Life, Summer Joys, 5 Years of Blogging, and A BIG Giveaway

A very big HAPPY HELLO to you, friends!

How are you?
I have been absent from blogging for quite a while now
and I feel as though I have lost touch with so many of you.
I truly hope all is well with you.
And I trust you're enjoying your summer.
So much has happened 
in the weeks that I have been "missing from action."

First of all,
the month of July marks 5 years of blogging.
As I look back over the last 5 years 
my heart overflows with gratitude for the many precious ladies I have met.
Some of these women have blogs
and some don't, but simply follow my blog and read my posts.
These women reached out through an email
which resulted in a sweet friendship.
The blogging community is a beautiful place
that is filled with many kind and gracious ladies.
I am blessed and humbled to be a part of this group.
In honor of 5 years I am having a giveaway that is extra special.
In just a moment you will find out why it's so special.

Since we're on the subject of blogging friends
I am very excited to tell you that my mom and I
had the blessed opportunity to meet a very dear blogging friend.
Kitty, from Kitty's Kozy Kitchen was in our neck of the woods a week ago.
Oh my, oh my, oh my!
What a delight to finally meet this beautiful lady in person!
She is just the sweetest little thing
who truly has a heart of gold.
Kitty is the very picture of a gracious, kind, and loving lady,
and it was an honor to meet her face to face.

Summer has been flying by at a rapid pace.
Is your summer going by fast as well?
My family and I have been enjoying the hot days of summer 
here in the mountains with some jeeping, swimming, baseball,
and other fun summer activities.
As many of you know, my son loves baseball.
During the summer he enjoys playing on a team
and just a couple of weeks ago he hit a grand slam.
Oh my, his smile could have lit up our entire county.

Since our days have been rather full
my blogging has pretty much fallen by the wayside.
As many of you know my computer started giving me fits over a month ago.
Well. . .it's still being a tad temperamental
which has resulted in my disappearance in the blogging world.
I intended on taking my laptop in to be looked at,
but then it started working better so I put it off.
Well, it's back to working only when it wants to.
Indeed, I will have to take it in soon to be checked out.
At this time I am not sure if I will be posting much
during the remaining summer days so you may see me. . .
or you may not {{smiles}}
I am just taking each day as it comes
and you will see posts when I have time and am able to share.
I hope that is okay, my friends.

The last couple of weeks I have been busy in my craft room
and I have stocked my Etsy shop with new items.
Please feel free to stop by and take a look at all the new handmade goodies at
Rose Petal Blessings

One last thing before I get to the giveaway. . .
some of you may know about my dear Grandma Dee Ann
and her health condition since my mom shared a little on her blog.
On July 2nd my grandma went to the hospital
thinking she had a terrible cold/virus,
but it ended up she was having heart problems. . .serious heart problems.
My husband and I went to the hospital that night 
and the doctor told us he had done all he could at the moment
and each day we would have to take whatever might come.
On Monday we went back to the hospital and grandma seemed to be doing great!
We were thrilled thinking she would recover quickly,
but that was not the case.
That night she went into cardiac arrest 
and had to be sent by flight for life to another hospital.
She was kept in an induced coma so that her heart could heal
and about a week ago they started to bring her out of the coma.
When I saw her this past Sunday she seemed to be doing exceptionally well.
Once again, we were thrilled since her heart is very, very sick.
She was talking, laughing, and smiling.
Just last night, though, we were told she is not doing well.
She started having a few more issues and may have to have her valve repaired
right away even though she is not physically ready for it 
because there isn't anything else the doctors can do at the moment.
So as you can see, every day is touch and go with dear Grandma Dee Ann.
I know some of you are prayer warriors
so if you feel led by the Lord. . .
please pray for grandma and the family.
Thank you, dearest friends!

* * * * * * * *

And as promised,
a special giveaway for you,
sweet readers and friends!

When I put this giveaway together
I knew I wanted it to be unique 
since 5 years of blogging is a bit of a milestone.
When I think of blogging my first thought 
is of the many friends and supporters I have.
You read my posts,
you write sweet comments,
and you offer precious support
time and time again.
Without YOU this blog would surely not exist.
So I decided to purchase some goodies from blogging friends
who have Etsy shops and share the treasures with you.
Also, there are a couple of ladies that graciously donated 
a few gifts in honor of this giveaway.
Oh, what beautiful women these are!
The lovely winner will receive these wonderful gifts. . .

The wooden tote is hand painted by the lovely and talented Celestina Marie
who blogs over at Southern DayDreams.
Her shop is filled to the brim with gorgeous handmade items
and you can find them here at

Linda, blogger at My Sew What Blog, has a way with the sewing machine.
She creates unique and oh-so-beautiful handmade items.
The two zippered pouches were made by her
and you can find other items like these in her shop
Eastern Ave Designs.

Sarah, from Lilacs and Springtime,
made the darling little hand towel that hangs from an oven door.
Her Etsy shop is called Lilacs in Spring
and you will find many beautiful handmade items
as well as vintage books in her sweet shop.

made the oh-so-sweet daisy wash cloths.
Aren't they just adorable?!

The soap is handmade by Judy who blogs at
You can also find her wonderful soaps at

Dear Ang, blogger at Just a Country Girl, made the lotion
and you can visit her lovely shop

Linda from Lady Linda
has a delightful Etsy shop that is filled with vintage items
which is where I found the Tea Partytime quilt magazine.
Sweet Linda contributed the beautiful fabric 
and embroidery patterns for tea towels. . .
what a doll!
Her Etsy shop is Lady Linda Lou.

made these gorgeous rose cards for the giveaway.
Her cards are a work of art
and truly a gift in themselves.

The lovely hymn card is from Joy's Etsy shop
which is called Vintage Verses.

Sweet Deb from Garage Sale Gal
made this amazing Pocket Letter for the giveaway.
It has a rose and tea theme.
Deb is the one who introduced me to Pocket Letters
so it's quite fitting that there would be one included in the giveaway.

Also included are these two fabric fat quarters with tea labels on them
as well as two handmade tea cup coasters made by yours truly {{smiles}}

So as you can see,
one blessed winner will win many, many lovely items
made by some beautiful and talented women.

To enter the giveaway:

Please be a follower of The Enchanting Rose

Please leave a comment telling me how you found my blog
or what you enjoy the most about The Enchanting Rose.

I will announce the winner on Wednesday, August 2
so that gives everyone 2 weeks to enter the giveaway.

And please know that this giveaway is open to ALL 
my friends and followers around the world.

Thank you, precious friends,
for your faithful support over the years.
Truly, without you this blog would not exist.
I appreciate each and every one of you more than you will ever know!

