A Valentine's Day Tea Party

Hugs, kisses,
and Valentine's wishes.

Join me, lovely friends,
for a cup of tea 
and some Valentine's Day treats.

The table has been set
and the food has been served.

My son and I hosted this delightful tea party
for a very special lady. . .
my mom.
We wanted to spoil her
and show her just how much we adore her.
With Valentine's Day just around the corner
it seemed like the perfect time 
to shower some extra love on her.

I filled mini black buckets with chocolate hearts
and set one at each place setting.
The bucket had handles so I tied tulle around them
for added charm.

Black sparkly balls
and small pink crystals
adorned the center of the table.

My mom loves pink, turquoise, and black
which is why I used those colors for the tea party.
I searched high and low
for a pink and black tea cup
because I wanted to give it to my mom.
I found this little beauty on online
and it was simply perfect.

And because my son was joining us
I wanted a "manly" tea cup for him.
He is into knights and kingdoms right now
so when I saw this tea cup
at this lovely Etsy shop well,
I just had to get it for him.
And it being in black was an added bonus.

I used my pink rose dishes
and the turquoise linen napkins 
added a nice splash of color.

I found the "LOVE" sign at Hobby Lobby 
and I made some pink hearts
to place around the sign.

This is what we had on the menu. . .

Thick and creamy potato soup
along with cucumber sandwiches
and mini BLT's.

Oreo and mint
cheesecake trifles
topped with fresh raspberries.

Homemade Lamingtons.

Lemon and raspberry tarts.

Chocolate wafer cookies
dipped in white chocolate.

And butter sandwich cookies
that literally melted in our mouths.

I was truly blessed as we sipped our tea
and nibbled on food throughout the afternoon.
I am immensely grateful to have my precious mom in my life
and I truly cherish the moments my son and I have with her.
She has poured, and continues to pour, so much love on my life
and the life of my son that it's a joy and gift 
to be able to shower her with love as well.

I hope you have a most beautiful Valentine's Day,
sweet friends.
Pour a little love 
on someone special in your life.

You have this incredible way
of making my heart happy.
- - Unknown - -

Last week I shared that I had been absent from blogging for good reasons.
Well, on February 1st my husband, son, and I
took off for Arizona for a nice 10 day vacation.
Oh, what a lovely time we had!
We so love Arizona and any time spent there
is truly a blessing.
We were able to see my grandmother and mom
which was simply wonderful.
I hadn't seen my grandma since last summer
so it was a joy to spend some time with her 
and to see that she is doing well.

Thank you for visiting, dear friends.
Love and hugs to you!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Sue said...

Dear ! Stephanie, what a treasure you and your son are to honor your Mom, Debbie, I am a friend of hers in blogland she ,as well as you, are so precious, and have blessed and graced all of our lives. This post should be in a magazine.
Thank you for sharing!
Happy Valentine"s Day.

Net - "It's a Wonderful Movie" said...

Oh my goodness... What a lovely, elegant setting for a tea party! I'm sure she was overwhelmed by the love the two of you poured upon her! What a wonderful, thoughtful gift... Time spent together! And with such lovely surroundings and yummy food, too! I agree with Sue above, the setting looks like it should be in a magazine! So pretty!

Thank you for sharing this beautiful day with us! Love and Blessings to you & your family!!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Janet L Karst said...

Hello, I have followed your blog for a while but have never left a message before. I love your blog and get much inspiration from your messages. I live in Longmont so do understand about living in Colorado but also share your love Of Airzona as we had lived there for 16 years. Thank you for your beautiful post about sharing Valentine day with your dear mother - she must have felt like a queen for a day. Would you share the recipe for the melt - in - your mouth heart cookies?

Have a blessed day, Janet

Annsterw said...

What a beautiful tea party!!! That was such a great way to honor your Mom!! How sweet! Those butter hearts look amazing - recipe please?!

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

Oh Stephanie, how wonderful! You are such a delight. A delight and an inspiration. Have a wonderful Valentine's!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Stephanie ~ What a beautiful tea party for your Mom! The tea cup and saucer for your son really cool, and your Mom's oh so lovely.

Thanks for sharing and being such a wonderful daughter and mother.

Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comment.

