Stephanie's Corner - January Edition

A big and happy hello to you, 
sweet friends and faithful followers, 
and Happy New Year!
I can't tell you how nice it is to be back to blogging
for I have truly missed all of you.
How are you?
I hope you enjoyed the holiday season
and I trust your New Year is off to a beautiful start.

All is well here in the mountains although it's been rather dry.
On Friday when I looked out my living room window 
all I saw was brown grass and mud in the yard,
but yesterday after days and weeks of no snow we got about 1-inch.
It's been such a crazy year concerning the weather.

Christmas was. . .different.
My darling husband and I had plans to spend Christmas Day 
with my husband's family, but sadly, 
I was sick that day and for most of the week.
I slept all week and when I was awake 
my husband, son, and I enjoyed time by the fire 
while watching the Dick Van Dyke show.
While it was a very low-key week,
it was ever so nice to simply spend time with my two loved ones.

And speaking of Christmas,
several of you asked about a Christmas dress for this year.
Yes, I did follow tradition and get an outfit from ModCloth.

I found this lovely dress in my favorite shade of green.
While the top of the dress is black
the bottom half is made with a beautiful green silk.

I also purchased the sweet peter pan collar cardigan from ModCloth
along with the booties that are a lighter shade of green.

The New Year was brought in quietly with a night at home with my hubby and son.
The three of us enjoyed snacking on goodies while playing games,
and then I read until well past midnight.
And speaking of reading,
I read a few books over the holidays
and you can find the reviews here.

I would love to hear about your holiday festivities, my friends.

I spent about 2 weeks in my craft room
sewing and creating new handmade treasures for my Etsy shop.
Here is a little peek at what's listed in my shop.

Valentine's Day Goodies

Pretty Wreaths

Shabby Journals

Tote Bags

Tea and Coffee Delights


The cats are doing well
and keep us laughing with their antics.
Just the other day Burrito gave me a good giggle.
I placed some dresses on my craft table to iron
and after leaving them there for about 30 minutes
I went back to find a little surprise.
I started to pick the pile of dresses up
only to feel something warm and wiggly inside. . .

Why hello, Burrito!
Doesn't he look warm and cozy 
all tucked up inside my dress?

Buttercup, also known as Nutter Butter,
has quite the personality.
She loves attention, 
but it seems she can never sit still long enough 
{unless she is sleeping} to enjoy the attention.
She is an active cat that is into everything.

Don't you just love her coloring?

Stripester and Burrito look like twins
and they are both incredibly sweet and affectionate.

Here is Stripester. . .

And here is Burrito. . .

That's Duke sleeping on the chair.
Duke is precious and he is definitely "my boy."
Every morning he joins me in the bathroom 
while I do my hair and makeup.
He sits on the windowsill patiently waiting for some love and attention,
and when he gets it, look out!
He won't leave me alone.
He likes to sit on my bed and if I get close he will stand up
and reach his paws out for a hug.
It's the cutest thing!

The cats seemed to enjoy their Christmas goodies. . . 

And Melly enjoyed the Christmas tree.
Whenever she "disappeared" all we had to do was look under the tree
and there she was all snuggled up.
Melly tends to keep to herself,
but oh, how she adores my hubby.

I shared with you that I was working on 
"The Bell Carol" composed by David Hicken
to play on the piano during the Christmas season.
Many of you asked if I could record myself.
Well. . . 
my dad came over to my home and recorded me playing it.
This is the first time I have ever done something like this
and believe it or not, I was terribly nervous - HA!
There may be a mistake here and there,
but here you go, my friends,
I am giving you what you asked for. . .please enjoy.

And I think that's all for now.
It's very nice to be blogging again
and I am anticipating great things for my blog this year.
I know I have said this before,
but I want you to know {again} that it's you, sweet friends,
who make this blog possible.
Thank you for following along and supporting all that I share.
I hope all of you know how much you mean to me!

Love and hugs!


magnoliasntea said...