Much love and sweet hugs to you!


Prunella Pepperpot said...

Hello Dear Stephanie, It was lovely to see your post pop up today. I had wondered whether your computer had been repaired.
Very sad news of your Grandma, I do hope her operation is a success and she makes a full recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
How wonderful for you and your Mother to meet Kitty!
Enjoy the rest of this beautiful Summer. Hugs from us xx

camp and cottage living said...

Dear Stephanie-I wanted to pop over to say Happy 5th Anniversary and to let you know I will pray for your sweet grandmother. Wowser what a gift give-away. I live in Canada and shipping is way too high, so I won't enter. But good luck to the other gals!!

Sister in the Mid-west said...

Dear Stephanie,
I will pray for your grandmother to regain strength and return to health. I am glad that you are able to visit her in the hospital.
I don't remember the first time I visited your Blog. I think I followed a comment you left on Lilacs In Springtime, perhaps. I remember coming to your blog to meet other bloggers when you hosted blog parties. I even joined in a few times.
I enjoy reading your Blog and seeing your beautiful crafts. Congratulations on 5 years of blogging!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Dear Stephanie, I will keep your Grandmother in my prayers. My Mom has heart disease so I know how touch and go it can be. It is good to see you blogging and I understand how it is just as time (and the computer) permits! I've been writing a couple of posts a month this summer. Congrats on 5 years! Blogging is such a special community. It has changed some over the years but the great connections remain! I believe I found your blog several years ago when you were doing a exchange and my friend Deb posted about you. A follower ever since. Big Hugs and much Love!!

Ang Smith said...

I totally hear you on having NO time to blog! I just made a post trying to catch everyone up on my happenings...I feel like I haven't made my blogging rounds in far too long!

Thank you for including my lotion in your giveaway. Is it okay if I join in? If so, I have to say...I don't remember if I found you or you found me, many years ago! ha, ha. But I do enjoy all the prettiness of your blog. With so many boys in my house, my life definitely lacks prettiness! It's a joy to see elsewhere.

I will keep your grandma in my prayers. I'm really sorry to hear about her health. Please know I'm praying.

Elizabethd said...

Stephanie, how very good to see you here today. 5 years blogging! Wonderful, and I believe I have followed your lovely posts for many of the 5 years.
I will keep you and your Grandma in prayer, truly a grandmother is a very special person.

mamasmercantile said...

Congratulations on 5 years of blogging, a wonderful achievement. I will certainly be praying for you, your family and of course your Grandma. I started to follow your blog to read your posts on a Sunday which are always such an inspiration and uplifting.

Manu said...

Stephanie, nice to read from you.
I feel sorry for your grandma!
Congratulation on your blog anniversary; I love reading your posts!
My summer is busy, every day in office till late afternoon, I can't wait for August when I'm going to spend my holidays in France.

Trisha said...

Congratulations on 5 years of blogging!
My prayers are going out for your grandma and your family.
I love being able to join in on your wonderful teacup swaps...so much fun!


Debbie said...

oooooh stephanie, what a joy to see you today in my blog list, i have missed you!!! congrats on 5 years of blogging and sharing - i adore your blog and will keep your grandmother in my thoughts!!!

Michele said...

Dearest Stephanie - wow - so much to reply to on this post. First, welcome back - feels good doesn't it? ♥

Second - isn't meeting Kitty the best thing EVER? I know that feeling well!
You three are 3 of the best gals in the world - and wow are you all pretty!

Third- your grandma. She is in my prayers - it is scary. May you be comforted to know that she is in Our Gracious Lord's Hands - you have nothing to fear.
Another reminder - how does anyone live life without His Hope????

And lastly - wow wow wow what a giveaway! I love how you got so many like-kinded crafty bloggers together for the ultimate feminine giveaway! Each item is so beautiful, I found myself gasping! I need for nothing and am trying - not successfully- to have less, so count me out so someone else can be the lucky winner - but wow is it a nice giveaway!

Hugs, prayers and lots of love. ♥

Lilly's Mom said...

Hello dear Stephenie, sending prayers for your dear grandma's recovery. Wow, you have received and made some lovely items for this giveaway. I love your blog for the encouraging inspiration you share with your readers. My life without my faith in the Lord would be nothing. Your blog is such a positive place to visit. Sending you hugs, Pat xx

Sarah said...

Dear Stephanie,

Congratulations on five years of blogging! Thank you for being such an encouragement and sweet friend! Thank you also for including an item from my shop in your giveaway, it is an honor.

I am so very sorry to hear about your grandma. She will definitely be in my prayers!!


Linda Walker said...

Dear Stephanie,
Happy Anniversary! So happy to be part of your giveaway, thank you!!!.....and what a wonderful collection of goodies it is!! Loved the photo of you, your mom and Kitty! How amazing that you got to meet! I hope to meet you all some day too!!!

I will keep your grandmother in my thoughts and prayers!

My thrift store addiction said...

Hello sweet Stephanie! So good to see your post in my email this morning! Happy Blogiversary and thank you for offering such a beautiful giveaway, filled with treasures from so many talented ladies! I'm sorry to hear about your dear grandmother, sending prayers your way. Blessings, Cecilia

Regina said...

Oh Stephanie! I'm so happy to see a post from you! I can't remember how I found your blog. I think it was through a link to a teacup exchange.

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma. I read about it on your moms blog. I will pray for your Grandma Dee Ann. Grandmothers are so special.

Ashley said...

Dear Stephanie,

What a beautiful giveaway you are hosting. I would love to enter and am a follower. I don't exactly remember how I found your blog...it must've been through the tea cup and mug exchange. I love your pictures, recipes, and graft tutorials. I can't sew well, but I enjoy the other craft ones. :)

Hope you are having a wonderful summer!


Karen said...

Happy Fifth Blogging Anniversary, Stephanie!! :-)

Your blog is such a blessing to me and to many others. I am a subscriber to your blog. I came across your website through The Shining Stars blog.

Your blog is a light that shines brightly and leads others to glorify Jesus. When I am down or need some encouragement or just want to bask in a "field" of "pretties", I hop over to your blog. Since reading your blog, I have made it my mission to also grace the lives of others with sweetness, beauty, joy, and encouragement.

I will be praying for your grandmother and your family. God loves you all.

Patricia said...

Congratulations! I follow you. So hard to pick one thing I like about your blog, so I pick two the Christian songs and book reviews.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie, I heard about your blog through my sister. Thanks for having a giveaway. I would love to win!!!!!

Karen said...

