pet.

Have a glorious day!
Love you, Mom

Regina said...

That hat is just darling! You are a very talented lady. I can't believe how big the kitty cats have gotten! They are so cute!

Blue Jeans And Teacups said...

What a sweet time with your family. I love how you girls are all color coordinated in the same pallet of black/grey/pink/white. Your hat is charming. These memories will last a lifetime. Even your son photographing his sweet mama will be tucked away for him to recall. The kitties are growing quick. You shall have your hands full. I highly recommend the new Slide kitty litter. I have recently been trying it, and it's a game changer! ;-)
Thanks for sharing your joys. Love, Heather

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Hi Stephanie, oh I love your pretty headband you made for the tea party. It looks so pretty on you and I love the pretty pink sweater you are wearing. What a fun idea your mom had to have you and your sister over for a tea party. You mom did a great job with everything. So glad you had a fun time.
The kittens are so cute.
Congrats to the winner of your giveaway.
Take care.

Elizabethd said...

So pretty. We call them 'Fascinators' and they have been very popular here for weddings and parties.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winners!
Your hat is adorable. What a nice photo of you with your Mom and sister. I know it was a blessing to have this time together.

sarah said...

I have aready mentioned the beautiful outfit, but must write again here to congratulate you on the kittens! I am so glad you are keeping them all, what fun they will be as they grow up.

Rose L said...

So very clever and stunning! I never would have thought to make a hat! Lovely little furries.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Stephanie, What a darling tea party hat and your tutorial is excellent. You girls are lovely together. Your sweet little cameraman did a great job taking the pics. What a wonderful tea party your talented mother gave. All the tea table goodies look divine.
Congrats to the winners of your giveaway. So sweet to see the darling little kitties. They are precious!
Have a special rest of the week. xo

Sandra Ford said...
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magnoliasntea said...

Love your cute hat, and I enjoyed all the photos, especially of you and your mom and sister.

Anne Payne said...

Your tea hat is sweet! It has a little steampunk flair to it. :)
Your momma sure does put on a gorgeous tea party! Her table setting is so pretty. Love to see your kitties in all their adorableness. Tell your son he did fine job taking the photos of you! We appreciate that. Love to you, my friend. I've not been on the computer much all month, maybe even longer. I do need to email you and your mom. {{hugs}}

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

I'm new to your blog and really loving it! How wonderful to have this fun tea party with your mom and sister! My younger sister and I have had one or two tea parties over the years, and once she treated me and my other sister to a surprise drive in the country where we ended up at a darling little cottage and enjoyed a most delightful tea/lunch! I'll never forget that! Wish I had pictures. Your hat is so perfect and love the pictures of you that your son took. I eat gluten free too and these days there are tons of yummy gluten free desserts we can induldge in (though most must be homemade). Thank you for sharing! Marilyn in Oregon

Lowcarb team member said...

Such a lovely tea party and the photograph of the three of you is lovely. I am so pleased you had a wonderful time.

Many congrats to the giveaway winners.

All the best Jan

Debby Ray said...

Oh, what a fun time that had to have been...and each one of you looked absolutely GORGEOUS! And YOU were the only wearing a hat...and a darling little hat it was! I do not look good in hats but I wish I did. You are right, your sweet mama outdid herself...everything looked so beautiful AND delicious! Congratulations to the winners of the give-aways!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Your darling tea hat turned out so cute with all your creative touches, sweet friend. This would be such a fun project with my granddaughters, if I could ever have them all together. You looked oh, so lovely, all dressed for your dear Mom's tea party, as did your sister and mom. Yes, you mom certainly went all out to spoil you girls. Thank you for sharing with us. Congratulations to the winners of the delightful giveaway! Blessings to you, dearest Stephanie.

Lynn Bean said...

Dearest Stephanie, what a sweet creation! You look so beautiful as well as your sweet mama and sister! Lovely post!

NanaDiana said...

What a sweet post, Stephanie. I love the hat you made- a perfect little accompaniment and not overdone at all. It's just sweet and dear-like you. Those are wonderful pictures of you with your mom.