Oh my heavens, I love, love the video of you playing The Bell Carol your baby grand. It's just wonderful, and I'll be watching/listening over and over. Thank you for sharing it with your readers. Lovely, lovely.
Love your goodies for the shop especially the bags. I'm a bag-a-holic.
Have a lovely week!

Sylvia said...

That was beautiful, Stephanie. Growing up I wanted to play the piano but never learned so if there was a mistake I didn't hear it. All I heard was pure joy!

hobbyloes said...

Hi, Stephanie, glad you're back and better. I like your dress with the green cardigan, it is a beauty!♥♥♥
We were also both sick after Christmas.
I enjoyed your lovely post, it makes me happy.

Debby Ray said...

Oh my good gracious! Is there no end to your talents?! That was beyond fantastic, Stephanie...weren't your arms and hands tired after all of that? Well, I say BRAVO, BRAVO! And thank you so much for posting this as we requested. Well, I'm pretty much speechless after all of that but will say that I am glad you are back from your break and feeling well again. And I absolutely LOVE your highlights... you look so much more like your beautiful mom now! The kitties are just too precious and I see that Burrito got his name quite honestly! Have a lovely week, sweet friend! ♥♥♥

KimM said...

So happy to hear you're better - and - HOLY SMOKES!!! You've been busy!!! And such talent!!!!

Daniela said...

How glad I am to have you back, precious friend of mine!
You know, I also was sick with a bad flu during the Holidays, together with all my family, alas, this time was the first I happened in my life, but I felt quite sad ...
So many relatives and friends of ours were ill too, it was something epidemic, but now we're all well, thanks Godness :)!

Dearie, your talent knows no bounds and believe me, you're always in such good company, your cats are all so, so wonderful, they're grown so fast!

May your new Year be filled with many blessings, Sweet Stephanie !

Always thinking of you with much love,
I'm sending hugs and more hugs to you


Debbie said...

your christmas dress is beautiful!! i have the tote bag that you made, in purple and i absolutely love it!! i use it everyday for my current knitting project!!!

wonderful to see you today!!

Sarah said...


Wow!! You are truly a gifted pianist! It was a treat to hear you play so beautifully.

Your cats are growing quickly. Each one is adorable. : ) I think our cat has cabin fever. He hates the snow, but is weary of being inside.

Your Christmas outfit is lovely! And your hair looks beautiful too!


Linda S. said...

I love seeing the cats! so cute! glad you are over your illness.

Loved the piano piece! You play very well....I would love to get a copy of that piece. Can you tell me where you purchased it? Thanks!

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

OH.MY.GOSH.!!!! David Hicken has NOTHING on you girl!!! I had chills watching you play that!! Wow. I'm in awe. Now about that Christmas outfit -- A D O R A B L E! I'm just sorry you were too sick to go out for the holiday but sounds like it ended up being a nice, cozy time inside with your two men :) My goodness those kitties are livin' the dream hahaha! My little cocker spaniel refuses to move in the morning when I make the bed so often, I have to make it 'around' her, pushing and moving her from one spot to another on the bed so I can make it but she usually ends up with just her little brown snout sticking out from the duvet and throw. Punk. Love all the pretties in your shop -- you have been quite busy! Our snow melted and is now being washed away by downpours of rain and 50 degree temps -- woo hoo!! I know winter isn't gone but it's so nice to have a little reprieve!

sarah said...

So much loveliness! You are really talented in many ways. I'm sorry you were sick over Christmas, but it sounds like you found a way to make the holiday season gently lovely anyway. So nice to see you back writing here.

sarah said...

I really have to add, that piano playing was extraordinary. I was genuinely quite blown away!

mamasmercantile said...

The wonders of technology, it was a joy to hear you play the piano and I am so thrilled that you shared this with us, I felt honoured to listen to you. I am glad you are feeling better and have managed to get back to crafting, your projects are always so inspirational. Take care.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

That was great!! I am a piano player too and it would take me hours and hours to learn that. Love the arrangement! Really enjoy seeing all the pretty things you make also. Thanks for sharing! Nancy at http://cozythymecottage.blogspot.com/

Anne Payne said...