I am sorry to hear about your dear Grandma and I will lift her up in prayer. I think I found you through Charlotte and Spiritual Sundays. Could that be right? I also followed your Mom's blog. I have enjoyed the hymn lyrics you so beautifully illustrated with your photos. It is always delightful to visit you. God bless you as you enjoy summer with your family.

Christy ♥ said...

Stephanie, me encanta tu blog y lo encontré por medio de mi amiga Cerato
Tengo a tu abuela en mis oraciones y le envió cariños
Saludos y que vengan muchos año mas de compartir tan lindas manualidades.

Anonymous said...

Dear, dear Stephanie, I am so grateful to you for the lovely, encouraging thoughts which you share on your blog. You are always positive and uplifting which is a rare gift in this crazy world. I discovered your blog through a link from another blog and consider it a blessing to have found you. The very best part has been getting to know your mother through the tea cup exchange. I never expected to have a double blessing the day that I signed up to receive your blog postings. I am praying faithfully for your family and especially your mother as you minister to one another during this difficult time of illness in your family. For His Glory ~ Pamela from Kansas

Betty Draper said...

First, let me say, I love crafty things, I just do not have the patience or nimble hands to do them. So I love seeing things others make and will gladly give my money for something I think I cannot live without. I use to do crafts with a group of missionary women in Papua New Guinea and finally them told me to just sit and enjoy watching. I was causing them to make mistakes...it did not bother me at all to just sit and enjoy them working away. all that to say, I would love to win the gift you and others have put together. If I don't, thank you anyway for a delightful stroll through your post.

Debby Ray said...

Hello dear Stephanie...I have missed you! It sounds as if you are having a busy summer! And oh what a precious photo of sweet Kitty with you and your dear mom! She did hint to me last week that she was planning to meet up with two very special blogging friends in CO and it didn't take me long to guess who! What a joy that had to have been for all 3 of you! You know, I was trying to remember back how I first came across your blog and for the life of me, I was sure I had commented on your "Love Story" but I went back to see and I didn't see it. All I know for sure is that shortly after I started blogging myself, I came across one of your posts and followed it back to your blog. I remember tears coming to my eyes as I read about you and your "preacher's son". You and your blog have brought such blessings to so many of us! Hugs to you, sweet friend!

Joan DR said...

Congratulations on your 5 year blog-a-versary!

Sorry to hear about your grandma, prayers and thoughts go out to her. I would guess she is around my age--I will be 78 in 8 days. Amazing how life goes by so fast!

What a bounty of shabby chic goodness in your give away. What a thrill that would be to win.

I honestly don't know how I found your blog. Its been several years I know. Probably found you by blog hopping. Have joined at least 4 maybe 5? of your teacup exchanges.

Patty B. said...

You have a lovely blog site, I've followed for awhile. I think it started as a connection about tea, and your crafts. A wonderful giveaway- would love to win. Keep up the enjoyable posts. Patty B.

Linda S. said...

Hi Stephanie - glad to see your post today and am sorry about your grandma. I prayed for her and will try to remember in the following days. I can't remember how I found your blog - it must have been from seeing someone else's. I love your posts and the Christian themes that run through it. :-) Best to you, Love, Linda S.

Olivia Bell said...

It is so good to see you back to blogging, Mrs. Dundson! I enjoy reading posts of yours and your summer sounds like it has been very enjoyable! {{smiles}} My summer is flying by really fast as well, haha!

I am so sorry to hear about your Grandma, I know this is a hard time for everyone in your family and please know that you all will be in my prayers every day. I pray the Lord's will heal your Grandma very soon.

What a lovely giveaway! And what sweet ladies who contributed all of their lovely items to be included! {{smiles}} This truly is a giveaway worthy of a 5 year blogaversary! Oh, and a big happy blogaversary! I hope you will be blogging and blessing so many people for many years to come!

Now to enter the giveaway, I am following your blog (it's really my parent's account) and I found your blog through my friend Kelly-Anne when she featured your teacup exchange button. My mom knew about your blog for a long time though! {{smiles}} My favorite thing about your blogging the teacup and mug exchange! That is one of my most look-forward to events each year! I have made three wonderful friends through the lovely exchange and thank you so much for all the effort you put into it each time, it truly shows and you are such a blessing to everyone! {{smiles}}

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, 5 years is a very long time. Congratulations! How delightful to meet Kitty in person. What a great picture of all 3 of you!

Prayers for your grandmother. I hope that she has many more better days than ones where she isn't well.

I can't remember how I found your blog. It must have been linked from somewhere. I wish I remembered. I am so thankful that I found it as your posts have been inspiring and an encouragement.

I am a follower and would love to be entered into your beautiful drawing. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the treasure chest!

Vee said...

Oh so many things to comment upon...in order of my poor memory...

Those computers can break down at the most convenient times. 🤓

Oh what fun to meet Kitty and vice versa. What a lovely trio of bloggers you are!

Yes, will certainly pray for your grandmother. Such a challenging time for her and the family. Praying for her recovery. She sounds as if her heart attitude is spot on no matter what us going on with her health.

Generous gifts for your Blogiversary. Five years is no small time to be blogging spreading beauty, cheer, and inspiration of all sorts. May the next five be equally wonderful.

Oh! Congrats to your son on the grand slam! Amazing...

hobbyloes said...

Hi Stephanie, congratulations on 5 years blogging!!!
I'm so sorry to hear your grandmother is so ill,we will think about her in our evening prayers. You and your mother have had a lovely meeting with Kitty.
It's always a joy to read your blogposts.

Anonymous said...

oh sweet Stephanie, i am so sorry to hear about your Grandma, it is so hard to lose those so close to us, but we know we will see them again, because of their faith and belief in our Lord and Savior.... i will be praying... I found you don't know how, but so glad i did as you encourage us and share God's word with the world, and i pray some ladies have come to know Christ as their Savior through your wonderful testimony through your Blog....blessings dear lady..... Sue

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie, I certainly will remember your dear grandmother in prayer. I appreciate the opportunity to win your sweet giveaway. I love and cherish my blog friends, too. God bless you and your family. xo

Anonymous said...

Dear Stephanie, I was introduced to your blog years ago by my daughter. I enjoy looking at your blog and seeing all the beautiful things you have made. So sorry to hear about your grandma.

Brenda said...

Happy blogging anniversary! I am not sure how I found you or even when. I enjoy the pretty pictures, all things tea cups that you post, etc.

Consider It All Joy said...

Oh Sweet Stephanie, I too have fallen away from blogging for such a long time, not sure if/when I will be back, life is just hard!

I am praying for your dear grandmother Dee Ann. It is so hard to let go when you love so deeply. I remember the last time I sat with my grandmother and how I loved her so. She passed only 10 weeks after my dad.