That is an amazing spread and I LOVE (and am going to steal) that idea about the apple slices with chicken salad on them. That is a great idea.

Congrats to the winners. I am sure they will be thrilled with the things they receive. xo Diana

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

I absolutely LOVE your hat! Thank you for sharing this very special day! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Congrats to the winners!


You made a very sweet hat! You are so creative!! The photo of you "girls" is lovely! Those cuke rolls look divine! Your son is at taking photos. Congrat's to the winners.

krishna said...

The tea party hat is very cute!!

Barbara Neubeck said...

.. I love the Tea your Mother made for you and your sister ... the table looked so pretty .. and the menu sounded so delicious... I love chicken salad...xxx ... Your hat is gorgeous ... xxxx .... Barb xxxx

Red Rose Alley said...

Stephanie, your hat is delightful, and the choker, so pretty. Your mom always makes the most precious and wonderful tea parties for you. What a fun idea to dress up with hats and such. This is a beautiful picture of the three of you. I love your sister's long brown hair. Your mom really went all out for this tea party with Yummy food and cupcakes. She is a lovely mother, indeed.


Jill said...

Love the hat Stephanie! The tea party looks so delightful!! Makes me miss my mom bunches as she always does things like this and now I do with my girls too. Living far apart is hard. I love all the special touches your mom did. :-) And those kittens how precious!! Have a wonderful evening Stephanie!


Lea said...

Oh, how special and I would love to have attended the fun time as well. Your "hat" is too cute! Ya'll look so cute and I know some precious memories were made. Blessings abundant!

Margie said...

I'm loving your tea hat/fascinator! I have a few big hats, but find fascinators more comfortable to wear. I'm so glad that you had recovered in time for your mom's wonderful Mother's Day tea. What a great photo of the three of you in your pretty dresses.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

How I wish I had your wonderful hat tutorial a few years ago when my about-to-be daughter-in-love asked me to make a fascinator for her to wear at their wedding. This would have been exactly what she wanted! I spent days haunting the internet to find good instructions and finally ended up cobbling something together that wasn't at all what either of us dreamed of. And three beautiful ladies enjoying such a perfect tea - what fun!

Joyful said...

Stephanie you look so beautiful in your outfit and with your well made hat. The luncheon your beautiful mother made looks so very yummy too. I'm hoping you are fully recovered from your recent bout of illness. Hugs. xx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to host a TEA PARTY! And I want to wear hats! Stephanie, what a glorious and fun way to entertain! I LOVE HOW YOU LOOK! What an easy way to bring back the good old days when women wore hats to affairs as such. Absolutely wonderful, and give your mum a hug for me! Much love, beautiful friend!

Tamago said...

Wow, you made the tea hat yourself! It looks so pretty! With your great design and skill, I think it's much better than getting one from a store :-) You look fantastic in your hat and the dress!
The tea party looks delightful. I see your mom put lots of effort and love for the special occation. Glad you all had a wonderful time together!
I'm happy the kittens are staying with you. They are adorable xoxo

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Your tea hat is simply stunning! You are quite the creative designer. I think maybe you should make a few more for your Etsy shop to see who else loves them! You look so pretty in your blue dress :-)

Kerin said...

You are so creative! Beautiful job on the sweet 'hat'!
It looks lovely on you!

How fun to have a tea party with your sis. and mom, and it looks like you all had a wonderful time and delicious bites to eat :)

Your son did a great job of taking your picture too.

Have a great rest of your week.


Curtains in My Tree said...

I love your idea for the headband tea hat I am going to try and make one for my daughter who would love it

Sandy said...

Such a wonderful picture of you, your Mom and your sister. Three gorgeous ladies! Love your hat you clever lady!!
The tea party looked grand -
I don't blame you, I would have to keep the kittens too!!!!!
Sandy xx

Melanie said...

I love the photo of the three of you! What a special moment. I had a birthday tea party for a special friend who cannot eat gluten. It is a challenge and I love the ideas your mom had. A very cute tea party hat. You are so clever! Have a blessed day.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I mentioned you on my blog this morning! I'm showing my new Gratitude journal! Enjoy your day! Hugs!

Chris Lally said...