BRAVO!!!!! BRAVO!!!! BRAVO!!!!
{{big smile}}
WOW!!! You are amazing! It gave me chills. The piano is my all-time favorite instrument. Thank you for sharing this, Stephanie! Really. It blessed my heart to hear you play. God gave you a beautiful gift! Love you, my friend~

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Hello Stephanie, so sorry to hear that you were sick for Christmas! The Christmas dress is so pretty and I too love that shade of green. Wow you have been so busy crafting some beautiful goodies. The cats are so cute and I know you are enjoying them. I really enjoyed listening to you play the piano and you are just so talented. It's always fun to curl up and read a good book and I hope to get back to it now that the holidays are over. Take care and be well.

Vee said...

That was great! Thank you. Creative people usually have multiple talents.

So nice to find you here again. (Sorry about the Christmas interruptions. Sounds as if you made the best of the situation.)

Creations By Cindy said...

I am so glad you shared your beautiful playing with us. What a wonderful pick me up this afternoon. There is nothing worse that being sick during the holidays. Well, being sick at all! I remember once being so sick during Thanksgiving and it was awful. There is so much sickness going around these days. Love the pictures and that adorable dress. It looks so pretty on your tiny little beautiful frame. I really adore those shoes! Happy Day to you dear lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Celestina Marie said...

BRAVO my talented Friend!!!!! Loved the piece you shared and I know now much practice it takes to master The Bell Carol. Beautifully done and I loved it.

Love your dress!! What a gorgeous color green and you look stunning in it too. Sorry you were sick at Christmas but so glad to know you enjoyed a beautiful time with your hubby and son just the same.
All your pretties in your shop are outstanding and I know you have been very busy.

The kitties are all too adorable and enjoyed seeing the sweet photos of them too.
So nice to see you today and love that you called this post Stephanie's corner. So fitting too.

Wishing you all the best in the new year and beyond. May many blessings fill your days.
Sending love your way!! xoxo

Simply Linda said...

You play the piano so beautifully, I am always at awe of folks who can play it. Me, not so much {{big smiles}}. I just love the look you gave after you finished it, smiles.

I hope the new year brings you much love and happiness, smiles.

Elizabethd said...

Lovely playing Stephanie, I did enjoy the video.

Sandi said...

I'm sorry you were sick over Christmas, but that actually sounds very relaxing. I was sick for Thanksgiving and, while hubby and the kids went over to grandma's, watched TV and enjoyed the blessed quiet. It was kind of wonderful. :)

Lowcarb team member said...

Lovely to see this blog post and catch up on how you've been doing this Christmas and New Year.
It doesn't seem possible that we are now looking forward to Valentines Day your gifts in your shop look lovely.
So good to see your cats too, they each have their own personality.

... and finally that was beautiful, seeing and hearing you on the piano.

Enjoy the remainder of January.

All the best Jan

Lea said...

Okay, let me see if I can remember all I want to comment.......first, you just have talent oozing out of you! Thanks for sharing the piano solo with us, just gorgeous! And, you are sooooo cute in your pretty, pretty green dress, just lovely! Then all your beautiful items for your Etsy shop, my goodness, that represents so much work. And, those cute kittens! Blessings Stephanie and I think and pray for your precious Mom so often. You both are some of my favorites!

Kate said...

Such a delightful blog post Stephanie! Your video was wonderful and all your Etsy items are beautiful! I enjoyed meeting your cats and dog. :)

krishna said...

you are looking so beautiful in the green dress!!

Mari said...

Stephanie!!! That was just beautiful! I play the piano too, but haven't done it as much lately and I'm rusty. You are very talented!
I'm sorry you were sick over Christmas, but what a joy to spend it with your beloved family.
You look as cute as can be in that dress!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi Stephanie, I already commented once but since your dress is from ModLily I wondered if their sizes run true to size? Some cute things keep coming on my sidebar and have never ordered from them but am tempted. Just don't know what size. Thanks for any help. Nancy

Debbie Harris said...