Happy Valentine's Day ~ FlowerLady

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

I just loved seeing this special tea party for your dear Mom, Stephanie. How wonderful to honor her with all that sweetness. The teacup that you found for her and the one for your son (perfect!!) are so dear. The menu, the table, and all your darling decor made for such a lovely tea party. I know that visiting in Arizona was a treat for your sweet family. Thank you for sharing with us. Happy Valentine's Day to you, sweet friend. xxoo

Chas' Crazy Creations said...

What a wonderful tea party. Would love to be closer so we could put one on together, would be so much fun. So glad you got to take a trip to see your family, so important to get that time in. Sending hugs to you my friend.

mamasmercantile said...

Wow, what a beautiful tea. The table setting, decor and food were inspirational. I do wish I lived nearby so that I could have joined you it looked amazing. What a great way to spend time with your dear Mama and son.

Tamago said...

Oh wow, your table is amazing! I love the decoration with black balls and pink crystals. Dishes look so yummy and pretty. I love all the details you paid attention to for your mom! She is truly lucky to have such a loving family. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Vee said...

A lot of thought and love went into the Valentine’s tea. Everything about it says lovely and honoring. So good that your family was able to get away to AZ for ten days! It gives a person a charge to get through the rest of winter, I’m sure.

hobbyloes said...

Dear Stephanie, what a sweet gesture for your dear mother. The cup with the castle is really beautiful.
As we can see, your holiday was wonderful.

Kate said...

Awesome, Stephanie! I'm sure your mom must think she's a very lucky lady. ^^

Linda said...

Lovely Stephanie!! smiles--I hope you have a lovely Valentines Day, my friend.

Sherida Stewart said...

What a perfect tea party celebration! Simply lovely! What a beautiful way to express your feelings for your mother. Finding the two cup and saucer sets was a blessing. All the treats sound delicious...and the wafer cookies dipped in white chocolate make a quiet easy, but impressive, addition. Love your decorations and the complete menu! Happy Valentines Day to you! ♥️

Debby Ray said...

Oh my...you certainly went all out on that lovely tea for your sweet mom! She is certainly very deserving of all of that and more...it's so wonderful how you both honor each other. Everything you prepared for your tea looked so delicious and your table was so very lovely...and those teacups...how perfect for both your mom and your son! You are such a blessing, dear Stephanie...Happy Valentine's Day to you!♥

Dianna said...

It was so lovely to visit here with you today, dear Stephanie, and see how you and your son showered your mom with some love. Your menu is incredible and the tablescape is just lovely. Glad you had some time away and that you were able to visit your grandma and your mother while there.

Anne Payne said...

Your table is beautiful in every way!!! I know y'all had a grand time together. Moms are special and I love how much you love Debbie. Seeing the honor and love you hold for each other is precious and affirming. Love y'all much! {{hugs}} Happy Valentine's Day xoxo

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Hi Stephanie, oh what a wonderful Valentine's Day tea you and your son had for your mom. Your mom must of loved it and you did such a great job with it all. It looks like you could have your own tea shop Stephanie!!! Wishing you a happy Valentine's Day.
Hugs, Julie xo

Carla from The River said...

Hello Stephanie,
I would do the same with my boys. I think it so important they share special times like this. I LOVE the tea cup you found your son.
A lovely Valentine's Day tea.
xx oo

P.S. I am so glad you enjoyed Arizona.

Mari said...

I'm glad you got to get away and see your Grandma!
The tea party is so special. I'm sure your mom felt so loved! The tea cups your found are perfect!

Zaa said...

Dear Stephanie...What a beautiful tea party ...I'm sure that your mother was over the moon delighted... You found such a special teaset for both your son and mother to share at this beautiful Valentine's tea party... I love that your son shared in the celebrations...I always included my grandson ... and when they visit I have little teapots and teacups for both he and his sister...funnily enough they both have come to love and expect tea time at our house...Your menu looked fabulous and I must say that I wanted to taste more than my share of the dainties( ha Ha)... This was such a thoughtful gesture that will stay in all your hearts...
It was such a special tribute to your mother...Cherish her always....Happy Valentine’s Day...xoxoxo

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Oh, Stephanie, what a sweet daughter you are! I know your dear Mom must have felt so loved and cherished! Everything is so charming - every detail so delightful - she must have been so surprised. So glad that you were able to get away and visit your Grandmother and Mom, too. Arizona is magical - we lived in Tucson as newlyweds, and we try to visit whenever we can (it's been a while). Love the darling family photo. Sending hugs and Happy Valentine's Day! xx Karen

Cheryl said...

