Stephanie's Corner - November Edition

Hello and happy day to you, friends!
Just one more day to enjoy in this beautiful month of November. . .
can you believe we have arrived to December?
My oh my, where has the year gone?

Thank you to all who entered the 
Hinds' Feet on High Places book giveaway.
As promised, the winner will be announced today
and I will do so at the end of the post.

Remember a few months back when I did a post
about things tickling my fancy?
Well, this post is going to be something like that.
In fact, I've decided to do a post like this
once a month or possibly every other month
about things I'm enjoying and about what's going on in my life.
So basically it's a post about fun randomness

Let's start with this delightful outfit that I bought from Zulily.
For years I've seen Zulily advertised and occasionally I would look at their things.
Well, one day I decided to give them a shot
when I found this charming jersey knit dress and scarf.

Now if you have bought from this website 
than you know sometimes it can take 3-4 weeks for your order to arrive.
I was aware of this when I ordered and in all honesty it didn't bother me.
But then I started reading reviews {after I placed my order}
and many people were saying the garments were not as described 
and often they ran small.
Well. . .
I started to worry about my order thinking the dress and scarf were going to be a flop.
I was pleasantly surprised, my friends,
and happy to say that both items were perfect.
The measurements were spot on
and the quality of both items were great.
Now I know not every order happens that way,
but after one purchase from Zulily 
I am looking forward to shopping there again in the future.

I have been busy practicing the piano for the holidays.
I found this version of Carol of the Bells on YouTube
and I have been hooked on David Hicken's music ever since.

So I decided to learn The Bell Carol for Christmas
along with a few other pieces written by David.
This song is one of my favorites and I never tire of hearing it.
You really must listen to it, my friends,
it's a beautiful version.

I shared with you on my tea cup and mug reveal post
that I gave Lauren a necklace with a special verse on it.
When I saw it in person {before I sent it to her}
I fell in love with it and decided to head back to the Etsy shop where I found it
and purchase one with my favorite hymn.
The Etsy shop is North Star Pendants.

I always purchase a yearly Christmas ornament for our tree.
One for my son and one for my husband and me.
This year I found one at Celestina's Etsy shop.
I fell in love with the sweet snowman family.

And speaking of Etsy,
some of my lovely blog friends have opened or reopened their shops.
If you have some free time and feel like shopping you should stop by.

My sister's birthday was this month so I made her a tote bag filled with all kinds of goodies:
an apron, zippered pouch, tea wallet, fabric basket, 
fabric coasters, mug rug, and a bookmark.

She is a big Star Trek fan so I purchased this fabric 
especially for her 

Let's see. . .
our cat family has grown.
As you know, we took in a cat that had three kittens 
just a few months after bringing her into our home.
Well, before we could get mama cat fixed she had two more kittens.
Yes, I was quite shocked!
I was told cat's could have kittens soon after their first litter,
but I didn't realize it could happen THAT FAST!

And dear friends,
I know there are some people out there that may want to "reprimand" me
for not fixing the mama sooner, but please don't.
What is done is done.
These kittens, all five of them, are being well taken care of
and they are very much loved by us.
I consider each one to be a precious gift.
Now back to the story about the two latest kittens. . .

My husband, son, and I came home from Sunday lunch with my in-laws
to find a sweet newborn kitten in the living room.
That night mama had another kitten and I must tell you
that mama didn't want anything to do with him.
She had him in the laundry room and left him on the floor in his sack.
She walked away while I rushed in to pull the sack off
so that he could breath.
I wrapped him up in a small hand towel 
and from that moment on he became my Little Burrito.
For the first month I had to watch the kittens like newborn babies.
I got up every 2-3 hours during the night to make sure they had milk
and that they went potty.
Mama had absolutely no interest in them so I had to take over for her.
Thankfully, I could pet mama and calm her into laying there to feed the babies.
It was a long and tiring couple of months,
but oh, what it ever worth it!

Meet Buttercup and Little Burrito when they were first born. . .

And here they are now. . .
happy and healthy.

Buttercup is the orange, white, and black one. . .

while Little Burrito is the black and white striped one.

You will notice Burrito looks just like Stripester
{the cat from the first litter}.
They take after mama.

Stripester has been like a second mom to the kittens.
You will find her cleaning them
and snuggling up with them during nap time.

So our family of cats has grown from 4 to 6.

There is never a dull moment in our household. . .
well, maybe only when they are sleeping.
I had to put my china tea cups behind glass
just to be safe.

And that's it for now, my friends.
Just a few things I'm enjoying from recent purchases
and a little bit of what's going on in my life. . .
essentially it's cats, cats, and more cats - HA!

