The Road To Magnolia Glen

Hello, my sweet and wonderful friends!
I sincerely hope you are enjoying your summer days.
Playing in the warm sunshine,
loving on your family,
and taking quiet moments to simply breathe it all in. . .
the blessings, the laughter, the memories.

All is well here with myself and my family.
Many of you have written to make sure I am okay
since I have not posted in quite a while. . .bless you!
Your love and thoughtfulness greatly touched my heart
and I can't thank you enough for thinking of me.
Since May, my days have simply filled up with summer activities
which caused me to pull away from the computer.
I must confess that I thoroughly enjoyed "unplugging" from the Internet.
In a nutshell, my days have been filled with playing baseball with my son,
going to Rockies baseball games, fishing,
splashing around in the pool, hiking the trails,
jeeping around the mountains, and having picnics in fields of wildflowers.

Oh, and did I mention my husband and I have been working on our house. . .
lots of staining and repairs along with replacing windows and trim.
We are hoping to put a new roof on before fall arrives.

I have been able to read only a couple of books
during the last month or so and I thought I would share them with you.
Normally I read at night for 2 - 3 hours,
but I have noticed lately I fall into bed exhausted from having a full day in the sun.
How about you, my friends, have you been keeping your nose buried in a book?

A couple of weeks ago I finished The Road to Magnolia Glen.
It's the second book in the Natchez Trace series.

About The Book
Bitter since his eldest brother abandoned their family in Ireland, 
Quinn O'Shea travels to Natchez, Mississippi, 
ready to shuck the weight of his duty and set off on an adventure of his own. 
It's time Connor, as head of the family, took responsibility for their younger siblings. 
While aboard ship, a run-in with three Irish sisters lands Quinn in the role of reluctant savior. 
Though it may delay his plans, he cannot abandon the Young sisters, 
especially the tenacious yet kind Kiera.
Upon arriving in the colonies, 
Kiera Young prepares to meet her intended and begin her new life. 
But she soon discovers the marriage her brother-in-law arranged was never meant to be, 
and a far more sinister deal was negotiated for her and her sisters.
Quinn offers to escort his charges safely to Breeze Hill Plantation and his brother's care, 
fully intending to seek his freedom elsewhere. 
But the longer he remains, the greater his feelings toward Kiera grow 
and the more he comes to realize true freedom might be found in sacrifice.

My Thoughts
Like I said, this book is the second in the Natchez Trace series
and yes, I would recommend reading the first one before diving into
The Road to Magnolia Glen.

The setting for The Road to Magnolia Glen
is simply lovely and absolute perfection. . .
beautiful in its own quaint and delightful way.
The characters will draw the reader in
especially Quinn with his Irish accent.
Oh, how I loved the Irish brogue. . .
I could almost hear it when I read the melodic words.

I felt the story began with a lot of excitement
and I must say that I was on the edge of my seat
wondering what would happen next,
but then the storyline slowed down. . .
in fact it slowed down a little too much.
Maybe it's because I had other things on my mind,
but I found it slightly tedious to read the middle of the book.
The beginning was good as was the ending,
but the middle just dragged along.
Don't get me wrong, the writing was very good
and I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction between the characters,
but there was just something missing. . .
I found it lacking any depth during the middle portion.

The Road to Magnolia Glen is a sweet historical romance novel
and one I would certainly recommend reading.
Just because I found the middle to be a tad slow
doesn't mean it wasn't a good book.
Also, the first book in the series,
The Promise of Breeze Hill,
was a very enjoyable read.

** I was given a free copy of this book from Tyndale Publishers for an honest review.
All thoughts are my own. No other compensation was received. **

I have one more book review that I will share soon,
but I wanted to let you know of a change that is going to take place.

Life is like a book,
some chapters are sad,
some are happy and some are exciting,
but if you never turn the page,
you will never know what the next chapter
has in store for you.
- Unknown -

After a lot of consideration and prayer
I have decided to close my Etsy shop.
While it's the perfect outlet for me to share my love for crafting
I have decided that it's time to close the doors.
Etsy supports and stands for some things that I disagree with
and cannot support so due to those issues
I feel it would be best if I pulled my support from them.
I am looking into other avenues for selling my handmade goodies
and will keep you posted.
There is not much left in my Etsy shop,
but I will keep it open until July 31st
so if you would like to purchase something please feel free to stop by.
Rose Petal Blessings

Enjoy 10% off your purchase.

I hope each and every one of you are enjoying your summer
and when things slow down here I will attempt to start sharing on my blog.
Until then please know that you are thought of often.
Love and hugs to you!
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