Coming and visiting with you was pure delight!
Your new Christmas dress was just as gorgeous as all your many others.
Watching you play the piano with this piece just amazes me! Your arms must get quite the work our, not to mention your fingers. So very beautiful, Stephanie.
All your kitties are growing up and bringing such joy to your home.
Once again, you have filled your lovely Shoppe with some beautiful items.

I enjoyed reading my new Bible today while grandma took her afternoon nap. Thank you once again for thinking of me one my spiritual birthday.
You are previous ♡

Love you~mom

Chris Lally said...

Welcome back, Stephanie! So thankful you are feeling better.
From someone who can barely play Chopsticks, let me say that I am truly impressed with your musical skills. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of your video! I'm sure your dad was thrilled to help out.
Thanks for the updates on your lovely creations for ETSY & on those sweet kitties. and for sharing photos of your beautiful dress (which looks very good on beautiful you)!
I'm glad you're back!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Wow, wow wow! Dear Stephanie, such beautiful music coming to life under the touch of your fingertips! I so enjoyed watching you play, and know just how much dedication and work it has taken to play that song! So much to comment on in this post... love your new Christmas dress, just gorgeous! So sorry to hear that you were sick over Christmas, what a bummer, but it seems like you made the best of things with your family! And oh my, the most beautiful new things you've added to your shoppe are amazing! How do you do it all? I do not know, but I am thankful you did have some time to share this lovely blog post today. It was a blessing to sit and visit your blog tonight and be blessed by your music, I will be listening to it again :) Hugs to you today dear friend!

Cheryl said...

Oh, dear friend!!! I was literally in tears!!! My husband heard as I was playing your video, and he had to get up from his desk chair (working the night shift) and come over to see and listen!!!!! He said any song/performance you want to put on here, he would be happy to listen to! TRULY, you are just SO talented!!! I am SO happy and thankful your Dad did this and you put this on here. I am going to enjoy it many times over. And, the sweet smile you gave at the end was just so priceless. I also love your dear Christmas dress...so very pretty. You reminded me of your dear Mom on the pictures...maybe because your hair looked lighter? You are so beautiful inside and out, and the love of Jesus just radiates from you and everything you do. I didn't hear any mistakes, that is for sure. Just amazing talent that was SUCH a dear blessing! I am going over now to check out your Etsy shop, because Kristen's birthday is coming up, and she would absolutely adore something from your shop. (It is for her Mom that I order the things at Christmas.) Sending much love to you, sweet friend. I am SO sorry you were so sick, bless your heart...just so thankful God turned it into something good by allowing you to be with your dear husband and son and have that precious quality time together. Praying for you every day!

Kelly-Anne said...

Hello dear Stephanie...

How I enjoyed The Bell Carol...oh, you play ever so beautifully!! I must show your video to my sister who is a budding pianist... Thank you for sharing your precious gift with us...it truly blessed me this morning!

So lovely to see what you have been busy with lately...as always your sewing creations are beautiful! My dear partner in the teacup exchange blessed me with some gorgeous fabrics from Tilda - I am eagerly anticipating a time when I can sew some pretty things for myself with them! {{Smiles}}

Oh my...how your sweet kitties have grown! I don't know how you keep track of them all...they must fill your lives with fun and joy! {{Smiles}} I never used to be a cat person, but after our Oscar came into our lives, cats really began to grow on me. I love their laidback nature too...I can't keep up with my dogs anymore!

I am so sorry to hear you were ill over Christmas. A few years ago I came down with the flu a few days before Christmas, so I missed out on all the delightful preparation as well as Christmas Day! Oh my...I was very unhappy about that!

I hope your year is off to a wonderful start... May it be a blessed one for you in so many ways! Thank you for sharing inspiration, love and joy with us! Sending you ever so much love...