Congratulations on 5 years of blogging, I think I met you during one of your tea cup exchanges through another blogger. I don't quite recall but I'm so thankful for the valuable lessons I have learned through your blog!

I'd love to win your giveaway but whomever does will surely be blessed. So many wonderful treasures to be gifted! You are a true blessing to so many.

May God continue to bless your summer with your family! Cindy xoxo

Celestina Marie said...

Dearest Stephanie, My Prayers will be lifted for your dear grandmother. Congratulations on 5 years of blogging. My the time has flown by since you have graced us all with your special friendship and beautiful blog posts. I am so honored to be apart of your lovely giveaway and my what a wonderful assortment of treasures from so many talented ladies. The winner will be so blessed.
So glad you and your sweet mother got to meet our dear Kitty. Isn't she a doll? I had the joy of meeting her also a couple times and she has become a dear friend, all from your pairing in one of your teacup/mug exchanges.
Thank you again for this special blessing. The photo of you three lovely ladies is beautiful.
All your shop items are so pretty. You have been busy this summer along with lots of fun. Congrats to your son on his grand slam hit. How fun to see his achievement and his winning smile!!

I understand too well when blogging slows down and life gets busy. Enjoy the rest of the summer days and I look forward to your posts when you can be here. I'll be doing the same.
Blessings to you dear one. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I will keep your Grandmother in my thoughts , prayers and Rosary. Thank you for this generous and lovely giveaway. I enjoy your blog because there are such informative posts. God Bless your Grandmother.

Cheryl said...

Dear, sweet Stephanie! Congratulations on 5 years of blogging! Yes, dear friend, this is quite a milestone, or what I like to call a "SMILEstone!" I am SO sorry to hear about your dear grandmother! Oh, that just breaks my heart! I have been wondering how she is doing and hoping things were going much better. My heart goes out to you and your dear mother, as I have walked a similar path, and I know how difficult it is. The rollercoaster of up and down, better and worse, is very agonizing for the family. God bless you and hold all of you close, and oh, I do trust it is His will to heal your sweet grandmother and allow her to stay with all of you for many years! It was so nice to see your post in my inbox today, and I am so glad you were able to blog at least a little! I would love to be entered into the giveaway! What a blessing it would be to win such a box of treasures! I cannot remember how I found your blog, to be honest, but I believe it was through seeing someone else's post about one of your mug exchanges, if I remember right. I love everything about your blog...it would be hard to narrow it down to one thing, but I think the thing that draws me most is your warm, kind, sweet, caring Christlike spirit. I love your emails, and our friendship is special to me. You have stood by my family and me through some heavy trials, and we love and appreciate you! Thank you for every time you have reached out and been so kind to us and so many others. God bless you, my precious, sweet friend. :)

Billie Jo said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!
Five years of blessing us here in Blogland!
I will be celebrating 5 years in August.
Yay for your son...that is amazing!!!
And prayers for Grammy.
I always love visiting you here, Stephanie.
Love and hugs!!!!

50 and counting said...

Happy Anniversary!

Good Vibes to you and yours. Grandma's are special.

I've followed your blog for a while because of your beautiful pictures. I love looking at other peoples china!

Here's hoping your computer has a speedy recovery!


GrammaGrits said...

Congratulations on 5 years! Not sure how I found you, but I enjoy your posts and seeing the crafts and other Etsy people you connect with on your blog. Praying for your grandmother, too!!!!

5webs said...

Congratulations ! I follow you via E-mail and through Google blogger (I think that is what it is called--It is that little box on the right side with all the little pictures that say "Lovely Followers"--I am clueless about computer stuff). Anyway, I think I found you through the blog Harvest Lane Cottage. Laura had either had a link for you on her page, or had mentioned your blog in some way, or had posted about her favorite websites. I can't remember exactly, but I am pretty sure that I got to you through her :)

Cheryl said...

Dear Stephanie,

So wonderful to read your post today; I go to my blogs first thing in the morning to see who has posted something new and always am happy when I see one of your posts. So sorry about your grandmother. I know how hard it is to watch someone we love suffer. You have a great faith and you know she is in God's hands and I will also pray for her. All prayers help. What a wonderful give-a-way you are offering. I first found your blog via the Internet when you were organizing the last Tea Exchange. I took part in the exchange and was immensely blessed. I have had a difficult few years myself and reading your blog brings me joy. I am excited to enter your give-a-way and whoever is lucky to be selected will be extremely blessed. Take care dear Stephanie. Cheryl

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

So glad to hear from you. I have been thinking of you and hoping all was okay with you and your family. Happy 5 years!! Someone will be very blessed by your generous and lovely giveaway!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Congratulations on 5 years of blogging Stephanie! It brings sunshine to my heart to see you, Debbie and Kitty having gotten together, three lovely ladies. I'll bet it was through Kitty that I met you. :-)
Your poor Grandmother, the ups and downs of health and she is definitely added to my prayer list as well as your family for comfort during this time.
My husband coached our girls baseball team when they were your sons age and I loved the excitement of seeing kids doing their best. Congrats to him on a super game.
The winner of your draw will be over the moon with all you have tucked in the giveaway, a very generous one at that.
Enjoy your summer break sweet lady!

magnoliasntea said...

Hi Stephanie!
Congratulations on your five years of blogging! I have to say it's been a pure pleasure to read your lovely posts, and as I'm sure you know, I've enjoyed your Lord's Day posts immensely. Your giveaway is lovely and will make someone very happy, but I'm just popping in to say "Well done!". :)
I hope you have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is very colorful and a joy to read and look at. That is what I like about your blog.

Gail @Purple Hues and Me said...

Hello dear Stephanie! So sorry to hear about your grandma! Glad she is doing better! She is in my prayers. So happy to see you back to blogging - even if it's for a very short time. Happy blogging anniversary! I've enjoy reading about your adventures and beautiful life! Take care!

OhioLori said...

Happy 5th Blogiversary!! Thank you for chance to win such a Special Give-a-way!! :)

I have been a follower for over 2 years I think...don't remember how I found your Blog tho... LOVE your Blog..soooo many Beautiful things you share with all of us! Is like visiting a Dear Friend to spend time here.

Sending Hugs & Prayers toyour Grandma, and the Family & You... God is soooo Good! Miracles still happen every day..keep strong!

Dianna said...

First of all, dear one, I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. I will definitely remember her in my prayers. I will also remember your family at this time.

