Everything She Didn't Say - Book Review

In 1911, Carrie Strahorn wrote a memoir entitled 
Fifteen Thousand Miles by Stage, 
which shared some of the most exciting events of 25 years 
of traveling and shaping the American West with her husband, 
Robert Strahorn, a railroad promoter, investor, and writer. 
That is all fact. 
Everything She Didn't Say imagines Carrie nearly ten years later 
as she decides to write down what was really on her mind 
during those adventurous nomadic years.
Certain that her husband will not read it, 
and in fact that it will only be found after her death, 
Carrie is finally willing to explore the lessons she learned along the way, 
including the danger a woman faces of losing herself 
within a relationship with a strong-willed man 
and the courage it takes to accept her own 
God-given worth apart from him. 
Carrie discovers that wealth doesn't insulate a soul 
from pain and disappointment, 
family is essential, pioneering is a challenge, 
and western landscapes are both demanding and nourishing. 
Most of all, she discovers that home can be found, 
even in a rootless life.

My Thoughts
Everything She Didn't Say
is a memoir within a memoir.
It is a fiction story 
based upon the life of Carrie Adell Strahorn
and her many travels and adventures with her husband.

Here was a woman newly married 
with dreams of having children and a home to call her own,
but after saying her vows,
Carrie's life was completely different from what she dreamt of.
Carrie, also called "Dell" by her husband,
traveled across the West for twenty-five years,
and during those years Carrie remained ever the lady
with her feminine attire of long skirts, high necks,
bustles, and hats with feathers.

Carrie made the most of her life
and was a constant companion to her husband.
She was incredibly dedicated and committed to her marriage
even when it wasn't always pleasant and pretty.
As I read Everything She Didn't Say
I couldn't help but admire Carrie's tenacity.
She was amazingly courageous 
during a time that was difficult on both men and women.
She made the most out of what was given her
and she made it count in the lives of others.
Carrie was a rare gem
that touched the lives of many.
Everything She Didn't Say
is an enthralling story filled with rich history.
The reader will be touched and inspired
by the lives of the pioneers
who helped build the western part of our country.
If you enjoy historical fiction
than this book is for you, my friends.
The author, Jane Kirkpatrick,
does not disappoint.
Her stories are well-written and thoroughly researched.

** I was given a free copy of this book from Revell Publishers for an honest review.
All thoughts are my own. No other compensation was received. 
Thank you Revell! **

About the Author
Jane Kirkpatrick is the New York Times and CBA bestselling 
and award-winning author of more than thirty books, 
including All She Left Behind, A Light in the Wilderness, 
The Memory Weaver, This Road We Traveled, 
and A Sweetness to the Soul, 
which won the prestigious Wrangler Award 
from the Western Heritage Center. 
Her works have won the WILLA Literary Award, 
USABestBooks, the Carol Award for Historical Fiction, 
and the 2016 Will Rogers Medallion Award. 
Jane lives in Central Oregon with her husband, Jerry. 
Learn more at www.jkbooks.com.


Sylvia said...

Good review Stephanie, I am looking for a good book to read. I'll certainly be looking for one of these you mentioned.
Thanks for sharing!
xoxo Sylvia

fiona said...

Thank you Stephanie :)

This sounds good.
I love books about pioneers and early settlers.

Take Care x

Debbie said...

What a nice review Stephanie, it sounds like you enjoyed it!!!

NanaDiana said...

I just jotted this one down on my TO READ list. LOL. I am slowly making my way down the list. I wish I had much more time to read!! xo Diana

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a wonderful read, sweet friend. :) Glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for sharing! Your sweet card and gift made my WHOLE day today! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. :) God bless you again and again for your kindness!

Creations By Cindy said...

Oh it sounds like a great read dear friend. Thanks for sharing. hugs and blessings, Cindy

Lowcarb team member said...

Very good review.
This book does sound a good read.

All the best Jan

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Another one I will be adding to my wish list - thank you!

Vee said...

Historical fiction is a challenge for me. I can never keep the facts and the fiction separated. You write such a good review that I am tempted...

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

All She Left Behind is on my 'to read' list. It's continually checked out at our library! This one looks good as well. I love finding an author that I love (haven't found one in a while though). Thanks for the review . . . will add this to my list :)

Buttercup said...

This sounds great. Love the combination of history and fiction. Take good care, dear Stephanie.

Kerin said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book with us.
I read a similar book not too long ago. Interesting to think about how women's lives were in past generations.

Have a lovely rest of your week.


p.s. Has it been cold there? We woke up to 41 degrees here yesterday, though today it's supposed to warm up again.

krishna said...

Very nice review Stephanie! XOXO

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

I love historical fiction, Stephanie, and this sounds like a book that I'd love.

Anne Payne said...

Great review! I've only read one of Jane's books but this one sounds intriguing. Did you know she is an avid quilter? Her Pinterest boards are beautiful!

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