Anna said...

You are indeed a talented and beautiful woman !

Huckleberry stitches said...

Hello Stephanie! I know its been forever since I have written anything but I have passed by once or twice :0) I am glad you'll be blogging again, and I will be surfing again. Holidays were wonderful. We had a quiet one as well and it actually felt really good. I am glad your on the mend....and BRAVA on the little concert you preformed for us!!!

Linda Walker said...

Good morning Stephanie,
Well that certainly was a treat! Loved hearing you play the piano. You are very talented! You just inspired me to get my piano fixed. My pedal somehow broke and playing just isn't the same without the pedal!!! That is one of the things I plan to do this year--play the piano more!

Love your Christmas dress. The sweater is so cute! Very sorry to hear you were ill. There is a lot going around, everyone I know is sick with something!

You have stitched up some beautiful items for your shop! Loved scrolling through the photos!

Your kitties are cute and getting so big!! Hope all is well, stay healthy!! Happy New Year my friend! xx

Tamago said...

Welcome back, Stephanie! You look beautiful in your Christmas dress. Sorry you were sick but glad you enjoyed spending Christmas with your husband and son. Your kitties are growing up and oh so adorable! Burrito inside your dress made me smile big :-) How wonderful they enjoyed fun Christmas goodies!
I loved watching you play piano. You are very talented and elegant player! Happy new week and happy new year! xo

Laura Lane said...

Oh how lovely your music sounds!
I enjoyed listening and reading your post.
Be blessed in the new year!
Laura Lane

Lorrie said...

Hello Stephanie,

I thoroughly enjoyed your piano piece. How fun to have those bits of We wish you a Merry Christmas and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen in the midst of the Bell Carol. Well done!

I'm sorry you were sick over Christmas, and happy to hear that you've recovered. You've been busy at your sewing table, too. Lovely projects! Happy New Year!

Henny Penny said...

Okay, you look absolutely beautiful in that dress and sweater. You make me want to straighten up and put the cookies away! :) I enjoyed this post very much! Your piano playing was wonderful! Thank you!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Oh my goodness...what a delight it was to hear you playing the piano, sweet friend! Please thank your dear dad for recording you. That was such a treat!
You also looked darling in your pretty dress and cardigan. Love the boots, too! Your hair is growing and looks a little lighter. I love it!!
Th cats are so adorable and so are all your sewing creations. You are multi talented and amazing! Love to you, Stephanie! ❤

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Oh Stephanie! That piano piece was wonderful! I watched the entire thing. I used to play like that.. back in my 20's and I could sit for hours playing. It's such a joy and I truly enjoyed watching and hearing you. I hope you do more and thank your dad for recording it! I would love to hear more and are you taking requests??? (hee hee). Seriously though... this post was so full of fun things. LOVE your new dress... how pretty. .with those DARLNG booties. And by the way, loved your boots as you sat playing the piano! Your kitties are darling and so pretty and sweet. They sure do have distinct personalities, each and every one. We have 3 house cats, 1 is almost 13 and she has moved with us many times. Two are "rescue" cats from 1 and 2 years ago, and we also feed and watch over 4 "community cats" that the shelter took and neutered and gave shots to, and brought them back as were too old to adopt out. Those 4 are sweet also. Three are kittens from last spring and though super wild at first, they now are loving on us and would rather be petted than fed! They "live" in our garage now. The oldest we call "scruffy" as she is an older female calico who I'm sure is the mother of our first rescue kitten that we saved on the day we moved into this house. That kitten, now grown up (Maddie) seems to hate her mother... probably because she abandoned her. But Scruffy is looking better now and takes better care of herself and thankfully no more kittens!

Your Etsy shop has wonderful new things too! Oh so fun to browse there.
Have a great week! xoxoxo Marilyn

Billie Jo said...

Hello, dear friend!!!!
So happy to see you here.
I am sorry your Christmas was wrought with sickness...
But I am happy for hubby and son to be with you all week.
I love that you watched that show!
We love to watch old shows together!!
We watch MatchGame from the 1970s every morning!
Your talent is amazing!!!

