Love For A Friend

It's the friends we meet along the way
that help us appreciate the journey.
- Unknown -

Happy day to you, lovely friends and followers!
I hope today is filled with lots of joy and beauty.
I'm very glad to have you here
and today I have a fun little sewing project
that you can whip up in no time.

Supplies needed for the fabric tags:

scrap fabric
fusible fleece
lace trim
satin seam binding
stamps and ink

You will need to cut out two
3 x 4 1/2-inch pieces of fabric.
Trim the corners off so that the fabric looks like a tag.
You will also need to cut out one piece of fusible fleece
that is 2 1/2 x 4-inches in size.

Iron on the fusible fleece to the back side 
of the front piece of the tag.
Does that make sense!?
{I apologize for the low lighting in a few of my pictures}

Using a cute stamp and some ink
stamp something onto a piece of fabric
and then stitch it onto the front side of the tag.

Tuck some lace trim and satin seam binding
between the two layers and pin into place.
Sew along the edges of the tag and voila!
You're done.

Sew along the edges of the tag and voila!
You're done.

If you want you can add some buttons
or other kind of embellishment to your fabric tags.

It's not what we have in life,
but who we have in our life that matters.
- Unknown -

You may have noticed in the first picture that I shared
that there is an envelope that matches the tags.
I made the fabric envelope specifically for the tags
so that I could tuck them in something.

If you would like to make a similar envelope 
you can find the tutorial HERE.
Simply adjust the size according to your preference.

You can also sew on a piece of white fabric
and use it to write a message for someone special.

And finally,
here is another envelope and tag set
that I created.
You can find it in my Etsy shop.

Happy sewing and creating!

Hugs and love to you.

Sweet friends,
please enjoy 20% off your order at
Offer good until Valentine's Day,
February 14th.


Sandi said...

Pretty! It's like looking into quiet time.

Karen said...

These are lovely! Thankful for blog friends!

Anna said...

So sweet tags !!!!!
Perfect to offer to who we love...
Have a lovely day !

Regina said...

Oh those are so pretty! I know what I will be sewing this weekend! Thank you for your awesome tutorials. They are so fun!

Connie said...

These are so sweet. Thank you for the inspiration . . . wouldn't this make a sweet get well package to send in the mail? I love it, you are so creative.
Connie :)

Sylvia said...

You make the prettiest crafts, Stephanie. I just love these!

allthingzsewn said...

These are very pretty and very soothing to the eye. Are they to be used as gift tags or book marks? I understand that it is a gift in itself and speaking of friendship. Just what does the friend or recipient use it for?
Maybe just a keepsake. Brain obviously not in function here this morning.

NanaDiana said...

Those are all just darling. Thank you for always taking the time to do these tutorials and sharing them here. I know many crafters that jealously guard their crafts for fear someone will steal their ideas and copy them. You have such a giving heart.

I hope you have a wonderful day. xo Diana

Daniela said...

These treats are real artworks for love of friendship, you're so, so special my friend, God Bless!

With utmost gratitude for sharing your precious art with us,
I'm sending blessings on the remainder of your week,
Cherished Stephanie


Chas' Crazy Creations said...

Oh my gosh those are super cute and can be used so many different ways!!! My head is spinning with all the possibilities. Great job and thanks for sharing my friend! Hugs

Unknown said...

Sweet Stephanie, you have the cutest projects. Love, love the tags. Have a happy day!
xoxo Jo

Tamago said...

What a sweet creation, Stephanie! Those tags and envelops make a great gift for a special friend. I adore the cute bears very much:-)
Have a wonderful day! xo

Pam Richardson said...

Sweet Stephanie, these are so pretty and perfect for Valentine’s Day. Hugs and blessings, dear friend!

Blue Jeans And Teacups said...

Hello kind Stephanie. As usual, your creativity is so sweet and heartwarming. And with my love for all things tea, these are the bee's knees. I have one thought that perhaps one of your dear readers could help with... Back when you made the sweetest heart ornaments and sent me one, with the friendship stamp on it, I hung it on my bulletin board where I look fondly at it and think of you. After several months, the stamp began to fade. It is not in direct sunlight, but now it is completely gone. The heart still looks sweet, but there may be a long-term solution for your new works; special ink available, etc. I don't know, but there are so many talented ladies here, I'm sure someone has an idea. Again, thank you for sharing your talents. They are so dear!!!!! God bless you and your family - both 2 legged, and four!

Dianna said...

How sweet! Thank you, sweet friend, for sharing this tutorial with us! Love it all!

Deborah Montgomery said...