Oh, how beautiful everything is! I am sure your Mom was so blessed by your precious thoughtfulness and attention to every detail. You are both such lovely women of God, and your relationship reminds me so much of my dear Mom's and mine. We were so close, and she went almost everywhere with us and our son. We all miss her so much! That is so wonderful that you were able to go to Arizona and see your grandmother. Thank you so much for sharing about it with us. God bless you, sweet friend!

Debbie Harris said...

Hi sweetie!
I'm late getting here for a visit, but oh so happy I made it!
Your photos, as always, make everything look gorgeous, and gorgeous this tea party was!!
I enjoyed looking through the pictures reminiscing back on that very special occasion.
I certainly felt quite honored and spoiled above and beyond.
As you know, that gorgeous tea cup found its perfect spot in my china cabinet and she graces it beautifully.
You have a beautiful heart, my dear.

Lovely family photo of you guys in Arizona.
Grandma and I sure enjoyed our lunch and time with you.
I'll be seeing you very soon. :-)

Love Mom~

Elizabeth ♥ Ponderings from the Inglenook said...

Oh, dear friend, what a cheery post this was! My, your Valentine's tea party is absolutely beautiful and all the goodies that you made look divine {{smiles}} I know that you all must have had such a grand time eating and most of all, just being together.

I'm so glad that you got to go to Arizona...I sure hope you all had a fun and relaxing getaway. Your son sure is getting tall!

I'm looking forward to trying two new recipes tomorrow for Valentine's Day dessert...I saw them in a magazine and they caught my eye, both because they looked so pretty and sounded so good. Any excuse to make something sweet and cute, right?!?! {{winks}}

I hope you are doing well, dear Stephanie! I have a bit of exciting news: We have a new kitty edition to our family, which we got as part of a cat rescue group that we are just beginning to dabble with. A lady that we met helped us get him from a busy intersection in the middle of town, so now our little Finian (Fin for short) is getting accustomed to being inside and not having to struggle to survive in the outside elements. He's a little black cutie with a white chest and a few white toes...we just gush over him all the time! ♥ I just wanted to share that bit of news with you because I know you "get" kitty love and have a feline family of your own.

Anyways, wishing you a wonderful Valentine's, sweet friend ♥ Love and hugs to you!

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh Stephanie, you are a sweetheart! You and your son showering so much love on your mom is truly so precious. Your mom sure raised a wonderful daughter and you are raising your son to be so caring, that is blessing! Your tea party looks like a dream, just delightful! Thank you for sharing, my friend.

Deborah Montgomery said...

What a lovely tea party Stephanie! Everything looks so delightful, a real labor of love! I have to tell you when I first saw the table I thought those little black balls were chocolate chips, haha! I can't believe you found such a wonderful tea cup for your son. It is magical, and perfect! Your party, and the parties your mom has given to friends and family at Christmas-time, are a real inspiration to all of us to create beauty and share love. Blessings to you, Deborah xo

Sylvia said...

Everything looks so pretty, perfect for a Tea for you and Debbie and your son! I am giving one on Saturday for my daughters and granddaughter's, my grandson (14) is coming also. Have a Beautiful Valentine's Day!

Creations By Cindy said...

How precious to honor your beautiful mama! Oh I love everything. It is all so very beautiful. The menu sounds so good too. Who doesn't love good old potato soup! So glad you had some family time together and able to see your grandmother. I am sure she was happy to see you. Happy Valentine's day to you dear Stephanie. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a wonderful idea! I miss not having a daughter...my boys are all a blessing to me and I know you are special to your mother! It's fun to get your son involved for him to learn respect and what fun it it to treat others! Happy Valentine's my friend! Sweet hugs!

Debbie said...

oh stephanie, this is such a lovely idea and what a beautiful spread. everything you served looks and sounds so delicious!!! and the attention to all the details is amazing!!!

the teacups are especially personal and beautiful!!!


This gets me a little teary with the love you have for your mom. I love how you are teaching your son to love. A very special tea.
I'm on instagram now #@debsearthlydelights
if you ever go there

Roosterhead Designs said...