Oh yes, now I will announce the winner
of the Hinds' Feet on High Places book.
The blessed and lovely winner is. . .


Before I send this book off I wanted to share something I read on my friend's blog.
And let me just clarify. . .
I read this book when I was a teen and when I received this copy to review
I read several chapters, but also skimmed over a few
simply because I thought I knew the story.
Sarah, from Lilacs and Springtime, reviewed this book
and she shared something that convicted me and I felt the need to share it with you
since you read my reviews.

She said,
"A little over half-way through this book 
I came across a conversation between the Shepard 
and Much-Afraid that made me uneasy. 
Much-Afraid declares that she would love the Shepard 
even if he chose to deceive her and he contemplates this possibility. 
Since the Shepard is meant to represent Jesus this truly troubled me. 
From reading God's Word 
I know that Jesus is the way, the Truth and the light (John 14:6). 
In Him there is no shadow of turning (James 1:17). 
It is absolutely impossible for God to deceive!"

I greatly appreciated Sarah's honesty
and I am sorry that I missed this critical information.

Have a wonderful and maybe even slightly restful day.
Duke has the right idea. . .

Please know that I am simply sharing what is "tickling my fancy at the moment"
and I am not being paid for sharing these particular items
nor are the links affiliate links.



Linda said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! {{did you hear my shrills all the way from western NY? GIGGLING}}--you are just too sweet, Stephanie...truly you are...a perfect way to recover from such a serious operation, I thank you sweet friend...I do believe I have turned the corner this week...not wanting to make it over acting on my part, just keeping it truthful.

Your cats/kitties have made me smiled....your photos and life stories always do...Zulily is just lovely, isn't it? I have bought some things from there as well...

I do hope you have a lovely day friend. smiles

Linda said...

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your lovely sister, smiles..

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Hello Stephanie, I enjoyed visiting you today. Oh you sound so busy with all of the cats and kittnes. I love your new outfit on you and the snow looks so pretty. I Hope you have a wonderful week and a happy start to December.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love this post with just things from your life. Those kittens are so sweet and I admire you for taking such good care of those babies. So much love coming your way from all that furry sweetness. Hugs!

Sarah said...


Your new dress is beautiful! What a treat to see your snowy surrounding too. We have only had a little snow so far that has melted quite quickly.
Oh my goodness! Your kittens are adorable!! I have a weakness for cats and as a teen my sisters and I, collectively, had six cats. I loved the picture of them all sleeping on your bed!
May you have a blessed day!

Elizabethd said...

Such a pretty dress, Stephanie.
Oh my...what a lot of cats in your family!

Pam said...

Oh my you are blessed with a houseful of furbabes! Buttercup I think might be a Tortie. My kittens mom was a Tortie but dad was a tabby. She looks like a colorful tabby! HAHA....the dress is beautiful. Looks great out there in the snow. Hoping you have a wonderful day.

Billie Jo said...

Sweet friend,
I adore you kittens!!!!!
How very blessed they are to be cared for in your cozy, loving home.
And Zulily!
I love it!!!!
I have been happy with all my purchases.
It is quite addicting. ; )
I so enjoyed this post, Stephanie.
Looking forward to more!
Happy (almost) December!!!!!!

Prunella Pepperpot said...

Hello Stephanie, your new dress is lovely, it reminds me of a Laura Ashley.
Your kittens are adorable and they couldn't wish for a lovelier home.
Enjoy your day :)

Bernideen said...

What a lovely photo of you in that dress! Lovely! I also loved the music and it sounds very Transiberian Orchestra!

Cranberry Morning said...

What a fun post! And you look darling!! Thanks for the video of David Hickens. He will be on my Pandora and Spotify lists for sure! xo

Cranberry Morning said...

Have you read the classic kids' book, "Millions of Cats?" Hundreds of cats, thousands of cats, millions and billions and trillions of cats! It's the cutest book! xoxo

Tamara said...

Good morning Sweet friend...
I'm so out of touch as I was traveling for a month and then came home to much work to do with visitors and the holiday approaching. How I have missed my visits to your blog! What sweet sweet kitties! and what a wonderful job you did nurturing them. I understand the work involved. My daughter and I raised some abandoned cottontails that didn't have their eyes open when we found them. Isn't it so rewarding to help take care of God's little creatures?

What a lovely gift bag with accessories that you made for your sister! Such talent and thoughtfulness <3

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! I wish I could hear you play your piano piece for Christmas.

Wishing you a blessed rest of the week.