What a wonderful post, Stephanie! I enjoyed every photo, every word - especially your special tea party.
Thank you for the great tutorial, too.
Congratulations to the winners!

Kelly-Anne said...

Oh, what a delightful tea party...I am so happy to hear what a special time you, your lovely mom and your sister had together! What a stunning picture...one to cherish! {{smiles}} You all look so very elegant and Stephanie, I love your dainty party hat...you are so very creative and imaginative! I must remember your wonderful idea... Oh, the little kitties are perfectly adorable...what joy they must bring you! So glad you are going to keep them all...cats make a house a home! {{Smiles}}
A blessed remainder of the week to you, dear Stephanie...much love!

Ida said...

Congrats to the winners.
What an awesome Tea Party - I wish I lived closer to your mom as I think it would be so cool to attend one of her tea parties. - You look adorable in that charming little hat you created.

Congrats too on keeping those 3 adorable kittens. They are just so sweet looking.

Cynthia said...

I love your little tea hat! Thanks for the instructions, I can see many of us trying our hands at making one or more. . .

Congratulations to the winners of your giveaway! And my goodness, these little kittens sure are sweet.

Marilyn Mathis said...

Such a lovely little tea party with your dainty hat and delicious looking dainties to eat. Sweet little kittens too. Have a blessed day. Hugs.

Cheryl said...

Oh, what a lovely tea party! Just beautiful!! And, dear friend, you looked so elegant and beautiful, too! I love the little hat you made...you are so creative! The food looks just amazing...made me hungry! I am so thankful the three of you had this wonderful time together and made such precious memories. God bless you!

Daniela said...

Dearest Stephanie,
your cap is so lovely, I simply adore it ... and how about your tea together?
I'm sure it was stunning, your Mom prepared so many wonderful goodies and, after all, is there a better and most precious time than those spent together with our family ?

Congrats to the winner and thank you, Dearie, for sharing always some shots about your lovable fur-babies !

Wishing you a most lovely weekend to come
I'm sending blessings across the many miles,
cherished friend


Debby in KS said...

Oh, I loved this post! Your hat was better than any boughten one! I thought it was so pretty and flattering. Your tea party looked delicious. I would love to see some recipes. I was intrigued by what looked like stacked cucumbers.

Loved the kitten picks. My favorite cat was an all black with bright yellow eyes named Frankie~ shhh, don't tell the others! She looked just like one of your kittens when I found her. She gave me 18 yrs. of happiness. She was all personality and love with just enough orneriness thrown in!!

Merlesworld said...

The hat is lovely and looks simple to make, suits you too.
Cute cat pictures.

Linda said...

I just LOVE the headband hat idea!!!! Need to keep that one in mind for the future. AND I ADORE THE KITTENS!!! So wonderful you are keeping them all. :-)

Conniecrafter said...

Oh my goodness Stephanie aren't you ever so clever this is absolutely gorgeous, beautiful flowers for the base of the hat and the pink tulle is a great pop of color and love the lace to finish it off, the brooch makes it even more elegant looking!
Your mom made up a lovely table, what a special time you all had together and a wonderful picture of you all! Your son did a wonderful job of picture taking too!! Your talent is rubbing off on him :)
Have a great weekend!

Barbara Legener said...

Your hat is so adorable! The three of you look fabulous.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

I don't know that there are enough adjectives in the English language to adequately describe the sweet beauty and joy of this very special tea party! Debbie once again outdid herself in every way, so much attention to sweet details! And how creative of you to make your own hat! I think it is absolutely gorgeous! Perhaps you should add these to your Etsy shoppe? You wore the fascinator beautifully, and what a gorgeous picture of the three of you! And I don't blame you a bit for keeping all three of the precious kitties and their mother. They have a way of working themselves into your heart! I know only too well :)

Congratulations to the lovely ladies who won your giveaway! I'm sorry I missed your post about it, I've been so busy myself! I've been playing catch-up too!

Your post truly warmed my heart today as I read it... and there is joy in my heart just seeing the beauty, love and grace exemplified by your mother with you and your sister. You all are so blessed! Hugs to you today :)

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