I actually remember the first contact we ever had. I was blogging under the name Joyful in His Presence and you left a comment for me, saying that you'd seen comments I had left on other blogs and I reminded you of your grandmother so you thought you would say hello. I was so honored and well, the rest is history. :)

Praying for your family.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Oh my sweet Stephanie, you know what an absolute honor and delight it was to meet you and your precious Mom. It was through you that your Mom and I became friends through your very first teacup exchange. We discussed when we were together that you and I must've met through our dear Sandi's tea party, and we have been friends ever since.
Your giveaway is just wonderful!!! Someone very special will be happy with all those pretty gifts.
I'm so sorry about your Grandma Dee Ann. Truly she is in God's hands, and prayers will continue for her.
On a happy note...hooray for your son and his grand slam! I know you're so proud of you sweet fella!
Love to you and congratulations on five years of blogging. You have joined many hearts together with your lovely teacup exchanges.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm glad you had time to update us on your summer. Love the sweet photo of you, your mother and our blog bud Kitty! How beautiful you all are. I'm very sorry your Grandmother is not doing well and I will keep her in my prayers. I have loved your blog for as all the time you've been blogging. You are always so feminine and sweet to all of us. I still remember when you said some special prayers for my son. (and he is doing much better) Love your wonderful Etsy shop and all of these wonderful ladies that have added their pretties to this Giveaway. I would be thrilled to win...I would do a happy dance! heehee! Thanks and Happy Blogging sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

Deborah Montgomery said...

Oh My! Such a thrill to see the three of you together, and to know that I have met all three of you in person, too. Oh how I wish I could have been there to give you each a big hug and thank you for being my very dear blog friends. So happy you were all able to get together. I know Kitty has been wanting to meet you all for a while.
Congratulations on your 5 years Stephanie. We should be sending you a gift for all the friendships you have created through your tea exchanges.
Praying for your family, your dear grandmother and mother, her caretaker, in the days ahead.
Have a happy, happy summer, enjoying your family and all the lovely, summertime activities.
Blessings and love, Deborah

Mimi said...

Dearest Stephanie, so much news from you. I will keep your Grandmother in my prayers and look forward to a time when you can join us more regularly again. Sending love, Mimi xxx

Margie said...

Happy 5th Blogiversary, Stephanie! I'm so glad that you were able to meet up with sweet Kitty while she was in Colorado. I'll remember your grandmother in my prayers. You put together an amazingly generous giveaway. Now I'm off to check out the different Etsy shops.

Kris Young said...

Dearest Stephanie you have been sorely missed!! I keep looking for an update and so I am happy to see you are safe and sound!! Tell your son I am a huge Rockies fan although now that I am out in Oregon, I can't see them on TV. My prayers for your sweet Grandma Dee Ann and for you and your family!! I found your blog when last fall Denise told me about your Tea Cup Exchange and of course I had the wonderful opportunity to be part of that very fun time this past spring!! You are loved!!

Brenda Fricke said...

Hi Sweet Stephanie! I can't remember exactly how I found your precious blog, but I'm so glad I did! Your sweet, kind, gracious spirit just radiates through the screen and you just can't imagine what a blessing this is to me. I so enjoy the beautiful crafts you create and how they inspire me. Your close relationship and love for your mother is ever so sweet to me, as I enjoyed the same with my dear mother until she she went home to be with the Lord, five years ago. I have missed your posts lately, but life is short. Summers are really short! You enjoy your precious son and husband and get to us when you can! We'll be here! I'm praying for your grandmother and family.

Anonymous said...

Hope your Grama is doing very well..Found your blog thru Kitty's Kozy Kitchen site, love it a lot..Happy 5th blogging anniversary!!!!!!!!!!! I am mjs from gingercat48@outlook.com would love to win the giveaway, wow whee, I am not talented like all the women who made the goodies...Have a glorious summer and love your blog!

Mari said...

Happy 5 years!
I'm sorry to hear of your Grandma. I'll pray for her and all of you too.
I don't remember how I found you, but I really enjoy the sweet spirit I feel on your blog, and I love the hymns you post!

jeanniemc said...

Hello Stephanie..What a joy to receive your post to my email...So glad for your post today...I started following you through other bloggers who had participated in your tea cup exchange! What a fun day I had reading & looking at all the tea cups exchanges! ( and discovering other blogs that I now follow) I can't remember if it was Bernideen, Lori or another blogger that I found your blog but I am so glad I did! I love your book reviews and plan to read some of the books when I can...but probably the best thing about your blog is the uplifting, encouraging words you share not only from the Bible but from your heart also..and I consider it a privilege to pray for others so will definitely pray for your Grandma and the family! I hope you will blog when you have time and as life permits...have a great rest of the summer! Hugs..

Tamago said...

It's so great to see your update, Stephanie! Sounds like you are enjoying summer. Very impressed that your son hit grand slam! He is really great player!
I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother's health condition. Sending prayers her way. I hope she gets better soon.

Congratulations on your blog anniversary! What a lovely giveaway :-) I'm so glad to have known you. You are very sweet and gracious lady, Stephanie! Wishing the best for your whole family xo

Pam Richardson said...

My sweet Stephanie, congrats on five years! I hope you continue to enjoy your summer sweet friend. Sending prayers for your precious grandmother! Hugs

Laura Lane said...

Father God, I pray that you will wrap Grandma Dee Ann in your Holy Spirit's love. Give her peace in her spirit. Lord please make her salvation sure. I ask for a miraculous healing in her heart, her valve and anything else that needs healing. I thank you for the love her family shares. Bless her Lord, I ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Hugs to you Stephanie!

Rose L said...

It is good to see you back again. I always know many will not post as often when summer arrives and travels and adventures begin! I have enjoyed the lovely weather and last Saturday I shared my wonderful garden with my friends by having a garden party! It was fun and enjoyed by all. Am working on plans for the week of July 24th. I turn the big 65 on July 24th! I plan to enjoy the rest of my years!

Maya Kuzman said...

Happy blogoversary Stephanie! Your blog is a true gem and an inspiration. Keep blogging!
I also wish a speedy recovery to your gran! God bless you all!

Barbara Neubeck said...

.. Hello Stephanie... I'm sorry to hear about you Grandma .. Prayers that the valve operation goes well for her. My husband is having a by-pass and a valve replacement next week. It is very stressful for families at times like this.
Congratulations on 5 years blogging.. a wonderful achievement.
I don't know how I found your blog ... or when .. it has been quite a long time now. I'm an intermittent blogger and I like your blog so I keep coming back to visit.
God Bless You... xxxx Barb xxxx

Amy at love made my home said...

Congratulations on your blogaversary! I hope that you will have many more great years of blogging. I love your kindness, it really shows through in your blog. Kindness is such an important thing to me and so I really appreciate yours. No idea how I found your blog, but I am glad that I did and can follow on Bloglovin with you.