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Wow!! I loved every minute of your piano playing! My son heard it from where he was sitting and said "wow, she's crazy good!" I agree. What a talent. I am so sorry to hear that you were sick over Christmas. I can sympathize with that. Your new outfit is so pretty and so YOU and I hope you got to wear it somewhere nice. Your other talent of sewing has created such lovely new things for your shop. It seems you are back to your lovely self and I am happy to have you back in blogland!

Margie said...

Welcome back, Stephanie! It's hard to believe that it's been almost a month since Christmas. I'm sorry to hear that your holiday plans got disrupted by illness. You look fantastic in your Christmas dress. I've always liked the dresses at ModCloth, but have never ordered anything because of the high shipping fees. Your cute kittens are growing up so fast! Thank you for the piano concert. You play beautifully!

Conniecrafter said...

We too have had some weird weather, very cold, way below our normal and many days below freezing with below 0 with wind chill. We haven't had much snow either though, even with all the cold, and we are low on rain. Looks like you were busy making more beautiful creations!
Sorry to hear you were sick, both myself and hubby was sick at Christmas time too.
Your new dress looks so lovely, a great color on you!
So good to see the cats are doing so well :)
It was quite the treat to see you play the song you worked on, such a beautiful job you did!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Do you still do a newsletter? Is it different than your blog? I tried to sin up for the newsletter but it said not a correct Captcha but I did have the correct e-mail address. Thanks. Nancy

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Oh, so sorry you were sick over the Holidays, dear Stephanie, but glad you are feeling better now. Your Christmas dress is so pretty - love those colors together. Your house is full of kitty love, I see! Cats have such distinct personalities. So cute that you found burrito hiding in your dresses. They always find the coziest place to sleep. You play the piano beautifully - thank you for that lovely performance. Sending hugs xo Karen

maria's cottage said...

Well, Happy New Year to you also dear lady :) You look beautiful in your new dress :) and thank you so much for sharing with all of us ... have a blessed day Stephanie :D

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

I figured out about the Catcha. Learned something new! Nancy

Ida said...

Lovely post. You look very pretty in your Christmas dress. Lots of cute things you've been working on. Very feminine and pretty. Oh your kitties are wonderful. Loved seeing all of them.

handmade by amalia said...

What a lovely outfit, Stephanie, and it looks wonderful on you. I also, as always, enjoyed seeing all your makes, you have been busy. Altogether, a most enjoyable post to welcome the new year.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Pretty lady...in a pretty dress (and sweater!)....pretty creations (so sweet)....and pretty kitties. Oh, and pretty music too! You might have been away from blogging for a bit, but you've made up for it with all that's in this post!

Paige said...

I'm sorry to hear that you were ill over Christmas, but it's good that you enjoyed quiet time with your family. Sometimes those home days are the best! :) Your Christmas outfit is lovely, and I like the shoes you styled your dress with.
What lovely piano playing! Thanks for sharing. :)

Olivia said...

So sorry to hear you were unwell around Christmas! <3 There is too much sickness going around right now! Your cats are darling...such happy kitties :)) Love, Love, Love the recording of you playing Carol of the Bells...you did an amazing job. Where did you get the arrangement? I don't like being recorded while playing, so I completely understand your nervousness ;)

Blessings to you and your family!

Pam Jackson said...

Oh my goodness, you have been busy! Love all your little things for your shop. How many kitty's do you have. I have just one and she keeps me on my toes. Love, love, love the green dress. To cute.

living from glory to glory said...

Loved every note!!
Thank you for sharing
Hugs, Roxy

Anonymous said...

Those sweet kitties!! And I loved your Christmas dress. Thanks for letting us know about the dress cardigan. I've been having trouble finding them but will definitely check out ModCloth. Your playing the carol is excellent. My toddler and I enjoyed it very much. He was captivated.


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