Debbie Harris said...

Awesome post!!
Though I am around the life of your many loved cats I couldn't help but laugh as I read what you were sharing, but also cried a little bit. I remember those days when it was critical in the lives of "little burrito and buttercup"
God has given all six of those precious kitties a loving and warm home, not to mention the joy He has put in your own hearts.
That photo of all six at their bowls cracked me up!!
I love reading what "tickles your fancy" just a fun post. :-)
Have a wonderful and blessed day!
Love you~ mom

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I enjoyed this fun post!! Wow..the cats! Love it.

Mari said...

I love your dress and scarf, and you make a lovely model!
That necklace is perfect, especially with that phrase on it.
Such cute kittens!

Creations By Cindy said...

Oh I have enjoyed your post dear lady. Love all the pictures. I really love that necklace, It is well with my soul. That was my motherinlove's favorite song. The dress and scarf are both so very pretty. I do not like ordering clothes through the mail in fear of it just not fitting too. So glad it worked for you. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Lowcarb team member said...

I so enjoyed reading your post.
Your new dress is just lovely, I do like the pattern on it.
Your kittens are so sweet, lovely photographs.

Enjoy these last November days.
My good wishes

All the best Jan

Linda S. said...

I love your post and your kitty additions! HA! Wonderful! What a full house you have now! :-)

krishna said...

You are looking gorgeous in the dress..

Debby Ray said...

Oh my...so much to comment on...this was such a fun post! First of all, it looks like this gorgeous dress from Zulily was made especially for you! It is stunning and you look stunning in it! And your hair has gotten so long! I just love that pendant and I an going over there and look for one right now! Those darling kitties...oh my word, they are adorable and I didn't know about those two new little guys...I musty have missed that post! And finally, I love the Carol of the Bells and if you can play or even try to play that version, my hat is off to you! You really must post a video of you playing sometime!

Anonymous said...

I love your dress/scarf - you look lovely. How precious the necklace is too. Well, you have caught up with me now! Six cats. They are the cutest. I would love them all, too. Thanks for sharing the video. Congrats to Linda.

sarah said...

Six cats! Good heavens, you are truly heroic! I love your dress.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I just love random posts and yours is so full of goodness! Your dress and scarf are just so pretty and perfect on you. I have seen Zulily all over the internet but haven't tried their clothes yet. It's so fun to get something pretty in the mail. And that necklace you bought so surprised me when I saw it. On Sunday we sang the song "It is Well With My Soul", one of my most favorites. I made a note on the bulletin to find something with those words that I could keep as a reminder. Well, of course I went to Etsy and sent my husband a bunch of links as hints for Christmas! I checked out all the other Etsy shops you listed....I love finding new shops to shop in! My husband and son are Star War fanatics too. I just love all the things you made out of that fabric. And oh, those new kitties are just adorable!! I so miss mine being little. You are brave to take on 6 cats. The pictures are so endearing. After your last post on Hinds Feet on High Places I went online and ordered it for my granddaughter's 13th birthday. The images and symbolism in it are things I want her to remember and hopefully turn to Jesus one day. So sweet Stephanie, your posts always touch my heart and life in many ways! Sorry, this is so long!!

Debby in Kansas said...

Do you remember where you found that Star Trek fabric? My husband would love just about anything made with that. I bet it was fun to sew with something so different from your feminine norm. I usually use a lot of earth tones & recently sewed with a hot pink swirly fabric. I couldn't help but smile even though it was not my thing at all. I rather enjoyed it!

Your cat line up in the kitchen reminded me of my family's feline overload. We had 2 dogs & 6 cats/kittens. They were all rescues & I thought my dad was going to run away from home. He was so angry that we kept bringing home pets that needed us. Then, one day, I got home and he was sound asleep on the sofa with the 3 smallest kittens all curled up around his neck and one on his chest!! They all lived to ripe old ages...the smallest kitten that we didn't think would make it lived to be 22! Every one of them was such a little joy...even the little stinker that couldn't leave the toilet paper roll alone lol. Confetti anyone?!

Cheryl said...