I do hope that all will be as well as it can be for your Grandma whatever happens. Sending you all hugs and many good thoughts for things to be peaceful and filled with love.

Hugs Amy xx

Olivia said...

I've missed your posts, but totally understand how life goes. It sounds like you have been having a blessed summer, and it's so lovely to be here for your 5 year anniversary! I first came across your blog through another blog (http://www.readytobeoffered.com/) and have been enjoying it ever since :)

Olivia x

Gigi said...

Oh my, this is a gorgeous giveaway!
I came across your blog through the tea cup exchange. I enjoy the feminine touch it has and of course the way it relates to Christian living.
I hope you are blessed through this giveaway! It is indeed lovely.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Stephanie, HELLO!!!!!!!!! I wondered where you were, but like so many bloggers in my sphere of blogging, I assumed you had quit. It's great to hear you have been enjoying the summer past times that become life-long memories! Your son, he hit a grand slam? THAT WILL GO DOWN IN HIS HISTORY!!!!!

We've been having a glorious summer and I'm grateful to God for the sunshine that somehow stores all my memory, bringing back moments and special people to the forefront of my mind. May you forever have beautiful recollections.

What a giveaway!

Welcome back my dear, even if it's only for a short and indefinite period of time. MUCH LOVE! Anita

Anne Payne said...

Dearest Stephanie, I am so very sorry to hear about your Grandma Dee Ann's struggle with her heart. I will certainly pray for her. I've sort of been out of touch with everyone since my days in June were spent with my FIL in hospice. July snuck up on me is flying by at rapid speed like these yellow flies buzzing around and dive bombing me each time I walk out the door! :)

Happy Anniversary on 5 years blogging!!! You are one of the bright spots in the 'cyber' world and a definite joy to visit and talk to! Your love and enthusiasm for life and others sparkles like light beams reflecting on diamonds. I treasure your friendship! I don't remember exactly how I found your blog but it was probably through a tea cup post one of us linked up with long years ago. :-) Whatever way I found you, I'm thankful I did!

Much love to you~

Simply Linda said...

Stephanie....I figured you were busy and I didn't want to bother you, smiles. You know, come to think of it, we met 5 years ago when we moved here to NY...and you sent me a lovely packet of Valentine heart cutouts and bookmarks, which I still have, friend. Such lovely treasures...smiles

Keeping your grandmother in prayer. Let me bore you just a teensy bit...when my son was 6, he was just like your grandmother, up and down health wise, falling asleep in kindergarten. One day, I just couldn't take it anymore...after many months of testing, he was found to have a hole in his heart. A 2 hour surgery ended up being nearly 5+ as his aorta was bleeding into the wrong side. Oh, life will ever be different for him...no joining the military, no playing sports etc. and now he is having trouble finding a job, who wants to hire someone with a heart condition? Too risky.....anyways, Life is precious, friend...very precious. Just know I am keeping you and your lovely family in prayer. Love sweet friend. Sending you lots of love and hugs.

Melanie said...

Stephanie, I have had your sweet grandmother in prayer and I'm encouraged that she is doing better despite her heart condition. Please let your mom know that she (and you) are in my prayers as well.

I honestly don't remember how I found your blog. It seems like I've known you forever. It probably was a link from someone else's blog. What attracted me was your sweet spirit and the lovely things that you have sewn. I remember the first thing I read on your blog besides the current post was your tab about Grandma Betty.

Congratulations on 5 years! I've missed your regular posts and hope that you can get your computer issues fixed soon! Hugs

Creations By Cindy said...

So good to see you dear lady. You are missed my friend. Awe, I am so glad and jealous that you got to meet Kitty in person. She is such a precious soul. I feel as though I have known her for years myself as well as so many of my blogging friends. Sweet lady, I am praying for your grandmother and asking our Lord for His divine Will to be accomplished and to give her comfort and peace as well as the family. Glad to hear she is feeling better though even with such physical problems. Knowing that we all are in the mighty hands of God is so precious isn't it? What a precious giveaway. WOW! Lots of gifted and talented folks had their hand in this lovely giveaway. I met you through another blogging friend that was part of the teacup and mug exchange. Congratulations on your years of blogging dear lady. You are loved! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Conniecrafter said...

First of all a big Congrats to you on your Anniversary, I sure hope you are around for many years to come :)
Also big Congrats to your son, I can just see his face glowing after that grand slam, so glad you all are enjoying the summer time together!!
Prayers are continued to be lifted for your Grandmother, May God bring healing, peace and comfort!
I feel so honored that you asked me to be a part of your celebration!!
Take care my friend

Sara - Villa Emilia said...

Hello dearest Stephanie,
first of all: it was lovely to hear from you again... and to meet you on Instagram. :) I truly understand you can't have time for everything, but if you ever start posting on IG, we will see the most beautiful photos there...
Second: I know how awful it is, when someone dear has serious health issues. I too will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.
Third: Your giveaway is irresistible. Such wonderful items! I found your blog through Shane of Roses, Lace and Brocante, probably when she mentioned she was going to participate in "Roses of Inspiration"... and your blog is an ongoing inspiration, especially spiritually and craftwise. :)
Thank you! Blessings and hugs!

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Hello Stephanie, oh how wonderful to have met the wonderful Kitty in person, how fun! I bet you all had a fun time. It sounds like a nice but busy summer you are having. I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother being sick and I hope she recovers.
Wow congrats on 5 years of blogging. What an accomplishment. I have loved your blog since the beginning and love your wonderful friendships you have formed with us and especially through the fun tea cup exchanges. Thanks for the fun and wish you many more years of blogging happiness. Thanks for the chance to win your lovely giveaway.
Julie xo

Anna said...

Hi Stephanie !
Congratulations for your 5 years blogging and for delighted us with your beautiful creations and posts !!!
Hope you will continue to do so !

Mary Hutchins said...

Congrats on 5yrs of blogging!! You have a beautiful blog and I always enjoy visiting with you!!


