Christmas Cat Toys

is where the cat is.

Hello, my lovely friends!
Today I thought I would share 
some cute little cat toys
that I made for our 6 cats.
After all, 
I can't leave them out 
of the Christmas gift giving.

To make these fun stockings, ornaments, 
and Christmas trees,
I simply used felt, decorative trim,
and jingle bells.
Once I sewed the pieces together,
I filled them with catnip.

The pom pom trim on the tree
is perfect for our cats curiosity.

Oh, look. . .
it didn't take Burrito long
to find the toys.

My dear friends, I have to tell you 
that I've had these toys hidden in my dresser drawer
because the cats can smell them a mile away!
When I pulled them out for pictures,
I tried to be "sneaky" and quick,
but as you can see, it didn't work.
Burrito was rolling all over the toys.
Naughty boy. . .

Then he laid on top of them
trying to keep me away.

Like I said, naughty boy!
I was able to gather up the toys
and now they will stay safely hidden
until Christmas.

These little toys were easy and fun to make.
If you have some furry feline friends in your life
well, these would be a delightful Christmas gift for them.

And before I bring this post to a close,
I thought I would share a few photos
of our 6 precious cats.
It's been a while since I've given an update on them.

Crazy Cat Lady?
I prefer the term
dedicated feline enthusiast.

Stripester is still very "motherly"
and tends to take care of the other cats.

This is Melly all tucked in.
Yes, she actually tucked herself in.
There is one word that describes Melly perfectly:

Buttercup has affectionately been renamed to "Buzz Buzz"
because she buzzes around the house like a bumblebee.
This cutie pie can't sit still. . .
unless she is sleeping.

Duke is just as handsome as ever.
He is one of the sweetest cats
and can definitely be a big ol' baby at times.
He gives the greatest hugs.

When all else fails. . .
hug the cat!

And Mama Hanny 
is happy and healthy.
She spends most of her days playing outside
and her nights all curled up in a cozy spot by the fire.

The two boys, Duke and Burrito,
found my jean skirt and decided to play in it.
They are looking at me like,
"Hmmm...us?! We're not doing anything!"
Silly cats!

No matter how bad your day is,
your cat {or cats}
will always make you smile.

Thanks for stopping by
for some feline fun, my friends.
Have a beautiful weekend!



Chris Lally said...

Awwww... cutie pies!
And it looks like their Christmas gifts are much appreciated!

Sarah said...

Oh, I love this post! I am also a "feline enthusiast"! : ) Thank you for sharing this idea for creating Christmas cat toys. I will definitely make some for my two kitties. I was just commenting to my mom that cats seem to enjoy the Christmas season best. Our cats have been taking turns sleeping beneath the Christmas tree. All of your cats are beautiful, and I love the difference of personality among them.

Tamago said...

Aww those cat toys are adorable! Your kitties are so lucky to get handmade Christmas gifts! What a naughty boy Burrito is to have a sneak peek before Christmas :-) Your kitties are all so cute! I love the last picture. Playful kitties! They always make us smile indeed :-)

Debbie Harris said...

Precious little post!
You have given those lovely cats a great home filled with love overflowing, God bless you.
Not every animal is as blessed.
Your cat toys are darling and I would say that each cat is going to be quite happy on Christmas day.

Enjoyed my visit~

Debbie said...

dedicated feline enthusiast, now that's perfect!! the cat toys are so sweet and your cats are adorable!!

no cats here, i am allergic but my grown children have them and both love their cats!!

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Oh I love all their names! Buzz Buzz... now that is so funny. The handmade toys are just wonderful. I never though of that and may make some for our THREE. We also have 3 more "outdoor" "community" cats that we feed (and they are very friendly and would LOVE to be OURS)!!! I bet they've never had a taste of catnip! I'm coming close to being the crazy cat lady of the neighborhood too... even my hubby who has NEVER even liked cats! Now he's smitten.. and I even find him talking babytalk to our wild calico who is/was the mom of all the other cats (she's finally been spayed thanks to us)!!! You are such a good cat mom.. every one is so lucky to have you as their person! Love the photo of the two playing in your jean skirt. Our two rescue cats love playing under the covers of our bed, or laying on the warm clothes just out of the dryer. Such fun they are. Have a wonderful upcoming week! Hugs.. Marilyn

Elizabethd said...

You have some beautiful cats, Stephanie!

Carol said...

Such beautiful cats! I love these toys and if I don't forget I want to show my daughter and see if she can get a few made for the granddolls cats.

Debby Ray said...

These homemade toys are SO adorable...but not as adorable as your sweet kitties! Oh, and they are quite photogenic as well! Have a fabulous weekend!

Lowcarb team member said...

I think the cat toys are brilliant and your cats look adorable.
Wishing you a happy weekend.

All the best Jan

Gina said...

Stephanie, your cats must keep you in "stitches" with all their antics! So cute!

Anonymous said...

Being a cat lady is a wonderful thing! We have 5 cats in the house and I have 2 others that I am responsible for (one for an elderly friend and my parents' cat). I'm a veterinarian and a crazy cat lady. They are wonderful blessings!
Usually when the weather gets cold you will find me if at home lying under a pile of cats. :)

Anna said...

No cat but a bunny !
The ornaments are really cute ! And the cats too ;)

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

Your cat toys are so sweet and perfect for your kitties. I love all the pictures. They have grown so much. Duke looks just like my Cyrus. We brought a new kitten home today....a tuxedo kitty and I named her Poppy. Cyrus is not too happy right now!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Alas no kitties in my life now - DH has developed an allergy and oddly enough all my close friends are allergic as well. I'm the 'odd person out'! These would make great tree ornaments though!

Margie said...

Your catty post made me smile!

TerriSue said...

Dear Stephanie, I have had a cat in my life since I was in the first grade. I have somehow managed to have long lived cats. My first cat lived until I was two years post high school. Our two children had fur allergies when they were young so there was a number of years that we were catless. Then when they were in junior high we were asked by a dear friend to adopt his cats. He was going to be on the road and would only be home about 30 days out of the year. The two cats came to live with us and we found that our kids no longer had allergies. One of those cats is still with us and is now twenty years old. I would like to get another cat but this one has not liked it when we have babysat other cats. We will get another cat when we lose her. One of the good things about her is she leaves my birds alone. I am not only a feline person but a crazy avian lady. I also have a five pound Papillion who rounds out our menagerie. My daughter has cats who would love the catnip toys. Strangely enough our cat doesn't find catnip appealing.

Maggie Ann said...

I loved this post! Your cats are beautiful and their names are so specially nice. We have one cat 'Violet' and we love her to pieces. She does make us smile every day and is so loving and fun.

Conniecrafter said...

Oh Stephanie, those are too cute, that is so funny you couldn't have them out for long before you were discovered, I so enjoyed the kitties update. My hubby told me yesterday he was going to surprise me with a kitten for Christmas but he thought he had better tell me and let me pick one out instead of him picking one for me, I told him I will wait for the time when one comes along that needs a home :)

krishna said...

Aww! these are so, so cute.

Roberta said...

Dear friend Stephanie, what's a pleasure hearing from you!
What a clever idea you had ... your lovely cats surely appreciate these handmade gifts!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

What a great idea Stephanie! They will have fun with those toys year round! Our cat loves catnip and gets a little crazy with it. I have to limit it, lol! You have quite a houseful of cats for sure, but once you have them, you can't imagine life without them, and their silly hiding places, funny games, and snuggles! Thanks for sharing your fun creative ways to share Christmas with cats :)

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