Oh, those precious kittens! And, to think how much loving care you have poured into these special, very wanted-and-loved-by-God little creatures! Bless you, my dear, sweet, compassionate friend! You are a gem! I loved seeing all the photos of your sweet fur babies and also so enjoyed seeing your beautiful home scenes in the background. It is just so lovely...all of it...your home, your dear kitties, and your beautiful, loving heart! You are a shining light of Jesus' love, and I love and appreciate you so very much! God bless you over and over again. :)

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

My mind is old so I'm sure I'm going to forget some of what I want to say BUT, that piano music . . . oh my! I think if you put ME out in that place I would LEARN to play haha! Now is the guy playing the one who wrote it? Okay, weird statement here but his fingers are 'chubby' . . . don't piano players usually have long, slender fingers lol?? Well OBVIOUSLY that's NOT true because I could listen to this forever. I'll be heading to YouTube to check out more. I love that song ANYWAY but wow - that was so beautiful. Thank you sweet Stephanie for sending traffic my way for my shop! I'm so glad you got yourself a necklace - I LOVE mine. When I'm not wearing it, I hang it over a book on my writing desk because it looks so pretty as a decoration too. And your kitties . . . well. I am not a cat person but my goodness, they sure are cute and that pic of them all scarfing down dinner just cracked me up. I can't believe all you did for those two little ones! Well, you and your cats crack me up!

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

OH see I DID forget something. Zulilly. I bought several things from them and did find they run small but I ordered a size up. Two dresses I bought I have had for years and wear them all summer long. One top never, ever showed up and yes, there is no real customer service. One top was so small I could maybe have used it as a leg warmer. Just one leg warmer. So I donated it. I think they are definitely hit-or-miss but when it's a hit, it's great. I just try to buy things now that have detailed reviews.

magnoliasntea said...

Love the November Edition post! Your outfit is stunning and how lovely that you have snow. I adore the Star Trek items for your sister. I'm not a Trekkie myself, but everyone else in my family is so we have quite the collection of Star Trek memorabilia.
Have a lovely rest o' the week!

Regina said...

Oh those kitty cats are so, so cute! They remind me of my Kirstie. Kirstie "helped" with the shirt apron tutorial I did a few weeks ago.
Oh and I love your new Zullily outfit. You look so pretty!

Kate Yetter said...

You are so talented!I am loving the Star Trek themed gift set you made for your sister. My hubby and I are the trekkies in our house ;)
And that dress looks stunning on you! I am always eyeing items from Zulily.
Have a great rest of the week.

Margie said...

What a pretty new dress! I've seen Zulily online, but the high international shipping fees usually prevent me from ordering. The new kittens are an adorable addition to your family. I'm also starstruck by the Trekkie-hemed gift that you gave your sister.

Lea said...

I have ordered from Zulily as well. Have you ever checked out Jane.com? If not, you should and their shipping is much quicker than Zulily. Oh, my, at the cats. They are so cute but I am glad they are yours and not mine. :o)) Loved all that is "tickling your fancy" lately. Blessings abundant!

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Your dress is lovely, dear Stephanie, and you look so pretty out there in the snow with your little kitty. How wonderful that you play the piano. The piece is beautiful. Love the fabrics you use - the Star Wars fabric is great and all the things you made will be much loved, I'm sure. You have been one busy little 'Mama' - those are the luckiest little kitties and all so sweet. I used to have a houseful of kitties when the children were young, but now I have just one and she is 18 years old. She's lived out all her nine lives :) Hope you have a lovely week, filled with blessings. xo Karen

Rose L said...

Such a cute "furry family" you have! I find each one always has their own personality and they bring delight and laughter into a home!!

Anna said...

Great pictures !
Your dress is lovely and your cats cute !!!!!
Have a cozy day !

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

How darling you look in your new dress and scarf, Stephanie!! Your hair is getting so long!
Your sister is one lucky lady to get all those special gifts made just for her.
What a loving caregiver you are to those sweet kitties. You have one busy household, but I know you love it.
Also, the necklace is so perfect for you, sweet friend.
Thank you for the Carol of the Bells while I read your post. I wish I could hear you play it! Love and hugs to you......

Jill said...

Lovely dress and scarf! I've heard of zullily but haven't ordered anything from there yet. Thank you for the Etsy links I will have to check them out, I love supporting small businesses. :-) The cats are absolutely adorable!! What a sweet addition to your family. I'd love to hear you play the piano, perhaps a video you could share :-) It's such a beautiful instrument. I love the piano guys too... I enjoy all types of music. The Celtic woman is another of my favorites. Have a wonderful day!


Henny Penny said...

You look absolutely beautiful in that dress from Zulily. You could be a model, you know. What a kind heart you have...taking care of so many kittens. How do ever get anything done? They are adorable! You are such a sweet person, and you have a very sweet blog.

Ang Specht said...

Carol Of The Bells is my favorite Christmas song. :) It is so pretty, no matter who does it. And, funny thing...I had my eye on that snowman ornament made by Celeste...and then someone bought it. That someone was YOU! Great minds think alike! ha, ha!