Happy 5th blog birthday as I like to call it! Praying for your Grandma. How very fun to meet Kitty! So many lovely gifts for someone! I'm sure they will Love & Enjoy this giveaway. I enjoyed making the pocket letter for your giveaway. Please don't enter my name. Summer is a busy time of the year. Enjoy it! xo,

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Thoughts and prayers are definitely with your sweet Grandma and with you. And such a lovely giveaway to celebrate your blogging milestone! So many pretty things that anyone would love to win I know. To answer your question - I first 'met' you when I read on a number of blogs about the grand Tea Cup Swap and decided I simply had to take part. So glad I did - and so glad that I've 'met' you and made a new blogging friend!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

(please forgive me if this is a duplicate comment - I wrote one and think I forgot to hit the 'publish' button...oops!!). As I was saying....thoughts and prayers are with you and your sweet Grandma. And what an amazing giveaway to celebrate your blogging anniversary. I'm certainly happy to throw my name into the hat! To answer the question - I first met you when I started reading about your last Tea Cup Swap on a few of the blogs I visit. I've wanted to take part for the last couple of times you held it and finally took the plunge. So glad I did!! And even gladder that I now know you!!!

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Congrats on your 5th anniversary! I know it's hard to keep up with blogging when there is so much LIFE to live and things going on. I am saying special prayers for your grandmother. I found your blog via another blog I follow as you had made a comment that struck me.. so I went to check our your blog! Now I can't remember whose it was.. might have been Mountain Top Spice as she is a Christian lady and that is why I was drawn to your blog. I've only been a follower for a few months... I love your Etsy shop and will look at the other shops you highlighted with your giveaway. Everything is just sweet and gorgeous. Take care.. Marilyn @ Pink Paper Cottage in Oregon

Jill said...

So sorry to hear your grandma is not well, will definitely pray for her. Congratulations on your blog anniversary! :-) I am already a follower and as far as what do I enjoy about your blog... I would have to say everything. You are truly a kind soul that brings joy to others and brightens our days. I love your posts and seeing all your new creations and tutorials. Thank you for all you do! I'd love to be a part of the giveaway as there are many lovingly made items by more wonderful bloggers I follow too. Thank you Stephanie! Have a great evening!


Lea said...

Oh, I have sure missed you Stephanie but I so understand and we'll all be right here waiting on your return. So sorry about your Grandmother, praying she will make a turn around soon. And, Kitty was one of my ladies for the teacup exchange and I would love to meet her. It's such fun to meet blogging friends. Thinking of you with love and prayers.

Frances Lamparter said...

Happy Anniversary! Well done, Stephanie, five years! Prayers and good thoughts for your Grandma Dee Ann.

Your giveaway is so lovely! A beautiful collection of delightful things. The lucky winner will be thrilled. Thank you for all you do to brighten our lives. Fondly, Frances

Huckleberry stitches said...

Hi Stephanie! Well I am a follower and I found you when I was Blog hopping on day and so glad I found you! Yuor such a sweet soul. Thanks so much.

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

My goodness -- so much going on in your life! What a roller coaster ride with your sweet grandma. I know how that is -- never knowing what the day will bring so prayers for strength and wisdom as you all divide your time between family and other obligations. I love so much about your blog but definitely all of the time and effort you put into your posts with such beautiful photos. I'm a terrible photo-taker so I always admire those who do such a great job with that part! I love your Sunday hymn posts -- I grew up on all of those hymns and while I DO love the contemporary music, I still love the rich lyrics and doctrine and stories behind many of those hymns. How fun to have seen Kitty! She was my teacup exchange partner and I have so loved getting to know her and her adorable grandkids through her blog. Thank you for this sweet giveaway opportunity and congrats on 5 years!

Salinn said...

Happy 5 years!!! :)

All those items are so beautiful!!!

I found your blog through someone elses that I read, I don't remember who's though. I love your blog.

Daniela said...

I've been missing you so much, my Lovely Lady, since you and your blog have a special place in my heart, you know (I think your blog to be unique, it fills one's heart with inner Joy and blessings)!

As for your giveaway, actually I'm feeling in awe, ... so many goodies, all masterpieces of Blog-Friends I do estimate and love ... oh, I forgot my congratulations on your goal Dearie !

And finally, let me say that I will heartily pray for your beloved Grandma Dee Ann, may the Lord take care of her poor heart ...



Carla from The River said...

I just smiled reading what you wrote about your son and his Grand Slam.
I love it.
Sending prayers and love for you and your family,

Lorrie said...

Hello Stephanie,
Lovely to see a post pop up once again. Summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors and the wonderful weather. Congratulations to your son on his grand slam!
I think I connected with your blog via the Tea cup giveaway that I saw on so many of my blogging friends' blogs. I now follow you via Feedly.
I will pray for your dear Grandma.

Elizabeth Mary said...

Hello, dear Stephanie! It is pure delight to see a post from you! And what a lovely summer you are having with your family...congrats to your son on his grand slam! I'm sure he was over the moon excited {{smiles}}

I saw your dear mother's post on your Grandma...please know that I will be thinking of her and praying for her complete healing and for strength and comfort and rest for you all as you care for her and all that this time consists of. I truly hope she recovers completely and is able to get back to her normal self very, very soon!

You are way too kind, my friend, to be sharing such a beautiful giveaway...all these items are lovely beyond words! And each crafted by such talented hands {{smiles}}

I am a follower of your blog, and do believe that I came across your blog in 2014. It quickly became a favorite of mine and continues to be still. Your beautiful creations, gentle spirit, and encouraging posts always bring joy to my day, and that is a blessing, indeed!

Congratulations on 5 years of blogging and here's to many more!

Have a lovely weekend, Stephanie!

Love and hugs,

handmade by amalia said...

I was sorry to hear about your grandmother, Stephanie, you are both in my thoughts. A big hug.

baili said...

Happy anniversary to your enchanting place my friend !

your art work is magnificent .
loved the goodies .congrats to the happy bloggers!

Lori M. said...

What a sweet giveaway!
We already follow your blog...we think we found you through comments on Mrs.Henry's blog? But, we have always enjoyed your sweet blog and looking at all of your lovely handmade items...the Sunday posts, recipes, tutorials and more! Mostly, we enjoy you sharing your love of Christ and sharing it with others!
Happy 5 years of blogging! We are blessed to know you!
Many blessings~
Lori and all the Mayo Maidens xo

Anonymous said...

Dearest Stephanie ... thank you so much for an update on your grandmother. My prayers continue to be with your family during this time. And congratulations on your anniversary :-) I just enjoy visiting your lovely space ...

Tamara said...

Hello Sweet friend...
I have missed you so. I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother and will be praying for wisdom and healing. Hugs... Your meeting sounds lovely. What a special treat! Happy Bloggaversary! You have encouraged and blessed so many! Your give away is amazing but please don't enter my name.. I just wanted to come by and say hello! I've been off with my visits as the summer has taken me away in so many directions.

Love, hugs and blessings to you!

Lowcarb team member said...

Oh Stephanie, it was so nice to read this post.
Five years blogging, that is brilliant ... here's to many more.
Your give-away is amazing but please do not include me, I just enjoy visiting your blog.

