6 Days Of Yo-Yo Fun.....Yo-Yo Cards

May your Christmas
be as sweet as you!

Hello, friends!
And welcome to day 4 of the 6 days of yo-yo fun.
Today's creation is ever so "sweet" and easy.

I made a simple card with some card stock
and added a yo-yo lollipop to it.
Click HERE to find out how to make a yo-yo.

I printed out the words
"May your Christmas be as sweet as you"
and applied them to the card.

I applied a strip of red card stock to the bottom
along with some rhinestones
to finish off the look.

And the creativity doesn't stop there.
I also made some cards with yo-yo snow ladies on them.

Once again, I used card stock to make the cards
and on them I added a snow lady made out of 3 fabric yo-yo's.
You will also see I used a strip of burlap lace on the card.

Her eyes are made with rhinestones,
she has a felt nose,
tinsel and berries adorn her neck,
and there are buttons on her middle.

Her arms are lovely little roses.

And to finish off the card
I added wooden hearts to it.

You warm
my heart.

I can't thank you enough for visiting, sweet friends.
May you have a most beautiful day!
Stop by tomorrow to see what day 5 is 
of the 6 days of yo-yo fun.


In case you missed the first three days:



Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie, These are so adorable. Your creativity just makes me smile! Hope you have a lovely day.

Lisa said...

I'm loving your yo-yo crafts, Stephanie! You're so creative!
Hugs from Loveland!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

I'm a bit late in visiting your yo-yo fun, but how exciting to see the gorgeous projects you making with yo-yos! I just spent a craft day with a friend of mine who showed me how she makes yo-yos and I am currently working on making a yo-yo table topper! It is so much fun to make these yo-yos and the possibilities are endless! Can't wait to see the rest of your 6 days of creativity!

Anonymous said...

the yo yo creations you have been sharing are beautiful, so creative! I love them,, I remember a quilt my mum had that was made eons ago by my great gramma made of yo yo's, it must have taken forever and a day,, but what a lovely effect! Thank you for sharing!

Kate said...

You have such great ideas for yo-yos! :)

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

STOP! These are adorable. Just when I think, 'well what ELSE could you do with yo-yo's", you amaze us again. I LOVE the colors of the papers and fabrics - so retro/vintage!

Cheryl said...

Oh, how cute! I LOVE the little lollipop! Your endless creativity just warms my heart...just like the card says! God bless you, sweet friend. :)

Jennifer Gail said...

Very nice Stephanie.

Margie said...

How cute! I especially like the snow lady yo-yos.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

What fun! I love the lollipops. I don't like the real thing, so these are perfect!!

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

These are just great! I think you could do more than SIX days of yo yo's!!! I look forward to each of your posts. Love the snow lady! What a darling idea. You must sit and make yo yo's for hours on end...... I would love to do it in the evenings but don't have a very good light to work by... so need to remedy that! Do you use a yo yo maker or just cut the circles by hand or on a cutting machine? I do have a Cricut so could probably use that. I even did a blog post a few years ago about making yo yo's but do you think I've made any since then??? NO! I need to get busy as these cards are such a delight! Oh... and I received my Etsy order from you today and love it all.. thank you for the extra little treats too.... Hugs.. Marilyn

Kris said...

You are turning me into a believer!! Darling, darling projects!! Love the lollipops!!

Anonymous said...

Those cards are lovely! Yo-Yo crafts remind me of my dear grandmother. Thank you for the sweet message you sent me. We welcomed a sweet baby girl into our family earlier this year. With a baby and a 2 year old I've been very blessed and very busy! I hope you are well. Hugs to you. - Lauren

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Very cute. I am really enjoying all of your yo-yo creations!

Kate Yetter said...

These are so lovely! I am loving your background papers.

Conniecrafter said...

Both cards are so cute, I will have to say I love the snowlady, she is so sweet!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

My, you are ever so creative with those adorable cards, my friend! How you think up these magical things, amazes me!!

My thrift store addiction said...

These are just as sweet as can be! I have large bag of yo-yos I picked up thrifting and you've inspired me to pull it out ;) Thanks for sharing!

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