Debbie said...

so much fun....those kittens are adorable!!!

Deborah Montgomery said...

Oh Stephanie, if it hadn't been for your loving care those two kitties, especially Burrito, wouldn't have made it. They're adorable. I have my kitty on my lap right now. I'm thinking you all will have a couple of kitties for each lap! And your hair has grown so much! You look beautiful! i thought your short hair was nice too, but I know how you weren't as happy so I'm glad for your sake that it's grown out. Pretty dress. I love that it has elbow length sleeves. And that piano music was beautiful! Loved hearing it. I'm so amazed watching pianists' fingers, and the skill. Thanks for sharing your happy things, looking forward to more. xo Deborah

Tamago said...

You look beautiful in your new dress and scarf, and long hair :-) Glad the dress fits you perfectly. It’s often difficult to get clothing that fits well online. Your kitties are all so adorable! I love the name “Burrito” :-) The photo of all of them dining together is so precious! They do look very happy and healthy :-)

Vee said...

Congrats to Linda! She certainly deserves the blessing. (Hiya, Linda! Gotta say hello when you can.)

What?! Have you hastened your little mama to the vet now? I am not surprised that she reneged on her second batch of kittens coming that close. Oh my! What a story! You’re going to be very busy keeping kitties and mama fed and in kitty litter. 🙃 This sounds like something that would totally float my daughter’s boat.

Loved your modeling of the Zulily dress. I love their fashion sense and often want to dress John’s great-grandgirlies with their line.

Have a sweetly blessed Advent season!

Lorrie said...

I do enjoy these kinds of chatty posts, Stephanie. It's a great way to get to know a little bit more about bloggers. You look lovely in your Zulily outfit. I've noticed their ads on Pinterest and they do look attractive.
My, you must be busy with all those cats!

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Stephanie, I'm so glad those cats landed with you! You've certainly gone above and beyond with them - checking every few hours through the night! Warms my heart.

Paige said...

Your new dress is so cute and I like the way you styled it, hair and all! :) The song is lovely; It's one of my favorite songs and in the future (perhaps next Christmas?) I hope to play it on hammered dulcimer! Your kitties are sweet and the gift for your sister is fun - I'm sure she will be excited to receive it!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Oh my! So much happening in this post! First, congrats to sweet Linda! I'm so thrilled she was the winner of the book, it will be such a blessing to her as she is recovering from surgery! I read Sarah's comment that you shared about the book, and was surprised to read that, and do not remember reading that in the book. I agree with her opinion, of course, but I think that most analogies fail in some way too. Overall, I did find this book to have much to learn and apply in my own life.

Those kitties! Oh my goodness, you surely have been busy! I know just how it is like taking care of a little child, and so sad the mother abandoned them! Bless your heart for being so kind and generous and loving to all these precious kitties! I just loved seeing how Stripester kind of took them under her wing, just precious!

I have never ordered from Zulily, although I have seen things advertised that looked so cute. I think you looked just darling with your new outfit on and I love the snowy background too!

I love Carol of the Bells, and had never heard of this composer and the video is amazing! I would love someday to hear you play :) My daughter loves to learn new composed music, and I will show this video to her :)

I love this new "series" of yours, and will look forward to more installments!! Many many blessings and hugs to you today :)

Big Rigs 'n Lil' Cookies said...

What cute kittens... so adorable!!
Thanks for sharing about Zulily. I've seen them and wondered if they were reputable. I will give them a chance next time something grabs my attention!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

So many reasons to say 'awwww' right out loud when I was reading this post! All those pretties and cute kitties too - just awwwwww.

Polly said...

Oh Stephanie, what a lovely caring job you did with the kittens, they look very well and content, well done. Your dress and scarf look gorgeous.

Kris said...

What a wonderful, wonderful post, my sweet friend!! I am wayyyy behind in visiting my favorite friends' blogs and so I am late in telling you how much I loved this post!! Your kitties (all of them) are darling!! I love your quilt and the gifts you made for your sister are perfect!! I'm still wearing the same tee-shirts I've had for 25 years!! Can't remember the last time I bought anything fun!! I did buy 3 new sweatshirts though because I am alway freezing out here!! And how cool would it be to be playing such incredible music out on a bluff as the waves crash into to accompany the piano? Warm hugs!!

Blue Jeans And Teacups said...

My dear Stephanie, I was browsing your blog looking for something when I came across this post. Can not believe I had missed it. What fun to read about your family additions! They are all so adorable. And now I understand Burrito's name. Stripester is such a blessing to the new ones. Happy, happy days!

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