I was very sorry to read about your Grandma and will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

All the best Jan

marilyn said...

What a fantastic give-away! Many thanks for the opportunity to win it. I would be thrilled if I did.

Red Rose Alley said...

Dear Stephanie, first of all, I wanted to tell you I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandma Dee Ann. I do hope she gets well, and Yes, I will definitely say a prayer.

Your son hit a home run? Yaaaaau! That is great! My son played baseball as well for a couple of years in school.

I would love a chance to win your Giveaway. It looks like a good one. Those Pink doilies are so pretty. And you know how much I love your tea coasters.

To answer question 2, not sure how I came across your blog. It was probably your lovely name, and since I'm a rose lover, it got to me right away. And the thing I enjoy most about your blog is YOU. You are one of the most gracious and kind ladies in blog land, and it's such a treasure to know you. I like your craft projects that you work on, and I appreciate your Sunday posts very much.

Happy July days, my dear.

love, ~Sheri

Anonymous said...

Praying for your family and Grandmother! I enjoy your blog because it is so cheery and full of encouragement! I love the photos of things too! It has blessed me some days when life can be full of disappointments. It's a place of refreshment in the Lord! Life gets busy, but will enjoy the new posts when you can!

The giveaway is so beautiful, of wonderful delights! Someone will be blessed to get this nice package of things!


Please only enter me one time. I know last week I tried to post but our computer was not working well. I tried to look if I actually posted and couldn't find it. It doesn't mean I didn't miss my post!

Mary E. Stephens said...

I suppose the giveaway is closed now, but that's OK. I just wanted to let you know I'll pray for you and your family and grandma. ((hugs))

I don't remember how I found you. A link from somewhere else on the web, no doubt. :-) I like your hymn posts the best. :-)

The Victorian Girl said...

I think I found your blog several years ago when I read about your Teacup Exchange on another blog. I was so excited and couldn't wait til another came along so I could participate! And as of now I have participated in five and looking forward to the next one. I also enjoy seeing all your cute creations.
This giveaway is really fantastic and some of my favorite bloggers are involved.
Sending prayers for you grandma.....

Lady Linda said...

Good evening dear Stephanie. I love how we met...you found my blog years ago and you won my give away. After that, it was all a delight, getting to know you and following you. Then all your teacup exchanges came my way. I just adore you and love your ministry. You have been there with prayers for me so very often and I just feel like we have known each forever.
Congrats on your blog anniversary.
I haven't been in touch very much lately, but you are always in my heart.
Love ya lots dear friend.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. My favorite is the vintage doilies,handkerchiefs,etc. My sisters led me to your blog.

Grace H. said...

Prayers for you Grandma! Can't imagine what you're going through.
I'm a follower! I think I found your blog by following a link from someone else's blog, and I loved it so I followed it! And then the teacup/mug exchange! Oh my! That's definitely my favorite part of your blog, although I love everything about it!

Roxanne C. said...

Dear Stephanie,
I follow your blog via email. I love all the lovely craft items you share via your blog. I cannot recall how I discovered your blog 4 years ago, but 12 days after the unexpected death of my husband, you shared "Safely Home" on your blog. That post gave me so much comfort. God bless you and prayers for your grandmother's recovery.

Micaela said...

Hi Stephanie,
Congratulations! Your blog is full of beauty and I adore to follow your posts.

Have an amazing day

Maristela Guilherme said...

Parabéns pelos 5 anos de blog.
Melhoras para sua avó.
Lindo kit para presente. Gostaria de ganhar.

gabriele segletes said...

Dearest friend-I have loved your blog since I discovered it several years ago ( wow, has it been that long?). I love your Godly personality and your sweet disposition! If you lived nearby, you'd be coming over for tea and cakes because I feel confident in saying that we have many similar ideas and interests. You also have such good taste in your sewing collections and choices in fabric--well I confess, I love all that is Stephanie!!

gabriele segletes said...

Oh, I forgot--I am putting your grand-mother on my prayer list!

allthingzsewn said...

I found you through the teacup exchange two years ago and have been following you every since. You always have the most upbeat conversations with us just like you are in the room. Your project are so soft and gentle, I always admire them.
I'm praying for your Grandmother. It sounds like you get a lot of your fun and ladylike ways from her.
Congratulations on your 5 years of blogging. I think I'm approaching three. I might try something like this too, I love to give back. Your gift is lovely and someone is going to be so pleased.
Hugs and Blessings

Sok Sareth said...

I totally hear you on having NO time to blog! I just made a post trying to catch everyone up on my happenings...I feel like I haven't made my blogging rounds in far too long!


Regina said...

Hello Stephanie,
I wanted to tell you I'm still praying for your grandmother. I can't remember if I entered the contest so here I am! I found your blog, maybe last year? I know it was throufh someone else's blog and she had posted about the tea cup exchange.
Anyway,my favorite part is the sewing tutorial. Your projects are perfect for those learning how to sew like myself. As a matter of fact, I'm going to attempt to make a tea cup coaster today if I can find the time.
Have a blessed day!

Diane said...

What a great contest. I think I found you on something having to do with tea. Thanks for picking me. Wink!

Karenann Sharrott said...

Congratulations on your five years of blogging! I love reading your blog, it always has such lovely and interesting topics. Thank you for such a lovely giveaway opportunity. It is very sweet of you to include us in your blogging anniversary that way!

Anonymous said...

Happy #5 Stephanie! Your blog is such a heartwarming delight. I enjoy your step by step sewing projects, your photos, recipes, book reviews and lots of other goodies you share with us. A friend told me about your tea cup exchange and blog and that's how I started following you. Prayers to you and your family. Thank you for bring such JOY to your site. Hugs, Susan

tealady said...

Glad to see you on again, hope all is well.

Rita P said...

Happy Summery Days to you Stephanie and Happy 5th Anniversary. Your blog, photos and items for sale just warm my heart. They are beautiful and truly speak to my heart. I don't even remember how I found your blog but I always enjoy it when a new post is sent out. The items I've ordered from you are so gorgeous and perfect for the loved ones I gifted them to. I will certainly pray for Grandma Dee Ann (my sister is Dee Dee Ann.) By any chance did Flight for Life bring her to Denver? Whenever I hear a helicopter I pray for the person they are transporting. I hope all is well with you and your family. Blessings to you!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Oh, my what a lot of lovely things for the lucky recipient! I really like your style of crafting and wish I could do things so pretty like that. I thought perhaps I was unsubscribed but then I see from this post that you have not posted in awhile. Thank you so much for sharing and if it is not too late I would like to enter my name in the drawing. Nancy

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