O Breath Of Life

Wilt thou not revive us again: 
that thy people may rejoice in thee?
- - Psalm 85:6 - -

O Breath of Life, come sweeping through us,
revive your church with life and power.
O Breath of life, come, cleanse, renew us;
and fit your church to meet this hour.

O Wind of God, come bend us, break us,
till humbly we confess our need.
Then in your tenderness remake us;
revive, restore, for this we plead.

O Breath of Love, come breathe within us,
renewing thought and will and heart.
Come, love of Christ, afresh to win us;
Revive your church in every part.

O Heart of Christ, once broken for us,
'tis there we find our strength and rest;
our broken contrite hearts now solace,
and let Thy waiting Church be blest.

Revive us Lord!
Is zeal abating 
while harvest fields are vast and white?
Revive us, Lord-the world is waiting!
Equip Thy Church to spread the light.
- - Bessie P. Head - -

Vitality is essential to any Christian ministry;
complacency is deadly.
There must be the fervency of divine life
infused into us by God the Holy Spirit.
Just as a healthy vine manifests itself 
in producing foliage and fruit,
so it is with a healthy Christian-
he or she will bear evidence of an infectious enthusiasm
for the furtherance of the gospel
and a life that produces the fruits of the Spirit.
- - Kenneth W. Osbeck - - 

Set us afire, Lord,
stir us, we pray-
while the world perishes, 
we go our way
Purposeless, passionless, 
day after day;
set us afire, Lord,
stir us, we pray!
- - Unknown - -

Joy, love, and blessings to you
on this Lord's Day!


Linda said...

A very lovely post, my friend. Have a beautiful day.

Denise :) said...

I love your inspirational posts...they're pretty and motivating! Blessings to you, sweet friend! :)

fiona said...

ThankšŸŒ¼You Stephanie

Hope you are having a very lovely day x

krishna said...

Oh dear Stephanie, a big hug for you!

Net - "It's a Wonderful Movie" said...

May The Lord bless you and yours, as well! What lovely quotes, so refreshing and encouraging!

Have a blessed and peaceful Sunday! Net

mamasmercantile said...

As always a joy to visit your blog and be uplifted.

Debbie Harris said...

Powerful!! Those words are quite strong when you take the time to allow them to resonate on your heart and in your mind.
Thank you for such a lovely posting in both word and photos.
Those apples look mighty good. :}

Love you ~

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

What perfect words to accompany your photos, dearest Stephanie. I hope you enjoyed the blessings of this beautiful Sunday with your sweet family. xx

Laura Lane said...

Good day Stephanie,
This hymn is new to me, but what a wonderful prayerful hymn it is. I can only imagine how it must touch hearts when it is sung.
So far I've kept to my plan to sew a bit each day in September. Lots of mending came out of the closets and dressers when I set up my machine. Three little baby quilts to wrap stillborn babies in. My husband's friend is a mortician and they use them for families with nothing to wrap their babies in. Sharing love in a new way.
God bless you dearie!

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Brenda said...

I say 'Amen, amen and amen' to all these beautiful prayers for revival.

My thrift store addiction said...

A beautiful thought for this rainy Monday, Stephanie! Love your photos, too! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

Conniecrafter said...

Our world really needs to hear the good news of our Saviours saving Grace, how we need to come to him for our guidance and love as we share him to those that we come in contact every day.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

mmmm - those apples look SOOOO good! And it looks as though there is a great bounty on the tree for you to enjoy.

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