Simply divine!!! Wow Stephanie, you must have made your mother's heart sing!!! How lovely, and how lovely you are to bless her in such a special way~ Hugs to you dear lady, karen o

Tamara said...

Hi Stephanie! <3
How excited I was to find your comment .Thank you for the sweet words. It's so fun to decorate. My mom was not well when I was growing up so learning to decorate has been a long process for me :)
How happy your mom must have been to share the lovely table and refreshments that you prepared so lovingly! The Lamingtons really caught my eye. They are so festive and pretty. It all looks beautiful and I got a little peek of your pink vase! How fun that we each have one. I found mine at an antique shop in Ohio and fell in love with it. I'm so happy that you were able to visit Az. Visiting family fills our hearts like nothing else can.
Happy Valentine's Day, sweet friend!

Big Hugs,

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your mom must have felt so blessed to have such a special lunch prepared with such love for her. And it's so wonderful that you're teaching your son how to do these special things. Someday you are going to have a daughter-in-law who will thank you for it!

Joan DR said...

Such a pretty table and the food looks so yummy. Bet your mother was tickled with it all and that you cared so much to put it all together for her. Would you share your recipes especially the heart cookies and the lamingtons which I have never heard of before, but oooh they look soooo good! What are the black things on the table? Thanks for sharing this pretty post.

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

Your mother is one lucky mom... she has raised a very loving and caring daughter... and it's so neat to see you passing that onto your son. Our children become what we portray to them in how we care for others. My mom passed 18 years ago. I still miss her so much! We used to have afternoon "tea parties" quite often when I lived close to her, and the years I lived further away and would come to visit, I KNEW we would have tea and cookies on those afternoons! Your table is so so pretty...love all the pink.. and the black touches look pretty too.. and the teacups are just beautiful. Hope you had a wonderful trip to Arizona and some warmer weather! xoxoo Marilyn

Margie said...

I love everything about your beautiful tea party: the scrumptious food, pretty china and decor, the black and turquoise, and the wonderful company!

Glad you were able to see your grandmother in Arizona. Are you wearing bellbottoms in your vacation photo?

krishna said...

Oh dear! what a beautiful party you organized. You are beautiful person inside out.
Happy Valentine's day.

Conniecrafter said...

Oh my you always have such a lovely table when you have your tea parties. Everything looked so yummy and I imagine it made it a very special day for your Mom and such great memories you have made with her, yes it is a blessing to have your mom to spoil, I so miss my mom.
That is great that you were able to get away and see that your grandma is doing well, looks like you had great weather too!
Happy Valentines day!

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

I just know your mom so enjoyed that special time with you both and all of the details and thought that went into this special tea! My mouth is watering with all of the food and it all LOOKS as good as it probably tasted!

Little Bits of Lovely said...

You tea party looks absolutely darling, as if it belongs in a fairy tale; it was very sweet of you and your son to host such a beautiful event in honor of your mother! I'm sure you'll all cherish the memories. Happy belated Valentine's Day and I hope you have a blessed week ahead!

living from glory to glory said...

Thank you for sharing your sweet Valentines party with us! So glad you all had a wonderful vacation! Thank you for thinking of so many of us! A Heart for others...
Hygs, Roxy

Teresa said...

Hi Stephanie,
Well, this is just amazing! What fun you had creating this wonderful setting and refreshments for your Mother. And those “masculine” teacups really did work well for your son, didn’t they? Thank you so much for drawing my attention to your blog.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

My word Stephanie! What an incredible treat and feast it was for the eyes to see such beauty displayed and every detail thought of! Such a delightful blessing to your mother to enjoy this time and special occasion in her honor, delight upon delight! You must have spent hours baking to prepare for the special day, and the decor was over the top amazing! I love how you put all the sweetest touches together to find the perfect cup for your mother, and for your son too! That is just incredible! And how wonderful that you got to enjoy 10 days in Arizona!!! Darling picture of the three of you together, I was amazed at how your son has gotten taller!

So thankful for your friendship, and the beauty you bring to and share with us here on your blog, much love to you sweet friend!

Lowcarb team member said...

Such a lovely happy and loving post. Your tea party looks fantastic.
So pleased that you had some very special family time away.

All the best Jan

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