You make such charming and delightful little gifts dear Stephanie. Everything is so feminine and pretty. Hope things are going well; I haven't been around blogland much for the past couple weeks. It's nice to catch up. xo Deborah

Creations By Cindy said...

You do the cutest things dear lady . Everything is always so darling . I appreciate you sharing . I wish i had your talent and creativity . Thank you for always being willing to share with us . Hugs and blessings , Cindy

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Oh those tags are just so pretty! You do such a great job coming up with such pretty and creative crafts that are useful. Your tutorials and sewing skills are wonderful!
Have fun making more crafts.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Those tags are so pretty! Thank you for sharing all the beautiful projects that you share with us. So much appreciated. Nancy

Sarah said...

Thank you for sharing another beautiful project! They would make a sweet addition to a gift.

Kate said...

Your tags and envelopes are exquisite! How special it would be to receive one of these. Thank you, once again, for sharing.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Such a sweet treasure to make for treasured friends! You have the best crafts and your tutorials are easy to follow.

mamasmercantile said...

The tags and envelope are so beautiful, a feast for the eyes. You are an inspiration and so generous sharing your ideas. A joy to visit.

Sandra said...

Love the tags but the envelopes make it completely sweet!

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

As usual, Stephanie, you have come up with something that I love! We all do! Fabric tags.. who would have thunk it? And a fabric envelope.. cute! I've made fabric postcards which are a blast, but not for many years. You CAN send those in the mail too! I think you could send a fabric envelope if it was stiff enough. Love the fabrics you used.. they are so pretty and soft and sweet... and like one of the ladies said, "calming". Where do you get all of your pretty shabby and soft fabrics? Just curious. I haven't sewed much for awhile.. my papercrafting keeps me busy, but I do love to sew too. Have a wonderful week! Hugs.. Marilyn

Susie said...

Stephanie, I love all those cute things you have sewn up . What lovely little gifts. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Cuteness X a billion!!! I LOVE anything in miniature form (except dessert!) and these little tags and the envelope are adorable! I'm pinning this because there is so much you could do with these. They'd be a great little 'tuck in' for things I sell online as a little 'thank you'. So. Thank you! :)

Margie said...

Your cute tags could be used for any occasion.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Such a great little gift - and even better, it can use up bits of stash fabrics that are simply too good to throw away. Perfect to send along with a birthday or other type of card too.

Gail @Purple Hues and Me said...

Simply adorable, Stephanie! You've created another beautiful masterpiece!

Kate Yetter said...

So pretty! I love all the fabric that you have used. Especially the blue floral for the envelope and tag.

Linda S. said...

very cute!! :-)

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

You, my dear, are so kind and generous in sharing your creativity and talents with us. The little tags and matching envelopes are just adorable. I have my teabags in the cute. little basket that you made. I have special remembrances of You throughout my home. Love and God bless you, sweet friend.

Debbie Harris said...

Just how did I miss these pretties in your lovely Shoppe?!
Cute~ cute~ cute!
You always make your tutorials sound so easy. :-)
I've got a few minutes so I'm off to see all your lovely things.

Happy day to you~

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Stephanie, one of these days I'm going to dust off my sewing machine and get crafty. And when I do, I'll be perusing your lovely blog for inspiration (and directions!).

Mari said...

You come up with the cutest things! Thanks for the tutorial!

Conniecrafter said...

They are so very pretty, love the idea of making an envelope for them to go into also. cute idea using a stamped image for them!

Lillie said...

What a wonderful idea especially the fabric envelope. You are so full of creativity. Thank you for sharing.

Huckleberry stitches said...

What a darling idea!!! Will be getting my stamps and fabrics out tomorrow!!

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Very sweet tags - a perfect little gift! Thank you for sharing, dear friend. Hugs xo Karen

Cheryl said...

Oh, what a perfectly lovely gift for a dear friend! You do such an amazing job, sweet friend. Sending love and hugs to you today!

Mimi said...

Oh Stephanie my lovely, these are just too cute! I'm off to make some right this minute! Mimi xxx

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

What a sweet and easy project to give as a sweet little gift Stephanie! I love stamping on fabric, and haven't done it in a while. Goodness knows I have enough stamps to be doing that, ha! And the little darling envelope you made is precious too! I always love your tutorials, they are inspiring. I am in the midst of cleaning and reorganizing my craft room, a much needed thing. I hope to be more functional in the room once I get it reorganized. I enjoyed getting your email and I will respond soon... I pray you have a blessed and relaxing Sunday evening :)

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

I love the tags and envelope and they are so pretty. Thanks for showing us how! You're too creative!

Big Rigs 'n Lil' Cookies said...

Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. You are so talented!

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